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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Embedding Media Kits

arrow13Casting, Potting, and Encapsulating Resins

msdsmsdsAcrylic Plastic CastingAcrylic Plastic CastingcAcrylic Plastic Casting

Simply place your object in a mold, mix and pour Acrylic Plastic over it. In an hour it is hard and your object is firmly embedded in a clear, stable plastic. For high-gloss finish, it can be polished with a soft cloth.

Mold making and casting can be done in two hours. Acrylic Plastic Casting is a thermosetting acrylic-polymer plastic with excellent clarity and stabile characteristics.

The kit is available with 1 pint of resin and hardener, or 1 quart of resin and hardener.

RT 24210-01 Acrylic Plastic Casting 1 pt Kit 39.00 Add to Cart
RT 24210-02 Acrylic Plastic Casting 1 qt Kit 62.00 Add to Cart
RT 24210-08 Acrylic Plastic Casting 1 gal Kit 180.00 Add to Cart

msdsmsdsCrystal Clear™ - Water Liquid PlasticsAcrylic Plastic CastingcCrystal Clear™ - Water Liquid Plastics

The Crystal Clear™ Series of polyurethane resins were designed for applications that require absolute clarity. These are low viscosity resins that cure at room temperature with negligible shrinkage to a hard plastic. Cured products are UV resistant and are not brittle. Applications include potting, encapsulating, making prototype models, and lenses, object duplicating etc.

CAUTION: This product is NOT for home use, for research and industrial use only.

Technical Overview:

Description Pot Life Full Cure Casting Thickness
Crystal Clear 200 10 min 16 hrs ½-3" (1.27-7.62cm)
Crystal Clear 204 120 min 48 hrs 3-6" (7.62-15.24cm)
Crystal Clear 206 180 min 48 hrs > 6" (15.24cm)


Each kit consists of 1 gallon resin A and adequate curing agent B

RT 24200 Crystal Clear™ 200 1 gal kit 299.00 Add to Cart
RT 24204 Crystal Clear™ 204 1 gal kit 325.00 Add to Cart
RT 24206 Crystal Clear™ 206 1 gal kit 302.00 Add to Cart

cSilicone – Room Temperature Cured

Per the requests of our customers we are introducing a series of room temperature cured silicones that are used In the labs.

msdsmsdsBlue Silicone Rubber1. Blue Silicone Rubber

Blue Silicone Rubber is extremely high tear, high tensile strength, two components, and tin catalyzed RTV silicone rubber. It is designed for casting polyurethane foam, polyester and epoxy parts. It is a superior product with the following advantages over the RTV silicones:

  • Extremely high tear strength
  • Low shrinkage Low viscosity
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Excellent shelf aging
  • Color coded catalyst
  • Long pot life Insensitive to inhibition
  • Variable cure rate
  • Good dielectric properties

Typical Properties

Un-catalyzed Compound Base Activator
Color White Blue
Viscosity (cps) 50,000-70,000 300-400
Specific Gravity 1.10 .99  
Working time (hours) 1.5 to 2.5  
Cured Time (hours) 16 to 18  
Shelf Life ( months) 6  

Cured Rubber (7 days @ 70°F & 50% R.H.)

Hardness Shore A 6 32 ± 4
Tensile Strength (psi) 525 ± 25
Elongation (%) 300 ± 25
Tear, Resistance (ppi) 120 ± 10
Shrinkage (%) 0.1
Specific Gravity 1.09
Dielectric Strength (volts/mil) 500
Dielectric Constant @ 100Hz 3.3
Dissipation Factor @ 100Hz 0.019
Volume Resistivity (ohms/cm) 1 x 1015

Ordering: Blue Silicone Rubber comes as a kit consisting of 1 gal (9 lb) silicone base and 1 pt (1lb) blue catalyst.

RT 24230-B Blue Silicone Rubber Kit 1 gal 200.00 Add to Cart
msdsmsdsclear silicone rubber2. Clear Silicone Rubber

This silicone cures at room temperature with no shrinkage and offers a unique water clear see through rubber with excellent tear strength, chemical and heat resistance.

Technical Overview

Hardness Shore A 6 40
Color Translucent
Pot Life 60 min.
Demold Time 16 hours
Specific Volume 25.8
Specific Gravity 1.07
Mixed Viscosity 35,000cps
Die B Tear Strength 120 pli
Tensile Strength 800 psi
Shrinkage Negligible
Mixing Ratio Wt. Or Vol. 100:10 pbw

Curing: allow the mold to cure overnight (at least 16 hours) at room temperature (77°F/25°C) before demolding. Do not cure rubber where temperature is less than 65°F/18°C. Post Curing the mold will aid in quickly attaining maximum physical and performance properties. After curing at room temperature, expose the rubber to 80°C for 2 hours and 100°C for 2 hours. Allow mold to cool to room temperature before using

NOTE: This clear silicone will cause rubber to yellow when applying post curing.

Ordering: Clear silicone comes as a kit of 1gallon (9 lb) silicone A and 1 pt (.9lb) curing agent B.

RT 24234-C Clear Silicone Rubber Kit 1gal Kit 252.00 Add to Cart

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