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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Calibration Standards, Specimens, and Aids

arrow13Calibration Specimens for Transmission Electron Microscopy & STEM

Magnification Calibration

fine mesh gridsarrow12Fine Mesh Grids

These fine mesh grids are carefully checked. They are suitable for the low magnification range of a TEM. Available as a sandwich in a folding 3.05mm mesh grid, or in a square mesh 25mm.

79525-01 1000 Mesh on Sandwich Grid, Copper each 29.00 Add to Cart
79525-02 1500 Mesh on Sandwich Grid, Copper each 35.00 Add to Cart
79526-20 1500 Mesh Nickel, 25 x 25 mm Square each 120.00 Add to Cart

grating replicas parallel linesgrating replicas crossed linesarrow12Grating Replicas: Parallel and Crossed Lines

Parallel: Shadowcast carbon replicas of diffraction parallel line gratings with spacing of 462.9nm, 2160 lines per millimeter onto 3.05mm grid.

Crossed: Cross line pitch spacing of 463nm with 2160 lines/mm in both directions, cross at 90° to one another give additional accuracy to magnification checks and aid in checking distortion. Trench-type groove makes it easy to measure pitch. Ideal for calibration electron-optical magnification up to the x80000/100000 range.

80050 Grating Replica, Parallel Line each 44.00 Add to Cart
80051 Grating Replica, Crossed Line each 50.00 Add to Cart
Magnification Calibration Cross Grating Replica with Latex Spheres

line grating replicas with latex spheresarrow12Line Grating Replicas with Latex Spheres

The latex sphere is 0.261 microns and the grating replica is 2160 lines/mm. This calibration id allows you to double check the accuracy of magnification calibration.

80055 Grating a on Latex Spheres each 52.00 Add to Cart

tdsholey carbon filmarrow12Holey Carbon Film

Measuring and correcting astigmatism and for evaluating the resolution of the transmission electron microscope. A thin film of carbon has been treated to obtain numerous round holes of various sizes. On a 3.05mm copper grid.

80010 Holey Carbon Film 1/vial 11.00 Add to Cart

evaporated platinum iridiumarrow12Evaporated Platinum/Iridium

Evaporated Pt/Ir on Holey carbon film. Holey carbon film support provides holes for ease of focus and astigmatism correction. The dots of evaporated Pt/Ir provide dense particles for resolution checks through the particle seperation test.

80020 Evaporated Platinum/Iridium 1/vial 45.00 Add to Cart

arrow12Polystyrene Latex:

Uniform polystyrene latex (size 0.204 microns) is suspended on a Formvar/Carbon grid and is usefule for checking magnification and calibration.

80030 Polystyrene Latex each 40.00 Add to Cart

gold shadowed latexarrow12Gold Shadowed Latex

These latex particles have a diameter of 0.204µm and are shadowed with a coating of gold. Measure the finest migrated gold particles in the shadow to determine the resolution of the STEM. Gold shadowed latex on formvar/carbon film, mounted on a copper grid, 3.05mm diameter.

80040 Gold Shadowed Latex 1/vial 65.00 Add to Cart

msdscatalase crystalsarrow12Catalase Crystals

Catalase crystals are mounted on a grid (3.05mm) and negatively stained. They display very clear lattice plane spacings of approx. 8.75nm and 6.85nm. Ideal for high magnification calibration.

J. Ultrastructure Res.24, 454., 1968

80014 Catalase Crystals 1/vial 75.00 Add to Cart

Ferritin on a Gridarrow12Ferritin on a Grid

Resolution of the quad structure of this molecule indicates an instrument resolution better than 1.25nm with a photomicrograph negative magnification of at least 100,000x.

80042 Ferritin on a Grid each 28.00 Add to Cart

combined test specimenarrow12Combined Test Specimen

A holey carbon film is shadowed with gold and graphitized carbon particles are deposited on a 3.05mm grid. These particles viewed over the holes may be used for assessment of factors limiting the microscope performance. The evaporated gold forms small polycrystalline islands and within these islands lattice fringes can be resolved. Also use this specimen for the measurement of contamination rates in the EM by noting the deposition rate of carbon within the holes found in the gold film.

80043 Combined TEM Test Specimen 87.00 Add to Cart

particle size standardsarrow12Particle-Size Standards

Particle-size standards are certified for mean diameter and are traceable to the National Bureau of Standards (NBS). Duke Scientific's new line of standards in the submicrometer size range is called Nanosphere Size Standards™, and Monosized Polymer Microspheres.

  • Nanosphere Size Standards are highly uniform polystyrene spheres calibrated in billionths of a meter (nanometer) with NBS traceable methodology.
  • Nanosphere Size Standards are used in the calibration of electron microscopes, aerosol and liquid particle studies, chromatography columns, and laser light scattering studies. The 20 to 1000 nm range is suitable for checking the size of bacteria, viruses, ribosomes and sub-cellular components. Nanosphere Size Standards are packaged as aqueous suspensions in dropper-tipped bottles.

Specific gravity :1.05g/ml R
Refractive index of 1.58 @ 589nm (25°C).

TM Trademark of Duke Scientific Corp.

msdsNanosphere Size Standards Ordering Information:

Cat# Nominal
Mean Dia.
Size Uniformity
Std. Dev.&C.V
/15 ml
70881 20nm 19nm+/-1.5nm NA 1% 368.00 Add to Cart
70883 50nm 50nm+/-2.0nm NA 1% 368.00 Add to Cart
70885 100nm 102nm+/-3.0nm 7.6nm (7.5%) 1% 368.00 Add to Cart
70886 200nm 204nm+/-3.1nm 3.1nm (1.5%) 1% 368.00 Add to Cart
70887 300nm 304nm+/-6.0nm 4.5nm (1.5%) 1% 368.00 Add to Cart
70888 400nm 404nm+/-4.0nm 5.9nm (1.5%) 1% 368.00 Add to Cart
70889 500nm 486nm+/-5.0nm 5.4nm (1.1%) 1% 368.00 Add to Cart
70890 600nm 600nm+/-5.0nm 6.6nm (1.1%) 1% 368.00 Add to Cart
70891 700nm 701nm+/-6.0nm 9.0nm (1.3%) 1% 368.00 Add to Cart
70892 800nm 802nm+/-6.0nm 9.6nm (1.2%) 1% 368.00 Add to Cart
70893 900nm 895nm+/-8.0nm 9.1nm (1.0%) 1% 368.00 Add to Cart

* Monosized Polymer Microspheres are the most uniform spheres available. For the highest level of measurement accuracy in the 1 to 40 micron size, this series of size standards is recommended.

Microsphere Size Standards ordering information:

Cat.# Nominal
Mean Dia.
Size Uniformity
Std. Dev.&C.V.
/15 ml
70894 1.0µm 0.993+/-0.021 0.010µm (1.0%) 1.0% 448.00 Add to Cart
70895 2.0µm 2.013+/-0.025 0.022µm (1.1%) 0.5% 448.00 Add to Cart
70896 3.0µm 3.063+/-0.027 0.03µm (1.0%) 0.5% 448.00 Add to Cart
70897 5.0µm 4.991+/-0.035 0.06µm (1.2% 0.3% 448.00 Add to Cart
70898 10.0µm 9.975+/-0.061 0.09µm (0.09%) 0.2% 448.00 Add to Cart

Lattice Plane Specimensarrow12Lattice Plane Specimens

Since crystal lattice plane spacings are accurately known from x-ray measurements, they provide a good test of microscope stability and a calibration of magnification in the upper range of magnification of the instrument.

msdsarrow121) Plane Spacing 0.9nm and 0.45nm – Asbestos Crocidolite.

The 0.9nm spacing (020) will be found along the axis of the crocidolite fibers. The 0.45nm spacing appears at an angle of about 60° in suitable crystal orientations. Because of the hazards of asbestos, this sample is sandwiched between carbon and formvar films, than mounted onto a 3.05mm grid.

80035 Crocidolite Crystals tds 37.00 Add to Cart
arrow122) Plane Spacing 0.56 - Potassium Chloroplantane
80036 Potassium Chloroplantane tds 39.00 Add to Cart
arrow123) Plane Spacing 0.34 - Graphitised Carbon Black
80037 Graphitised Carbon Black tds 41.00 Add to Cart
arrow124) Plane Spacing 0.204nm, 0.143nm and 0.102nm – Oriented Single Crystal Gold Foil

These gold foils are mounted on gold grids, a valuable tool to check resolution, image quality, magnification and instrument stability.

80038 Oriented Gold Crystals tds 186.00 Add to Cart

tdsgold particle on carbon filmarrow12Gold Particle on Carbon Film

This high resolution TEM test specimen is an arrangement of finely-dispersed thin gold particles on carbon film. As with gold foil, image quality, magnification, and instrument stability are readily assessed; however, for the determination of resolution capabilities this gold particle specimen is superior since it offers a choice of crystalline orientation on static or low tilt stages. In addition, the thickness of the crystalline material is easily calculated from the projected shape of the gold crystal. The background noise arising from structure in the support film helps with determinations of the operating transfer function.

80041 Gold Particles on Carbon Film   62.00 Add to Cart

tem checkerarrow12TEM Checker™

TEM analysts also need to monitor the performance of their x-ray detectors. The TEM Checker contains 5 manganese disks in a standard grid storage box. Each disk is 3 mm in diameter and fits into the sample holder. The discs are not transparent to the beam but will give you a strong manganese peak to check the resolution of your EDS detector.

80059 TEM Checker™ each 325.00 Add to Cart

MAG*I*CAL® arrow13arrow13