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Electron Microscopy Sciences

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arrow13Cyto-Tek® Centrifuge from Sakura Finetek

Enhance Your Cell Preparation - Proven Reliability

arrow10Cyto-Tek® Centrifuge CYTO-TEK® Cytocentrifuge

Three Chamber sizes for samples from 0.1 to 12 ml:

  • 1, 6, and 12 ml disposable chambers accommodate a wide range of sample sizes.
  • One size fits all: the 1 ml filter combines versatility with convenience; handles all routine specimens up to 1 ml with only one set of accessories.
  • User-selectable, rectangular viewing/target areas: 49, 196, and 420mm2 essentially eliminates the need for multiple slides.
  • Viewing area up to 14 x 30 mm.
  • Dimensions in cm (W x D x H): 38 x 49 x 23
  • Dimensions in inches (W x D x H): 15 x 19 x 9
  • Weight: 26 lbs (12 kg)

Place acceleration, automatically controlled:

  • Ensures specimen integrity through automatic, microprocessor-controlled, optional acceleration.
  • Paced acceleration is “Always On”, eliminating operator bias in assessing cell fragility.
  • Accommodates fragile cells requiring delicate handling.
  • Speed adjusts from 500 to 2,500 rpm in 10-rpm increments.
  • Programmable times range from 1 to 60 minutes in 1 minute increments.

Digital controls:

  • Speed and time settings are retained in memory with a battery backup.
  • Streamlined touch pad and 3 digital displays control and monitor all functions.
  • Easy to use, easy to train.

Enhanced Safety Features:

  • Sealable rotor housing with locking lid reduces aerosol exposure
  • Transportable housing protects operator while loading or unloading specimens
  • Rotor housing monitor system alerts operator when rotor is out of balance
  • Autoclavable rotor housing allows for safe and easy sterilization


  • Manufactured with the same quality care as all other Tissue-Tek® instruments.
  • Enjoy years of trouble-free operation with virtually no maintenance required.

Efficiently silent:

  • Even at maximum speed, the Cyto-Tek runs smoothly and quietly.

Superior clinical performance:

  • A consistently high rate of cellular recovery is extremely important for accurate morphological evaluation of cerebrospinal fluid.
  • Well-defined rectangular target area for optimal results.
  • Better preservation of cellular structure.
  • With a G force of up to 735, the Cyto-Tek can handle low molecular weight organisms such as microbacteria and viruses.
  • Operates on 115 VAC, 60 Hz.


1. Kobayashi TK, Ueda M, Yamaki T, Yakushiji M. Evaluation of cytocentrifuge apparatus with special reference to the cellular recovery rate. Diagn Cytopathol. 1992; 8(4): 420-423
2. Saceanu CA, Pfeiffer NC, McLean T. Evaluation of sputum smears concentrated by cytocentrifugation for detection of acid-fast bacilli. J. Clin Microbiol. 1993; 31:2371-2374.

Cat. No Tissue-Tek Description Pack Price  
62600-10 4325 Cyto-Tek® 2500 Centrifuge each 11,950.00 Add to Cart
62600-10-01 4301 Cyto-Tek® 1ml Chamber Kit 50/cs 265.00 Add to Cart

Cyto-Tek® Centrifuge Funnel Chamberarrow10 Cyto-Tek® Centrifuge Funnel Chamber

Enhance your cell recovery up to 100%

  • Highly polished specimen chamber that minimizes cell attachment.
  • 33% thicker clamp wall (for greater claming tension) that provides paced fluid absorption.
  • Window ledge to help secure filter and keep cells in target area.
  • "V" cutout to add rigidity helping to hold funnel chamber in place.


Cat. No Tissue-Tek Description Pack Price  
62610-01 4329 1 ml Fluid Chamber 200/cs 344.00 Add to Cart
62610-50 4333 1 ml Filter Paper 200/cs 105.00 Add to Cart
62610-55 4336 1 ml Base Holder 200/cs 388.00 Add to Cart
62610-60 4335 1 ml Chamber Cap 200/cs 92.00 Add to Cart
62612-06 4331 6 ml Fluid Chamber 12/cs 480.00 Add to Cart
62612-50 4327 6 ml Gasket 25/pk 154.00 Add to Cart
62614-12 4328 12 ml Fluid Chamber 12/cs 480.00 Add to Cart
62614-50 4337 12 ml Gasket 25/cs 154.00 Add to Cart
62615-12 4326 6-/12 ml Base Holder 12/cs 612.00 Add to Cart
62615-25 4334 6-/12 ml Chamber Cap 25/cs 109.00 Add to Cart

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