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Electron Microscopy Sciences

ImmunoGold Reagents

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Newsletter 1 "Optimised Immuno Labelling using AURION BSA-c™ and AURION Blocking Solutions" by J.L.M. Leunissen and P.F.E.M. van de Plas
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Newsletter 3 "In Situ Hybridization for Light and Electron Microscopy using Ultra Small ImmunoGold Detection and Silver Enhancement" by O. Sibon
Newsletter 4 "The Dot-Spot Test: a Simple Method to Monitor Immunoreagent Reactivity and Influence of Fixation on Antigen Recognition" by P. van de Plas
Newsletter 5 "Ultra Small Gold Reagents and R-Gent SE-EM in Pre-embedding Single and Double Labeling" Hong Yi and Jan L.M. Leunissen
News Flyer 1 "Background Suppression in Immunoperoxidase Cytochemistry using AURION BSA-c" by Wim Voorhout and Katja Teerds
News Flyer 2 a) Double Label Immunohistochemistry for the Separate Observation of Two Antigens using Epi-Polarization Microscopy for the ImmunoGold-Silver Technique and Fluorescence Microscopy for the Alkaline Phosphatase Staining" by C.M. van der Loos
b) A Comparison between the Streptavidin-Biotin-Alkaline Phosphatase Method and the ImmunoGold Technique using Ultra Small Gold Particles and Silver Enhancement" by R. Willemsen
Presentation Notes Ultra Small Immunogold Labeling and Optimizing Signal-noise Ratios, Jan L.M. Leunissen and Hong Yi, M&M 2007, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

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