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Electron Microscopy Sciences

ImmunoGold Reagents

arrow13Aurion ImmunoGold Silver Staining Workshops

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The objective of the course is to provide researchers with the opportunity to learn the theory and practice of immunogold labeling. Participants will process their own samples under the expert guidance of Mr. Peter van de Plas. Mr. van de Plas has been with Aurion since 1991 and has been involved with product applications and workshops, and is recognized for his thorough knowledge of the immunogold silver staining techniques.

During a 3 day training the theoretical and practical aspects of the most up-to-date methods and applications will be dealt with both for light and electron microscopy.

Preferentially participants work with their own specimens and primary antibodies so that applicability and advantages of the ImmunoGold Silver Staining technique are maximally exploited by each individual participant. Personal attention provides for optimum broadening of knowledge which is of permanent advantage in individual daily work situations in terms of time savings and improvements

ImmunoGold Workshop

  • Aurion Workshop 2012 1
  • Aurion Workshop 2012 10
  • Aurion Workshop 2012 2
  • Aurion Workshop 2012 3
  • Aurion Workshop 2012 4
  • Aurion Workshop 2012 5
  • Aurion Workshop 2012 6
  • Aurion Workshop 2012 7
  • Aurion Workshop 2012 8
  • Aurion Workshop 2012 9
Set-up Theory and Practice
Duration 3 days
- labeling of own or Aurion specimens (LM & EM)
Practice - incubation methods
- testing antigenicity/reactivity
- principles of immunogold labeling
- preparation of conjugates
- LM & EM applications
Theory - immuno detections
- in situ hybridisation
- silver enhancement for LM & EM
- background problems
Tutors Ing. P. van de Plas
Course fee  see event brochure

Reactions of participants:

"We are very enthusiastic and will most certainly pursue this method!"

"The time for personal advice was excellent!"

"An abundance of practical info, built on the necessary theoretical background!"

Upcoming Events:

There are currently no workshops scheduled.

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