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Cryo Supplies and Accessories

arrow13Cryo Supplies and Accessories

Ultraviolet UV Cryo ChamberUltraviolet UV Cryo Chamberarrow11EMS UVC3 Ultraviolet Cryo Chamber

The EMS UVC3 Cryo Chamber has been specifically designed to provide an economical yet precisely controlled low temperature environment for polymerization of polymers and resins for cryo specimen preparation. It can also be used for dehydration and infiltration of cryo specimens. This simple and functional unit has a large insulated chamber and comprises fully automatic temperature control for the polymerization process of embedding resins and polymers.


  • Liquid crystal display and PLC control
  • Fan cooled electronic ballast for UV lamp tubes
  • Temperature range can be set from -10°C to -40°C (14°F to -40°F)
  • Includes memory function for Min/Max temperatures during any run
  • 365nm ultraviolet lamps thermally shielded by dual pane Plexiglas®
  • Holds up to 66 samples with BEEM® Cryo Capsule Holders
  • Perfect for Unicryl, LR White, LR Gold, Lowicryls, JB-4, Quetols and all other resins cured by 365nm UV radiation
  • Universal voltage


  • Add dry ice to the chamber
  • Set temperature (-10°C to -40°C / 14°F to -40°F)
  • Turn on UV lamp and cure embedding resins


UV Light Source Two 15-watt self-filtering long wavelength tubes
1600 µW/cm_ of 365nm UV radiation at 15cm (6")
Temperature Control -10°C to -40°C (14°F to -40°F) Typically +/- 1.5 °C
Control Type LCD Display with PLC with function buttons
Exterior Dimensions 64.l L x 36.8 W x 48.9cm H (25.25" L x 14.50" W x 19.25" H)
Interior Dimensions 56.5 L x 30.5 W x 33.7cm H (22.25" L x 12" W x 13.4" H)
Power Requirements 110 - 240VAC, 50/60Hz (240V-0.5A, 110V-1A)
Weight 11.4 kg (25 lbs.) / Shipping weight: 18.2kg (40 lbs.)
70445-10 EMS UVC3 Cryo Chamber, 120 VAC each 1,835.00 Add to Cart
70445-20 EMS UVC3 Cryo Chamber, 220 VAC each 1,935.00 Add to Cart
70022-04 EMS Embedding Capsule Holders 4/pack 36.00 Add to Cart
70120-04 Gelatin "00" Capsule Holder 4/pack 60.00 Add to Cart

Sample Pin for Cryo Ultramicrotomesarrow11Sample Pin for Cryo Ultramicrotomes

This cryo pin has a diameter of 2 mm and is compatible with the Leica and RMC cryo ultramicrotomes.


  • Made from cryo compatible aluminium
  • Concentric grooves on the sample surface ensure better adhesion
  • Reversed tapered head with a diameter of 3.5 mm
  • 10 mm long
75959-05 Sample pin for cryo ultramicrotomes, 2 x 10 mm, aluminium 10/pk 16.00 Add to Cart
75959-06 Sample pin for cryo ultramicrotomes, 2 x 10 mm, aluminium 50/pk 76.00 Add to Cart

specimen pins ultra microtomyarrow11Specimen Pins; Ultra Microtomy

Aluminum specimen mount pin for mounting samples for ultramicrotomy. Available in two types: Slotted Screw and Bullseye.

70446 Aluminum Specimen Pin, Bullseye 50/pk 113.00 Add to Cart
70447 Aluminum Specimen Pin, Slotted Screw 50/pk 113.00 Add to Cart

EMS Golden Brushesarrow12EMS Golden Brushes; Nylon

These brushes are perfect for cryomicrotomy – for controlled manipulation of frozen sections in the cryostat, as well as cryomicrotome. Easier to clean than animal hair brushes and more durable, they come in 4 sizes: ¼", ½", ¾", and 1" for large sections. These brushes are available individually or in a set of all 4 sizes.

66110-01 EMS Golden Brush ¼" each 4.25 Add to Cart
66110-02 EMS Golden Brush ½" each 4.25 Add to Cart
66110-03 EMS Golden Brush ¾" each 4.25 Add to Cart
66110-04 EMS Golden Brush 1" each 4.25 Add to Cart
66110-05 EMS Golden Brushes, set of 4 4/pk 10.00 Add to Cart

msdsTissue Freezing Mediumcryogenic gelarrow11Cryogenic-Gel

  • Replaces the messy "runny" embedding media.
  • Easy to use.
  • Sticks to where you want it.
  • Will not run – No waste.

It is a highly viscous, water-soluble embedding medium for frozen sections that "stays put". The gel is packaged in a pump-dispenser bottle that can instantly dispense the gel in any position. The dispenser has a built-in "guillotine" that cleanly severs the gel from the pump spouts and prevents any "stringy" medium from pulling away when the bottle is removed. To use, simply dispense gel on a room temperature block-holder. Use a cold heat extractor to form a base layer. Dispense additional gel. Place the tissue on top of the gel. Use a cold heat extractor to freeze tissue and form a block.

62806-01 Cryo-Gel™, 4.3oz each 21.00 Add to Cart
62806-06 Cryo-Gel™, 4.3oz 12/cs 210.00 Add to Cart

msdsTissue Freezing Mediumtissue-tek oct compoundarrow11Tissue-Tek® O.C.T. Compound

Sakura Finetek - This is a well known water soluble glycol’s and resins compound that provides an excellent specimen matrix for cryostat sectioning at temperatures of -10°C and below. It leaves no residue during the staining procedure.

Not for sale overseas
Catalog # Tissue-Tek Description Pack Price  
62550-01 4583 O.C.T. Compound 4 oz 14.50 Add to Cart
62550-12 4583 O.C.T. Compound 12/cs 165.00 Add to Cart

PolarStat Plus™arrow12PolarStat Plus™ Embedding Medium for Frozen Sections

This formulation is especially well suited for Mohs cryostat sectioning. It freezes at optimum cutting temperatures of -10°C and below. No residue is left on slides during the staining procedure, thereby eliminating undesirable background staining.

19221-01 PolarStat Plus™ Embedding Medium for Frozen Sections each 13.50 Add to Cart
19221 PolarStat Plus™ Embedding Medium for Frozen Sections 12/pk 130.00 Add to Cart

Polarstat™ Embedding Mediummsdsarrow12Polarstat™ Embedding Medium

An aqueous-based frozen section embedding medium designed to support tissue blocks in cryostat sectioning. Formulated to promote rapid freezing, enhanced sectioning and consistent results at a working temperature of -20°C.

4 oz.

19222 Polarstat™ Embedding Medium each 12.00 Add to Cart


Cytology fixative spray designed for slide based cytology specimens for cellular preservation and transport.

Quickly spray a fine mist over the slide (covering the entire specimen) for cellular fixation and reduce air drying of the material.

CytoFix forms a thin, tough, clear protective coating over the specimen with a water and alcohol solution of Polyethylene glycol for cellular fixation and does not require rehydration by the laboratory prior to staining. Allows safe storing or transporting of slides.

Allow specimens to dry before sending to lab or for storage.

  • Dries in 4 to 6 minutes
  • Water soluble
  • Won't cloud or obscure specimen
  • Contains no chlorofluorocarbons

Available in pump bottle or aerosol can.

22805-01 CytoFix (Non-Aerosol) 100 ml 14.50 Add to Cart
22805-02 CytoFix Can 4 oz 14.50 Add to Cart

TDStissue freezing mediumarrow11Tissue Freezing Medium; TFM™

An embedding matrix for frozen sections. TFM™ is an ultra pure formulation of water-soluble glycols and resins that provides a solid bond between the tissue and the object holder with the following features:

  • Less Ice Artifacts: TFM's reduced water content minimizes freeze-fracturing
  • Less Curling: TFM allows you to pick up flat serial sections with ease
  • Freezes Faster: TFM freezes very fast and offers better turn-around time
  • Completely water soluble: TFM reduces tissue dislodging
  • Now available in 5 colors: clear, yellow green, red and blue
RT 72592 Tissue Freezing Medium, clear msds 4 oz 30.00 Add to Cart
RT 72593 Tissue Freezing Medium, clear 12x4oz 333.00 Add to Cart
RT 72592-Y Tissue Freezing Medium, Yellow msds 4 oz 30.00 Add to Cart
RT 72593-Y Tissue Freezing Medium, Yellow 4x4oz 120.00 Add to Cart
RT 72592-G Tissue Freezing Medium, Green msds 4 oz 30.00 Add to Cart
RT 72593-G Tissue Freezing Medium, Green 4x4oz 120.00 Add to Cart
RT 72592-R Tissue Freezing Medium, Red msds 4 oz 30.00 Add to Cart
RT 72593-R Tissue Freezing Medium, Red 4x4oz 120.00 Add to Cart
RT 72592-B Tissue Freezing Medium, Blue msds 4 oz 30.00 Add to Cart
RT 72593-B Tissue Freezing Medium, Blue 4x4oz 120.00 Add to Cart

msdsLV CryoOilarrow11LV CryoOil™

Oils are widely used in crystallography – as cryoprotectants when samples are flash cooled, and as barriers to the dehydration, solvent evaporation, and oxidation, that may occur in air near and above room temperature. The ice ring seen in the diffraction pattern of flash cooled protein crystals arise primarily from crystallization of the aqueous solution surrounding the crystal, not of the internal solvent. Oils can displace and replace this surrounding solution with little risk of damage due to osmotic shock.

Substantial dehydration-induced damage can easily occur between removed from a drop and flash cooling. Dehydration can be minimized by first transferring to an oil drop (using MicroSieve™, in MicroTool kit 1 and MicroTool Kit 2) before mounting the oil coated crystal on a MicroMount or Micromesh.

However, surrounding oil scatters X-rays, reducing diffraction signal-to-noise, and contributes thermal mass that reduces crystal cooling rates and increases the need for penetrating cryoprotectants. These problems are especially acute for the smallest crystals. When mineral oil, Paratone Oil and other high viscosity oils are used, the volume of surrounding oil can exceed the crystal volume by a factor of 10 or more., and can contribute excess drag that increases sample motion in a cryostream. For larger rod or plate shaped crystals, the surrounding oil exerts stresses when it freezes that can cause crystal cracking and mosaic broadening.

LV CryoOil™ Is the best solution to your oil needs. It has the lowest viscosity of any available perfluoropolyether oil (1/10 that of Paratone oil and compatible to that of vegetable oil) and very low surface tension (less than 1/3 that of water). Consequently, a dip in this oil followed by gentle tapping to shake off excess can yield protective oil films on your crystals of as little as 10 µm thick.

LV CryoOil™ has extremely low vapor pressure, excellent chemical inert and excellent thermal stability.


LV CryoOil™ comes in each vial 1.5 ml, enough to protect hundreds of crystals.

60166 LV CryoOil™ 1.5 ml vial 62.00 Add to Cart

msdsquick freeze shur freezearrow11Quick Freeze; Shur/Freeze, Environmentally Safe

A high purity 1, 1, 1, 2 - Tetrafluoroethane (R134a) that you can rely on to solidify paraffin sections of fresh tissue without disrupting cellular structure. A short spray burst will instantly freeze small area to -45°C/-5°F. Environmentally Safe and non-flammable.

72595 Quick Freeze; Shur/Freeze 10 oz 15.25 Add to Cart
72596 Quick Freeze; Shur/Freeze 12 x 10 oz 175.00 Add to Cart

msdsCytoCool IIarrow11CytoCool II

For the Flash freezing of tissue specimens in the Cryostat as well as being used to harden difficult to cut tissue on a microtome during the sectioning. CytoCool II is an aerosol that does not contain any ozone depleting (CFC'S). Controlling the tissue freezing is simply done by varying the finger pressure on the trigger nozzle. This unique feature helps to prevent over cooling of the specimen.

72597 CytoCool II Aerosol 11 oz 32.00 Add to Cart
72597-12 CytoCool II Aerosol 12 x 11 oz 340.00 Add to Cart

msdsFrostbite® Rapid Coolantarrow11Frostbite® Rapid Coolant

Ozone-safe, but just as effective.

Frostbite Rapid Coolant contains no CFCs yet maintains the ability to rapidly cool paraffin blocks and tissue. Two quick bursts will ensure deep penetration into both paraffin blocks and fresh tissue specimens.

  • The trigger nozzle and needle tube help to localize spray, reducing excess coverage and eliminating waste
  • Nonflammable
72594-01 Frostbite® Rapid Coolant 10 oz. (300 ml) Can each 18.00 Add to Cart
72594-10 Frostbite® Rapid Coolant 10 oz. (300 ml) Can 6/cs 105.00 Add to Cart
72594-20 Frostbite® Rapid Coolant 10 oz. (300 ml) Can 12/cs 198.00 Add to Cart

TDSMr. Frosty®arrow11Mr. Frosty® Cryo 1°C Freezing Containers

Polycarbonate container, high-density polyethylene closure, tube holder, foam insert

Mr. Frosty Cryo 1°C Freezing Containers are inexpensive, reusable and convenient devices for freezing biological samples. Freeze cells in tubes from 1 to 5 ml using the Mr. Frosty™ Freezing Container. The simple-to-use system is designed to achieve a rate of cooling very close to -1°C/minute, the optimal rate for cell preservation. Isopropyl alcohol is necessary to achieve the recommended rate of cooling.


  • Holds 12 to 18 tubes and has profile height of 86 or 151 mm (3-7/16 to 5-5/16 in.), which saves precious freezer space during the cooling process
  • Screw top lid secures samples inside in the event of accidental container tipping
  • Eliminates unreliable, improvised foam container devices
  • Easy to use – requires only 100% isopropyl alcohol and a mechanical freezer
  • No contact with the alcohol: no wicking, no label removal and no compromise of tube hand printing
  • Containers have 4.75 in. diameter (120 mm) closure
  • Available in 3 convenient tube capacities

Catalog #



72596-01 Mr. Frosty® Cryo 1°C Freezing Container 1.0-2.0 ml each 104.00 Add to Cart
72596-02 Mr. Frosty® Cryo 1°C Freezing Container 3.6 ml each 104.00 Add to Cart
72596-03 Mr. Frosty® Cryo 1°C Freezing Container 4.5-5.0 ml each 106.00 Add to Cart
Cryo-Grip Gloves
Cryo-Grip Gloves
Cryo-Grip Gloves
Cryo-Grip Gloves

arrow12Waterproof Cryo-Grip™ Gloves

Hand and Arm Protection When Working with Liquid Nitrogen

Made from state-of-the-art materials, these waterproof cryogenic gloves are designed to keep you dry and to wick moisture away from your hands, so you can work in comfort for extended periods of time.

The multi-layered construction allows for a maximum level of grip, dexterity, flexibility, and thermal protection – essential features when function is important and safety is critical.

They offer improved grip on small objects while protecting your hands and arms when working in hazardous, ultra-cold environments.

They are designed to provide a high level of thermal protection where the exposure to cryogenic fluids might exist.

Available in four different lengths: wrist, mid-arm, elbow, and shoulder. Each length available in sizes S, M, L, and XL.


  • Improved grip
  • Excellent dexterity
  • Maximum thermal protection
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable
  • Stay-dry lining
71126-x Cryo-Grip Gloves, Wrist 1 pair 174.00
71127-x Cryo-Grip Gloves, Mid-Arm 1 pair 184.00
71128-x Cryo-Grip Gloves, Elbow 1 pair 220.00
71129-x Cryo-Grip Gloves, Shoulder 1 pair 273.00

cryo glovescryo glovesarrow11Cryo-Gloves®

We now offer cryogenic personal protective garments of the highest quality. Cryo-Gloves® and Cryo-Aprons® are essential accessories for those working in ultra cold environments. Providing effective protection in a wide variety of applications.


  • Protection from –135°C to 150°C
  • Superior thermal protection
  • Water-resistant
  • Comfortable / Lightweight / Excellent dexterity
  • Breathable / Stay-dry lining.


  • Ultra low and Blast freezers
  • Cold rooms
  • Dry ice handling
  • Liquid Nitrogen, liquid oxygen, liquid helium


  • Clinical Laboratory
  • Bio-Medical
  • Blood Banks
  • Frozen food processing
  • Pharmaceutical
71070 Wrist Cryo-Gloves®, Small 12" long 1 pair 149.00 Add to Cart
71071 Wrist Cryo-Gloves®, Medium 12" long 1 pair 149.00 Add to Cart
71072 Wrist Cryo-Gloves®, Large 12" long 1 pair 149.00 Add to Cart
71072-X Wrist Cryo-Gloves®, X-Large 12" long 1 pair 149.00 Add to Cart
71073 Mid Arm Cryo-Gloves®, Small 14" to 15" long 1 pair 154.00 Add to Cart
71074 Mid Arm Cryo-Gloves®, Medium 14" to 15" long 1 pair 154.00 Add to Cart
71075 Mid Arm Cryo-Gloves®, Large 14" to 15" long 1 pair 154.00 Add to Cart
71075-X Mid Arm Cryo-Gloves®, X-Large 14" to 15" long 1 pair 154.00 Add to Cart
71076 Elbow Cryo-Gloves®, Small 18" to 20" long 1 pair 190.00 Add to Cart
71076-M Elbow Cryo-Gloves®, Medium 18" to 20" long 1 pair 190.00 Add to Cart
71077 Elbow Cryo-Gloves®, Large 18" to 20" long 1 pair 190.00 Add to Cart
71078 Elbow Cryo-Gloves®, X-Large 18" to 20" long 1 pair 190.00 Add to Cart
71079-S Shoulder Cryo-Gloves®, Small 27" to 28" long 1 pair 243.00 Add to Cart
71079-M Shoulder Cryo-Gloves®, Medium 27" to 28" long 1 pair 243.00 Add to Cart
71079-L Shoulder Cryo-Gloves®, Large 27" to 28" long 1 pair 243.00 Add to Cart
71079-XL Shoulder Cryo-Gloves®, X-Large 27" to 28" long 1 pair 243.00 Add to Cart

Cryo-Gloves® and Cryo-Aprons® are registered trademarks of Tempshield, Mt Desert ME.

cryo apronarrow11Cryo-Apron®

These aprons are 100% water-proof with adjustable straps, for neck and waist.

71080 Cryo-Apron®, Small 36" each 150.00 Add to Cart
71081 Cryo-Apron®, Medium  42" each 160.00 Add to Cart
71082 Cryo-Apron®, Large 48" each 175.00 Add to Cart
71082-X Cryo-Apron®, X-Large 54" each 199.00 Add to Cart
Cryo-Protection Face Shield Cryo-Protection Face Shield Cryo-Protection Face Shield

arrow12Cryo-Protection® Face Shield

The Cryo-Protection Face Shield is not only meant to be used in cryo environments, but in any laboratory environment where face protection is needed. This shield is made from molded Polycarbonate and protects your entire face as well as your upper chest. The head gear offers a two-way adjustable fit.


  • Impact-resistant
  • Lightweight. Meets ANSI 787.1
  • Optically clear
  • Shield and head gear resist cryo temperatures
71079-10 Cryo-Protection® Face Shield each 70.00 Add to Cart

Safety GogglesSafety Gogglesarrow11Safety Goggles

Two styles: vented or perforated

  • The vented safety goggles help avoid chemical contact.
  • Scratch resistant lenses
64475-01 Safety Goggle, 4 Plastic Vent each 4.00 Add to Cart
64475-10 Safety Goggle, 4 plastic Vent 10/pk 40.00 Add to Cart
64476-01 Safety Goggle, Perforated Frame each 4.00 Add to Cart
64476-10 Safety Goggle, Perforated Frame 10/pk 35.00 Add to Cart
64477-01 Safety Goggle, Perforated Frame, Small Size (5¾" x 2½") each 4.00 Add to Cart
64477-10 Safety Goggle, Perforated Frame, Small Size (5¾" x 2½") 10/pk 35.00 Add to Cart

Cryo Prep Kitarrow11EMS Cryo Preparation Kit

Electron Microscopy Sciences is proud to introduce a cryo starter kit which includes all of the supplies necessary to begin Cryo EM. The kit includes a variety of our Cryogenic Grid Storage Boxes, Manipulation Tweezers and Gripper Tools, as well as our C-Flat Holey Carbon Cryo Grids. The Tweezers we are using are coated as well as anti-magnetic.

The kit comes with the following pieces in a small display box:

  • Cryo Grid Box, Round, w/Lid
  • Cryo Grid Box, Square, w/Lid
  • Cryo Grid Box, Round, wo/Lid
  • Cryo Grid Box, w/Pin Type Lid for FEI Vitrobot
  • Cryo Grid Box, w/Pin Type Lid
  • Cryo Grid Box, w/Lid, Sq for Gatan CT3500
  • Gripper Tool for Cryo Grid Boxes
  • C-flat™ Holey Carbon Grids for TEM - Copper Only (CF-222C-25)
  • ESD Ergonomic Tweezers (0304-5SAESD-ET2)
  • ESD Epoxy-Coated Tweezers (0302-5-CO)

71166-K Cryo Preparation Kit kit 375.00 Add to Cart
Additional Kit Supplies
71166-10 Cryo Grid Box, Round, w/Lid each 9.95 Add to Cart
71166-10-G Cryo Grid Box, Round, w/Lid, Green each 9.95 Add to Cart
71166-10-W Cryo Grid Box, Round, w/Lid, White each 9.95 Add to Cart
71166-20 Cryo Grid Box, Square, w/Lid each 9.95 Add to Cart
71166-30 Cryo Grid Box, Round, wo/Lid each 7.50 Add to Cart
71166-40 Cryo Grid Box, w/Pin Type Lid for FEI Vitrobot each 19.00 Add to Cart
71166-50 Pin Type Lid only for Cryo Grid Box each 13.00 Add to Cart
71166-50B Cryo Grid Box, w/Pin Type Lid each 19.00 Add to Cart
71166-60 Cryo Grid Box, w/Lid, Sq for Gatan CT3500 each 18.50 Add to Cart
71166-SP Gripper Tool for Cryo Grid Boxes each 36.00 Add to Cart
Cat. # Hole
Pack Price  
CF-222C-25 2.0 µm 2.0 µm 200 Cu 25/pk 239.00 Add to Cart
Catalog A mm B mm Finish Handle Alloy Price Unit
0304-5SAESD-ET2 0.06 0.10 Polished Black Antimagnetic 34.50 each Add to Cart
0302-5-CO 0.06 0.1 Electronic Epoxy
Inox 02 28.00 each Add to Cart

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