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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Grids for Electron Microscopy

Downloadable PDFarrow13Synaptek and Beryllium Grids

arrow12Synaptek Beryllium-Copper

Very reliable under the electron beam- Synaptek® unflexible grids, made of a special alloy (Beryllium-Copper). Offers extreme stability for coating with support film. 4 mil thick (100µm), 3.05mm diameter, this standard 2x1mm oval slot grids are contamination free and reusable after cleaning. 0.5x2mm oval slots are also available.

NUM grids: Numbered grids are in random order. Numbers may be duplicated.

DOT grids: 2 dots are marked on one side of the grid for identification. Dots are visible to the naked eye.

NOTCH grids: A mark, stamped on one side of the grid to facilitate the handling of the grids. Notch is available with NUM or DOT grids.

GILDED grids: completely Gold-Plated grids, suitable for immunology research, autoradiography, as well as special needs.

S2010-DOT DOT 2x1mm slot 100/vial 31.00 Add to Cart
S2010-NUM NUM 2x1mm slot 100/vial 34.00 Add to Cart
S2010-ND NOTCH-DOT 2x1mm slot 100/vial 32.00 Add to Cart
SG2010-NN GILDED NOTCH-NUM 2x1mm slot 100/vial 48.00 Add to Cart
S2005-DOT DOT 2x0.5mm slot 100/vial 30.00 Add to Cart
S2010-NOTCH NOTCH 2x1mm slot 100/vial 32.00 Add to Cart
S2010-NN NOTCH-NUM 2x1mm slot 100/vial 34.00 Add to Cart
S1808-ND NOTCH-DOT, 0.8x1.8mm slot 100/vial 32.00 Add to Cart
S1020-NI Ni-NOTCH-DOT, 1x2mm slot, Nickel 100/vial 32.00 Add to Cart
S1500-DOT DOT, 1.5mm hole 100/vial 32.00 Add to Cart
S1500NI-DOT Ni-DOT, 1.5mm hole, Nickel 100/vial 32.00 Add to Cart
S1500MO-DOT Mo-DOT, 1.5mm hole, Molybdenum, Thickness of 75µm (3 mil) 25/vial 45.00 Add to Cart

arrow12Beryllium Grids for Transmission Electron Microscopy

Beryllium grids are superior to all other materials for in situ analysis in transmission electron microscopes because for practical purposes they give off no detectible background radiation which could interfere with the analysis.

Purity: 99.97%
Size: 3.05mm

2010-Be Beryllium Grid 2mm x 1mm each each 63.00 Add to Cart

arrow12Beryllium Planchets

Beryllium Planchets are available in the Electron Microscope Section.

Embra and Molybdenum Grids arrow13arrow13