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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Chemicals for Microscopy

Certificates of Analysis

arrow13Cacodylic to Durcupan

msdsarrowCacodylic Acid, Free Acid

(Dimethylarsinic Acid)
(CH3)2AsO2H   F.W. 137.99   CAS #75-60-5
Assay 99.5%

RT 12200   25g 62.00 Add to Cart
RT 12201   100g 225.00 Add to Cart

msdsCacodylic Acid- Sodium Salt, TrihydrateSodium CacodylatearrowCacodylic Acid- Sodium Salt, TrihydrateSodium Cacodylate

Sodium dimethyl arsenate
C2H6AsNaO2.3H2O   F.W. 214.02   CAS #124-65-2

Certificate of Analysis:

Identity   Conforming
Appearance   Small Crystals
Color   White
Odor   None
Aqueous solution (2g+10 ml)   Colorless
Assay %   99.52
Loss on drying %   25.39
Chlorides %   0.0050
Sulfates %   0.0150
Inorganic Arsenic %   0.0030
RT 12300   100g 99.50 Add to Cart
RT 12300-25   25g 36.00 Add to Cart
RT 12310   500g 425.00 Add to Cart

msdsarrow12Cadmium Iodine, Crystal, Reagent, A.C.S.

CdI2   F.W. 366.21   CAS #7790-80-9
Assay min. 99.0%
Used for negative staining.
m.p. 387°C
Possible Carcinogen.

RT 12320   25g 23.00 Add to Cart
RT 12321   100g 78.00 Add to Cart

msdsarrow12Calcium Chloride, Dihydrate, Reagent, A.C.S.

CaCl2·2H2O   F.W. 147.02   CAS #10035-04-8

RT 12340   100g 19.00 Add to Cart


CO(NHNH2)2   F.W. 90.08   CAS #497-18-7
m.p. 152-153°C
For GACH embedding kit.
A water-miscible, lipid-retaining, embedding polymer for E.M.. Heckman, et. al., Ultrastruct. Res., 42,156 (1973).

RT 12350   25g 16.00 Add to Cart

arrow12Carbon Adhesives

Please see listing in Mounting Supplies for Scanning Electron Microscopy.

arrow12Polyethylene Glycol

H(OCH2CH2)nOH CAS #25322-68-3
An embedding medium for microscopy and histochemistry.

  Cat# Polyethylene Glycol Avg.
Range, °C 
Pack Price  
RT 19700 PEG 200 viscous liquid
set to glass <-65 450 ml 43.00 Add to Cart
RT 19710 PEG 300 viscous liquid
-15 to -84 450 ml 23.00 Add to Cart
RT 19720 PEG 400 viscous liquid
4 to 8 450 ml 20.00 Add to Cart
RT 19730 PEG 600 viscous liquid
20 to 25  450 ml 40.00 Add to Cart
RT 19740 PEG 1000 Waxy

37 to 40 1 kilo 66.00 Add to Cart
RT 19750 PEG 1450 Waxy

43 to 46 1 kilo 90.00 Add to Cart
RT 19760 PEG 3350 Waxy

54 to 58 1 kilo 65.00 Add to Cart
RT 19770 PEG 8000 Flakes

60 to 63 1 kilo 72.00 Add to Cart

Gao, K.X., (1993). Polyethylene Glycol as an Embedment for Microscopy and Histochemistry. CRC Press; ISBN# 0-8493-4323-2.

Articles of Interest

The Use of Polyethylene Glycol

msdsarrow12Cardolite® NC-513

CH2OCHCH2OC6H4C15H27   F.W. 356   W.P.E. 490
CAS #106-89-8
Specific Gravity: 0.97 at 24°C
A Long-chain, monofunctional epoxide; stable when mixed with resins.
Viscosity 50 cps at 25°C.

RT 12400   225 ml 12.00 Add to Cart
Cardolite® is a registered trademark of Cardolite Corporation.


The Use of Flexibilizers and Plasticizers

msdsarrow12Carmine, Certified, C.N. #DcCa-16

Alum Lake of Carminic acid
(Natural Red 4)
CAS #1390-65-4
Solubility: 0.0% Water; 0.2% Alcohol; 0.5% Cellosolve; 4.0% Glycol; 0.0% Xylene.

RT 12410   10 g 30.00 Add to Cart

msdsarrow12Cedar Wood Oil

CAS #8000-27-9
Refractive Index @ 20°C 1.504+/-.002
For clearing.

RT 12420   100 ml 60.00 Add to Cart

msdsarrow12Cedar Wood Oil

CAS #8000-27-9
Refractive Index @ 20°C 1.515-1.520
Used as an immersion oil.

RT 12430   100 ml 52.00 Add to Cart

arrow12Certified Dyes For Biological Staining

Please see Stains Chart

msdsarrow12Chloroform, Reagent, A.C.S.

CHCl3   FW 119.38   CAS #67-66-3
A.C.S. Specifications:

Color (APHA) 10
Density @ 25°C 1.471-1.476
Residue after Evaporation 0.001%
Acetone & Aldehyde (about 0.00%). To Pass Test
Acid & Chloride To Pass Test
Free Chlorine (Cl). To Pass Test
Lead (Pb) 0.05ppm
Subs. darkened by H2SO4  To Pass Test
Suitability for Dithizone Test. To Pass Test
RT 12540   450 ml 18.00 Add to Cart
RT 12541   4x450 ml 66.00 Add to Cart

msdsarrow12Chloroform, Glass Distilled


UV Absorption - 1 cm cell vs H2O
wavelength (nm) 290 270 260 255 245
A 0.01 0.02 0.05 0.15 1.0
Assay   99.7% min.
Evaporation Residue   3ppm max.
Water   0.03% max.
RT 12550   100 ml 12.00 Add to Cart
RT 12551   4x100 ml 39.00 Add to Cart

msdsarrow12Chromic Acid

Reagent, Crystals, A.C.S.
CrO3   FW 99.99   CAS #1333-82-0
A.C.S. Specifications:

Chloride (Cl) 0.005%
Insoluble Matter 0.01%
Nitrate (NO3) 0.05%
Sodium (Na) 0.2%
Iron, Aluminum, Barium. 0.03%
Sulfate (SO4) 0.05%
Assay 98%
RT 12555   100g 45.00 Add to Cart

arrow12Citrate Buffer

Please see listing in Prepared Buffers.

msdsarrow12Citric Acid, Anhydrous, Reagent, A.C.S.

C6H8O7   FW 192.13   CAS #77-92-9

A.C.S. Specifications:

Assay Min. 99.5%
Insoluble Matters 0.005%
Residue after Ignition 0.02%
Chloride 0.001%
Oxalate (C2O4) (about 0.05%) To Pass Test
Phosphate 0.001%
Sulfate 0.002%
Heavy Metal (as Pb) 2ppm
Subs. carbonized by hot H2SO4 To Pass Test
Iron 3ppm
RT 12480 Citric Acid, Anhydrous, 500g 39.00 Add to Cart

msdsarrow12Cobalt Napthenate Solution

(55% Cobalt Napthenate; CAS #61789-51-3 and 45% Mineral Spirit; CAS #64742-88-7)
Used as an activator for the Vestopal embedding resin.

RT 12500 Cobalt Napthenate Solution 10 ml 7.00 Add to Cart
RT 12501 Cobalt Napthenate Solution 25 ml 15.00 Add to Cart

arrow12s-Collidine Buffer

Please see listing in Prepared Buffers.

msdsarrow12 Collodion, 5% Solution, USP

25% Alcohol, 75% Diethyl Ether in Pyroxylin
CAS #9004-70-0

RT 12600 Collodion, 5% Solution, USP 100 ml 18.00 Add to Cart
RT 12600-30* Collodion, 5% Solution, USP 30 ml 12.00 Add to Cart

*We are now offering Collodion in a 30 ml bottle to avoid its classification as a hazardous chemical for shipping purposes.

msdsmsdsarrow12 Collodion (Parlodion), 2% in Amyl Acetate

Highly purified nitrocellulose (parlodion strip) in glass distilled amyl acetate. Useful for forming a negative replica to very fine detail. Two types are available: Our sterile formula which is filtered down to 0.45 micron and our non-sterile formula.

RT 12620-00 Non-Filter 2% Collodion in Amyl Acetate 100 ml 32.00 Add to Cart
RT 12620-10 Sterile 2% Collodion in Amyl Acetate (Ultra-Pure) 100 ml 54.00 Add to Cart
RT 12620-30* Non-Filter 2% Collodion in Amyl Acetate 30 ml 16.00 Add to Cart
RT 12620-34* Non-Filter 2% Collodion in Amyl Acetate 4 x 30 ml 44.00 Add to Cart
RT 12620-50* Sterile 2% Collodion in Amyl Acetate (Ultra-Pure) 30 ml 22.00 Add to Cart
RT 12620-55* Sterile 2% Collodion in Amyl Acetate (Ultra-Pure) 4 x 30 ml 70.00 Add to Cart

*We are now offering Collodion (Parlodian) in a 30 ml bottle to avoid its classification as a hazardous chemical for shipping purposes.

arrow12Conjugates; ImmunoGold Reagents

Please see ImmunoGold Reagents.


Fluctuation from the recommended optiumum temperature when staining can cause overstaining, understaining or destaining.

arrow12Staining Solutions

For all of our Staining Solutions.

msdsarrow12Cresyl Fast Violet, Certified, C.N.#DcW-5

(Cresyl Violet Acetate)
C18H15N3O3   F.W. 312.34   CAS# 10510-54-0
Solubility: 0.13% water

RT 12780 Cresyl Fast Violet, Certified, 5 g 78.00 Add to Cart

Please see Cresyl Fast Violet Solution for more information.

Technical Data Sheet PDF DownloadImage Galleryarrow12Cresyl Fast Violet, (FIRM)

Rapid staining technique that provides high-contrast fluorescence microscopy imaging of resin embedded samples, reminiscint of low magnification transmission electron microscopy.

  • Works with Epoxy and Acrylic type resins
  • Simply mount your sections on glass slides, air dry, and overlay with 100 microliters FIRM for 30 seconds, wash and coverslip with water or an aqueous mountant. View in Rhodamine channel of a standard wide field Fluorescence Microscope.
  • FIRM staining is unique in that the brightly fluorescent dye infiltrates the resin, revealing tissue structures in negative relief, with extremely high contrast and resolution.
  • Perfect for previewing specimens prior to EM Analysis
  • High Throughput, high contrast image phenotyping of model organisms such as drosophila
  • Ideal for material and food science analytical microscopy
RT 12780-05 FIRM for Acrylic Resin Sections msds 10ml 92.00 Add to Cart
RT 12780-06 FIRM for Epoxy Resin Sections msds 10ml 92.00 Add to Cart

msdsarrow12Crystal Violet, Certified, C.N.# DcC-38

(Basic Violet 3; Gentian Violet; Methyl Violet 10B; Hexamethyl Violet)
C25H30N3Cl   F.W. 407.99   CAS #548-62-9
Solubility: 9.0% Water; 8.75% Alcohol; 7.5% Cellosolve; 7.0% Glycol; 0.0% Xylene

RT 12785 Crystal Violet 25 g 22.00 Add to Cart

Please see Crystal Violet Solution for more information.

msdsarrowDeionized Water, Reagent Grade A.C.S.

H2O F.W. 18.02 CAS #7732-18-5
EMS Reagent Grade Water is typically prepared at 18 megohm/cm specific resistance using a reverse osmosis, mixed deionization, activated filtration and final filtration at 0.2 microns.
Color (APHA) <+/-5
Bacteriological purity 0 CFUs/L
Residue after evaporation 10ppm
Coliform negative

RT 22800-01 Deionized Water 1 gal 10.00 Add to Cart
RT 22800-05 Deionized Water 5 gal 42.00 Add to Cart

msdsarrow12DER 736 Resin

CAS #041638-13-5
Specific Gravity: 1.14
A light colored, flexible epoxy.
Epoxide equivalent weight: 175-205.
Used to simplify infiltration in combination with Epon 812 (Embed 812).
Kushida, J. Electron Micro., 16,278 (1964)

RT 13000 DER 736 Resin 225 ml 16.00 Add to Cart
RT 13001 DER 736 Resin 10x225 ml lot 146.00 Add to Cart


Stability of Special Staining Solutions

msdsarrow12DER 732 Resin

CAS #26142-30-3
Specific Gravity: 1.06
Used as a flexibilizer in Maraglas 655-epoxy formulation. Relatively low Viscosity (55-100 at 25°C).
Erlandson, J. Cell Bio., 22,704 (1964).

RT 13010   225 ml 17.00 Add to Cart

msdsarrow12DER 332 Resin

CAS #001675-54-3
Specific Gravity : 1.16
A relatively soft embedding resin used when slower polymerization is needed.
Lockwood, Anat. Rec., 150,129 (1964).

RT 13030   225 ml 17.00 Add to Cart


Stability of Special Staining Solutions

arrow12DER 332/732 Embedding Kit

Please see listing in Embedding Media Kits.

msdsarrow12Dextrose, Anhydrous, Reagent

C6H12O6   FW 180.16   CAS #50-99-7

Assay Purity 99.8%
Insolubles 0.005%
Moisture (105°C) 0.2%
Ash 0.02%
Chloride 0.01%
Sulfate and Sulfite 0.005%
Arsenic 0.00004%
Heavy Metal (as Pb) 0.00005%
Iron 0.00005%
RNAse & DNAse Activity None Detected
RT 13050   500g 18.00 Add to Cart

msdsarrow12(DAB), 3,3'-Diaminobenzidine, EM Grade, Purified free-base

C12H14N4   F.W. 214.27   CAS #91-95-2
m.p. 173°C
Used as an ultrastructural protein tracer for immuno-cytochemistry. A possible carcinogen.

0-5°C 13060   1g 16.50 Add to Cart

arrow12(TMB), 3,3,5,5-Tetramethyl Benzidine

A non-carcinogenic substitute for Benzidine (DAB-HCl); used as a sensitive and specific reagent for the detection of blood.
J Hystochem. Cytochem., 26, 106 (1978).

Please see(TMB), 3,3,5,5-Tetramethyl Benzidine for more information.

msdstechnical data sheetarrow12(DAB-HCl), 3,3-Diaminobenzidine Tetra Hydrochloride, EM Grade

C12H14N4·4HCl   F.W. 360.12   CAS #7411-49-6
m.p. 300°C
Used for histochemical localization of peroxidase with DAB and in immunocytochemistry.
Sternberger,, J. Histochem, Cytochem., 18,215 (1970)

0-5°C 13080   1g 21.00 Add to Cart

DAB-HCL tablets are on long-term backorder... please check back for updates or select #13080 as a substitute.

We are now offering DAB 4HCl pre-weighed and packed in tablet form, to facilitate your work.
Each tablet contains 10mg. Just break the tablet or tablets in a suitable bottle and add your buffer. All weighing and contact with the solid ( DAB-HCl) is avoided.

0-5°C 13082   10 tablets/pk 115.00 Add to Cart
0-5°C 13083   20 tablets/pk 220.00 Add to Cart

msdsarrow12(DBP) Dibutyl Phthalate

C6H4(COOC4H9)2   F.W. 278.35   CAS #84-74-2
Specific Gravity: 1.049
A plasticizer for epoxy resins.

0-5°C 13100   225 ml 11.00 Add to Cart
0-5°C 13101   10x225 ml 99.00 Add to Cart
0-5°C 13110   450 ml 22.00 Add to Cart

msdsarrow121,2-Dichloroethane, Reagent, A.C.S.

(Ethylene Dichloride)
CH2ClCH2Cl   F.W. 98.96   CAS #107-06-2
A.C.S. Specifications

Color (A.H.S.A.) 10
Appearance Clear
Odor Resembling odor of CHCl
Density @25°C 1.241 -1.251
Boiling Range, Incl. 83.5°C 20°C
Residue after Evaporation 0.002%
Titratable Acid 0.0003 meq/g
Water 0.03%
RT 13250   450 ml 26.00 Add to Cart
RT 13251   4x450 ml 80.00 Add to Cart

msdsarrow12Diethylene Glycol Distearate

RT 13255   500gm 148.00 Add to Cart

msdsarrow12Digitonin, Crystal, Reagent

C56H92029   F.W. 1229.34   CAS #11024-24-1
An additive which stabilizes cholesterol 0.2% digitonin in buffer added to Glutaraldehyde fixative may help to stabilize and retain the fine structural localization of free cholesterol and cholesterol esters.
* Okros, I Histochemie 13-91, 1968. Windaus, A. Hoop Seyler's Z. Physio. Chem. 65:110, 1910. J. Cell Bio., 40, 802, 1969.
* Temkin, Robert J. (1993); Microscopy Research and Tech. 26:260-271

RT 13260   1g 300.00 Add to Cart

msdsarrow12(DMAE), 2-Dimethylaminoethanol

C4H11NO   F.W. 89.14   CAS #108-01-0
Specific Gravity: 0.883-0.888
b.p. 132-134°C
A curing agent for epoxy resins.

RT 13300   25 ml 5.50 Add to Cart

msdsarrow12(DMA) N,N-Dimethylaminoethyl Methacrylate

C8H15NO2   F.W. 157.21   CAS #2867-47-2
Specific Gravity: 0.933
b.p. 76°C
A water soluble monomer.

RT 13350   450 ml 15.00 Add to Cart

msdsarrow12(DMP), 2,2-Dimethoxypropane

(Acetone Dimethyl Acetal)
(CH3)2C(OCH3)2   F.W. 104.15   CAS #77-76-9
Specific Gravity: 0.849
Used as a dehydration agent.
* Miller, L.L. and Jacks, T.J. (1975). Rapid chemical dehydration of samples for electron microscopic examinations. J. Histochem. Cytochem, 23:107
* Thorpe J.R. and Harvey D.M.R. (1979). Optimization and investigation of the use of 2,2-dimethoxypropane as a dehydration agent for plant tissue in TEM. J. Ultrastrut. Res., 68:186
* Beckmann H.J. and Dierichs, R. (1982). Lipid extracting properties of 2,2-Dimethoxypropane as revealed by electron microscopy and thin layer chromatography Histochemistry, 76:407

RT 13280   450 ml 30.00 Add to Cart
RT 13281   4x450 ml 108.00 Add to Cart


The Use of DMP (2,2-Dimethoxy Propane)


(2,4,6-Tri(dimethylaminomethyl) phenol)
F.W. 265.0   CAS #90-72-2
Specific Gravity: 0.973 @ 25°C/25°C
Refractive Index @25°C :1.514
A tertiary amine, used as an accelerator for anhydride cures. One of the most popular accelerators available! Keep as dry as possible. Short shelf life. Use as fresh as possible.

RT 13600   25 ml 4.00 Add to Cart


C6H5N(CH3)2   F.W. 121.18   CAS #121-69-7
Specific Gravity: 0.96 g/ml

RT 13360   100 ml 8.00 Add to Cart

msdsarrow12(DMSO), Dimethyl Sulfoxide, Reagent, A.C.S.

(CH3)2SO   FW 78.13   CAS #67-68-5
A.C.S. Specifications:

Appearance Clear, Colorless
Density (g/ml)@25°C min. 1.095
Freezing Point Not below 18.0°C
Residue after evaporation 0.01%
Water 0.2%
RT 13390   450 ml 38.00 Add to Cart



msdsarrow12Divinyl Benzene, Mixed Isomers

C6H4(CH:CH2)2   F.W. 130.19   CAS #1321-74-0
A cross-linking monomer.Inhibited with up to 1,500 ppm p-tert-butyl catechol.
Specific Gravity: 0.91

RT 13450   100 ml 12.00 Add to Cart


(Dodecenyl Succinic Anhydride)
C16H26O3   F.W. 266.38   CAS #2654-438-7
Specific Gravity: 1.005

RT 13700   450 ml 14.00 Add to Cart
RT 13701   4x450 ml 49.00 Add to Cart

msdsemsexclu.gif (210 bytes)arrow12 D.D.S.A., Specially Distilled

(Dodecenyl Succinic Anhydride)
Much better than DDSA, we now offer an ultra pure DDSA, distilled by a new, slower process, which has a distinct effect on the color control of embedding resins, and offers complete infiltration of tissues. Produces blocks which are totally transparent.

RT 13710   450 ml 26.00 Add to Cart
RT 13711   Lot 4x450 ml 98.00 Add to Cart

msdstechnical data sheetarrow12DPX Mountant for Microscopy

Pleasesee listing in Adhesives and Mountants.

RT 13510   100 ml 56.00 Add to Cart
RT 13512   500 ml 105.00 Add to Cart

msdsarrow12DEPEX Mountant

Please see listing in Adhesives and Mountants.

RT 13514   100 ml 63.00 Add to Cart

arrow12Dulbecco's Phosphate Buffer Saline – D-PBS

All of our Dullbecco's Phosphate Buffer Saline Solutions contain: Potassium Chloride, Potassium Phosphate Monobasic, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Phosphate Dibasic, and D-Glucose. Some formulations may contain additional components. Use the table below as a quick reference for identifying the one that best suits your application. All of the solutions are prepared 1X strength.

Ingredients F.W. Formula I Formula II Formula III
KCl 74.56 X X X
NaCl 58.44 X X X
Na2HPO4·7H2O 268.07 X X X
KH2PO4 136.09 X X X
CaCl2·2H2O 147.02 X X X
MgCl2·6H2O 203.31 X X X
Phenol Red   ---- ---- 0.2g/L
RT 11772-05 D-PBS, Formula I, 0.15M msds 500 ml 24.00 Add to Cart
RT 11772-10 D-PBS, Formula I, 0.15M 1 L 29.00 Add to Cart
RT 11773-05 D-PBS, Formula II, 0.19M msds 500 ml 24.00 Add to Cart
RT 11773-10 D-PBS, Formula II, 0.19M 1 L 30.00 Add to Cart
RT 11774-05 D-PBS, Formula III, 0.15M msds 500 ml 24.00 Add to Cart
RT 11774-10 D-PBS, Formula III, 0.15M 1 L 29.00 Add to Cart

technical data sheetarrow12Durcupan (Water Soluble)

Please see Durcupan (Water Soluble) listing in Embedding Media Kits for more information.

RT 14020 Kit: Please see listing        
RT 14021 Single Component A msds each 135.00 Add to Cart
RT 14022 Single Component B msds each 49.00 Add to Cart

technical data sheetarrow12Durcupan ACM Epoxy

Please see Durcupan ACM Epoxy listing in Embedding Media Kits for more information.

RT 14040 Kit: Please see listing        
RT 14041 Single Component A msds each 99.00 Add to Cart
RT 14042 Single Component B msds each 99.00 Add to Cart

Certificates of Analysis

EA to to FIRM arrow13arrow13