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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Illuminators, Magnifiers, Microscopes, & Graticles

arrow13Magnifiers including Lighted, Steinheil, and Parasite

Parasite Magnifierarrow12Parasite Magnifier

An improved version of the conventional magnifying glass. A 20mm diameter parasite-like lens is cemented on a large 75mm diameter lens. Magnification of the large one is 2.5X, while the small lens area has the magnification of 5X. The magnified image is very sharp and clear. Weight: 111g

68110 Parasite Magnifier each 40.00 Add to Cart

Steinheil Magnifierarrow12Steinheil Magnifier

A biconvex lens. Pocket size. The sliding frame is designed for the storage of the lens after use. It is good for the preliminary inspection of microscopic specimens. It is lightweight and has excellent chromatic correction with a reasonably wide field of view. The magnifier helps the user eliminate bulky and heavier conventional magnifiers.

Size: 39x24x22mm, Average weight: 20g

68145 7X Steinheil Magnifier each 51.00 Add to Cart
68146 10X Steinheil Magnifier each 51.00 Add to Cart
68147 14X Steinheil Magnifier each 51.00 Add to Cart
68148 20X Steinheil Magnifier each 51.00 Add to Cart

technical data sheetGreen-Lite MagnifierGreen-Lite MagnifierGreen-Lite Magnifierarrow12Magnifying Lights: Green-Lite™

EMS is proud to introduce the next generation of Magnifying Lights

Equipped with next generation, surface mount LEDs, these innovative designs create the new standard for illuminated magnifiers. Your investment in new technology quickly pays for itself through energy savings. Made in the USA.

Lighting Features

  • Highest lumen output in a lighted magnifier
  • Reduced glare, heat and energy consumption
  • Multi-angle LEDs for shadowless lighting at a full range of focal lengths and heights
  • User controlled LED groups shine desired level of light exactly where required
  • Superb dimming software via convenient, reliable membrane switch

Optical Features

  • Precision ground, optical grade glass
  • Largest lenses in the industry
  • Standard 4 diopter (2x) lens
  • Optional 5 diopter (2.25x) lens available

Electrical Features

  • Low voltage (15-24v) power supplies are auto-switchable with worldwide approvals
  • Plug in around the world by simply switching the end power cord
  • Energy Star compliant (each unit uses 8 watts maximum)
  • Auto shut off at 4 hour intervals to prevent energy waste while users are away

Mechanical Features

  • High quality die cast aluminum shades and all steel arm components for ESD safety
  • Patented "Elite" arms are slim but have the greatest holding power of any arm of this type in the world
  • Virtually "maintenance zero"
Cat# Green-Lite™ LED Mag Diopter Mounting Style Voltage Reach    
68194-10 6" Round 2x 4 Table Clamp 120-240V 43" 502.00 Add to Cart
68194-10A 6" Round 2.25x 5 Table Clamp 120-240V 43" 532.00 Add to Cart
68194-11 6" Round 2x 4 Screw Base 120-240V 43" 525.00 Add to Cart
68194-11A 6" Round 2.25x 5 Screw Base 120-240V 43" 555.00 Add to Cart
68194-12 7.5" Round 2x 4 Screw Base 120-240V 43" 590.00 Add to Cart
68194-12A 7.5" Round 2.25x 5 Screw Base 120-240V 43" 620.00 Add to Cart
68194-13 7.5" Round 2x 4 Table Clamp 120-240V 43" 590.00 Add to Cart
68194-13A 7.5" Round 2.25x 5 Table Clamp 120-240V 43" 620.00 Add to Cart
68194-14 7x5¼" Rect. 2x 4 Screw Base 120-240V 43" 600.00 Add to Cart
68194-14A 7x5¼" Rect. 2.25x 5 Screw Base 120-240V 43" 630.00 Add to Cart
68194-15 7x5¼" Rect. 2x 4 Table Clamp 120-240V 43" 600.00 Add to Cart
68194-15A 7x5¼" Rect. 2.25x 5 Table Clamp 120-240V 43" 630.00 Add to Cart
68194-16 7" Round 2x 4 Weight. Base 120-240V 43" 715.00 Add to Cart
68194-16A 7" Round 2.25x 5 Weight. Base 120-240V 43" 745.00 Add to Cart
68194-17 7x5¼" Rect. 2x 4 Weight. Base 120-240V 43" 730.00 Add to Cart
68194-17A 7x5¼" Rect. 2.25x 5 Weight. Base 120-240V 43" 760.00 Add to Cart

Lighted Flex Magnifierarrow12Lighted Flex Magnifier

A desktop portable magnifier with gooseneck that allows your hands to be doing other things. It may be used as an alternative to a dissecting microscope. It works with an AC adaptor or batteries. Both the adapter and batteries are sold separately.


Magnification 2X/6X Mini Bifocal
Diopter 2.9 D
Lens Size: 102 mm
Lens Shape Biaspheric
Working Distance Variable
Lens Material PMMA Acrylic
Illumination: LED
68113-01 Lighted Flex Magnifier each 69.00 Add to Cart
68113-02 120V Wall Adapter each 19.00 Add to Cart
68113-03 220V Wall Adapter each 23.00 Add to Cart

Ergonomic Magnifierarrow12Ergonomic Magnifier

This magnifier is easily maneuvered with the palm of your hand. The magnifier has an automatic switch off feature which turns the light off automatically after 30 minutes. The magnifier comes in a protective case.


Magnification 5X
Diopter 2.0 D
Lens Size: 58 mm
Lens Shape Aspheric
Lens Material PXMTM lightweight lens with patented Ceratec™ scratch-resistant coating
Illumination: LED~ 8000k Cool light
Power Source 2 AA Batteries (Included)
68113-04 Ergonomic Magnifier each 216.00 Add to Cart

Achromatic Magnifier, 4x and 2x arrow12Achromatic Magnifier, 4x and 2x

The magnifying glass introduced here is the new version of the classic magnifying glass used by the famous detective Sherlock Holmes. This achromatic is more defined in its function and can give you more accurate details of the subject to be observed. This magnifier is composed by two optical glass lenses, which are cemented together. The image seen through this lens is free of color and gives sharp contours so that no vague lines will be found throughout the entire image field.

With a solid red wood handle and a red mark at the base of the lens frame, this reminds you to use the face having this red point upwards.

The lens diameter is 37mm and the magnifying power is 4x. Both faces are purple coated and they measure 39 x 15 x 155mm., Weight 73g

68111-4X Achromatic Magnifier, 4x each 75.00 Add to Cart
68111-2X Achromatic Magnifier, 2x each 79.00 Add to Cart

Folding Magnifier arrow12Folding Magnifier

Lightweight, compact, and simple; it comes with a measuring scale on the base frame. Base size is 1 square inch opening; marked every 1/8" on two sides and every millimeter on two other sides. Comes with 6X magnifier lens in a black anodized aluminum body. Folds flat when it is not in use.

68112 6X Folding Magnifier each 20.00 Add to Cart

arrow12Lighted Magnifiers

A flashlight is attached to the magnifier that illuminates poorly lighted background making it bright and clear for easy observation. A variety of types and magnifications are available.

3.5X Lighted Magnifierarrow10(1) 3.5X Lighted Magnifier

Comes with a large square magnifier lens which measures 50mm/side. The lens is removable and the flashlight can be used alone.

Magnification: 3.5X
Flashlight Size Alone: 140mm(L) x 30mm(dia)
Weight: 120g
Battery: 2 "C" batteries (UM-2, 1.5V/ea-not incl.)
68120 3.5X Lighted Magnifier each 46.00 Add to Cart
7X Lighted Magnifier arrow10(2) 7X Lighted Magnifier

A simple and accurate comparator. High quality measuring scale; detachable flashlight

Magnification: 7X
Scale Diameter: 22mm;
Divisions: 0.1mm
Size: 36mm(dia) x 58mm(H) x 175mm(L)
Battery: 2 "C" batteries (UM-2, 1.5V/ea-not incl.)
68121 7X Lighted Magnifier each 69.00 Add to Cart
arrow1010X Lighted Magnifier(3) 10X Lighted Magnifier

A simple and accurate comparator. High quality measuring scale; detachable flashlight.

Magnification: 10X
Scale Diameter: 32mm;
Divisions: 0.1mm
Size: 47mm(dia) x 45mm(H) x 185mm(L)
Battery: 2 "C" batteries (UM-2, 1.5V/ea-not incl.)
68122 10X Lighted Magnifier each 92.00 Add to Cart
15X Lighted Magnifierarrow10(4) 15X Lighted Magnifier

High quality magnifier lens. Very convenient to see details under poor lighting conditions.

Magnification: 15X
Field of view: 19mm
Size: 36mm(dia) x 42mm(H) x 180mm(L)
Weight: 90g
Battery: 2 "C" batteries (UM-2, 1.5V/ea-not incl.)
68123 15X Lighted Magnifier each 41.00 Add to Cart
15X Lighted Scale Magnifierarrow10(5) 15X Lighted Scale Magnifier

Scale magnifier 15X (EMS # 68158) is attached to an illuminating device to improve the visibility. Comes with one metric scale. Battery is not included.

68123-L 15X Lighted Scale Magnifier each 106.00 Add to Cart

Magnifier 8X For 35mm Slidearrow12Magnifier 8X For 35mm Slide

For high performance. Well designed. The 8X magnifier uses a 24mm x 37mm angular objective lens and a two-element achromatic lens for the eyepiece. This arrangement enables the 8X magnifier to cover the entire 24mm x 36mm picture area of a single frame of 35mm film, and it is suitable for checking negatives. Engraved on the bottom edge of the transparent acrylic skirt is a 30mm long, 1mm division scale, which does not interfere with the field of view. With all of these features, you should have one for every day use.

Measurements: 46mm x 49mm x 39mm. Weight: 52g

68125 Magnifier 8X for 35mm Film each 35.00 Add to Cart

Film Markerarrow12Film Marker

This device when fitted to the 8X magnifier (68125) enables you to view and check the 35mm roll film while marking the desired frame by depressing the puncher (located on the side of the device). The puncher punches out a V-shaped piece of film on the perforation to mark the frame. When fitted in the reverse position to the 8X magnifier, you are able to view and check the slides.

68126 Film Marker each 15.00 Add to Cart
68127 Film Marker and 8X Magnifier set 48.00 Add to Cart

Illuminated Magnifiers including Magnilite arrow13arrow13