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Electron Microscopy Sciences

ImmunoGold Reagents

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EM Pre-embedding Immuno Incubation Protocol

Light Microsopy Immuno Incubation Protocol

EM Post-embedding Immuno Incubation Protocol

ImmunoGold (Silver Staining) Incubation Protocol for General Applications

The procedure is based on a two-step incubation using a primary antibody and a gold-labeled secondary antibody conjugate.

Technical Tips

Why Ultra Small Gold Conjugates

Controlling Background in Immunogold Labeling

Pre-embedding Immunogold Procedures

Double Labeling with two Ultra Small Reagents

Reactivity of Protein A and Protein G

Application Instructions

Conventional ImmunoGold Reagents

Ultra Small ImmunoGold Reagents

Blocking Solution Reagents

Incubation Solution Additive AURION BSA-c™

BSA, CWFS, and Normal Sera

R-Gent Silver Enhancement


Gold Tracers

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