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Electron Microscopy Sciences



Fourth Annual Electron Microscopy Sciences Holiday Contest Results

Holiday Contest

Week 1:

This is a microscopic image of FOUNDATION make-up taken using our PP3010T
Preparation System.


Week 2:

This is a microscopic image of a BURR, captured using the NIGHTSEA™ Fluorescence Viewing System.


Week 3:

This is a microscopic image of JEAN FABRIC, taken with a Mic-Fi
Digital Wi-Fi Microscope.


Week 4:

This is a microscopic image of MOON DUST, viewed under the Edge®
Digital 3D Microscope.


Week 5:

This is a microscopic image of SNAKE SKIN (Egyptian Saw-scaled Viper), taken by our in-house snake and microscopy expert, Al Coritz, with a Hitachi SU 3500 SEM at our new Academy of Applied Microscopy!


Those correctly identifying the images were entered into a drawing to receive Mic-Fi Digital Wi-Fi Microscope!

The winner of the drawing is:

Ms. Krystal Herline of the NYU School of Medicine!

Thank you to everyone who participated!

For official contest rules, click here.