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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Illuminators, Magnifiers, Microscopes & Graticules

arrow13Stage Graticules

These stage graticules are intended for the routine calibration of eyepiece patterns, particularly when alternating between objectives on one microscope or when using the same graticule in different microscopes. Their robust construction makes them ideal for student use and for instructional purposes. The scale or grid is centered on a glass disc mounted in a black anodized aluminum slide 75mm x 24mm x 2mm thick. For applications requiring traceable standards, see B. STAGE CALIBRATION STANDARDS.

Two types are available:
  • Transmitted light
  • Reflected light, as is used with metallurgical microscopes.


standard and crossed patternsarrow11Standard and Crossed Patterns - S1, S2, S4, S5, S8, S11, S12, S16, S20, S21, S22, S48

Pattern Catalog # Type, Length Nos. Div. Div. Size Price  
S1 68040-01 Horizontal, 10mm 100 0.1mm 195.00 Add to Cart
S2 68039-02 Horizontal, 5.0mm 100 0.05mm 222.00 Add to Cart
S4 68039-04 Horizontal, 0.1" 100 0.001" 222.00 Add to Cart
S5 68039-05 Horizontal, 20mm 200 0.01mm 410.00 Add to Cart
S8 68042-08 Horizontal, 1.0mm 100 0.01mm 194.00 Add to Cart
S11 68039-11 Horizontal, 0.005" 50 0.0001" 339.00 Add to Cart
S12 68044-12 Horizontal, 0.1mm 50 0.002mm 339.00 Add to Cart
S16 68039-16 Crossed Scale, 1.0mm 100 0.01mm 275.00 Add to Cart
S20 68043-20 Double micrometer 10 0.01mm 308.00 Add to Cart
S21 68043-21 Micrometer scale 100 0.5mm 222.00 Add to Cart
S22 68039-22 Vertical Scale, 2.0mm 200 0.01mm 222.00 Add to Cart
S48 68041-48 No Coverglass, 1.0mm 100 0.01mm 222.00 Add to Cart

Table 1: Accuracy and Line Widths of Stage Micrometers.

Pattern Line Width Accuracy
Pattern Line Width Accuracy
S1 or PS1 0.005mm ± 0.002mm S16 or PS16 0.0015mm ± 0.001mm
S2 0.005mm ± 0.00015mm S20 or 21 0.0025mm ± 0.0015mm
S4 or PS4, S5 or PS5 0.002mm ± 0.0001" S22 0.0025mm ± 0.0015mm
S8 or PS8 0.002mm ± 0.001mm S48 0.0027mm ± 0.001mm
S11 0.001mm ± 0.00005" S78 or PS78 0.003mm ± 0.001mm
S12 or PS12 0.001mm ± 0.001mm      

Brightfield Stage MicrometerDual Micrometer Calibration Slidesarrow11S18 Brightfield Stage Micrometer


EMS is proud to introduce the S18 Brightfield Stage Micrometer: Graduated Metric and English Scales for the calibration of measurement instruments across a wide range of magnifications.

This flexible graduated scale stage micrometer is suitable for low magnification, stereo inspection microscopes to higher magnification compound microscopes.

Key Features

  • Dual Scales: 25mm and 1 Inch
  • Graduated Divisions, fine for low magnifications, mid for medium magnifications and large for high magnifications:
    • 25mm/0.5mm, 5mm/0.1mm, 1mm/0.01mm
    • 1"/0.05", 4/20"/0.01", 1/20"/0.001"
  • High Definition, chrome on glass image
  • Ideal for you if you use both metric and English measurements

The scales are centered on all glass slide 76mm x 25mm x 1.5mm thick.

Line Width Accuracy (overall) Image Type
0.0025mm (2.5 micron) .0.002mm Low reflective chrome surface
Pattern Catalog # Description Qty Price  
S18 68043-30 S18 with Graticules Certificate each 250.00 Add to Cart
S18 68043-35 S18 with UKAS Certificate each 850.00 Add to Cart
S18 68043-40 S18 with NPL Certificate each 1,250.00 Add to Cart

combined metric/imperial patternarrow11Combined Metric/Imperial Pattern

Pattern Catalog # Description Qty Price  
S20 68043-20 Double micrometer scale 2mm in 0.01mm divisions and 0.1 inch in 0.005 inch divisions each 330.00 Add to Cart

grouped graduation patternarrow11Grouped Graduation Pattern – S21

Pattern Catalog # Description Qty Price  
S21 68043-21 Micrometer scale 5mm in 0.5mm divisions, 2mm in 0.1mm divisions, and 0.2mm in 0.01mm divisions each 242.00 Add to Cart

Counting Slide 0.01mm squaresgridsarrow11Counting Grids – S9, S10, S28, S29

Pattern Catalog # Description Qty Price  
S9 68045-09 Counting Slide 0.01mm squares. each 235.00 Add to Cart
S10 68045-10 Counting Slide 0.05mm squares each 235.00 Add to Cart
S28 68045-28 0.01mm grid / 0.2 x 0.2mm overall each 248.00 Add to Cart
S29 68045-29 0.01mm grid / 1.5 x 1.5mm overall each 248.00 Add to Cart

For Reflected Light

This scale is etched through highly reflective vacuum coated metal. When viewed under vertical illumination, as with a metallurgical microscope, the scale appears black against a bright background.

arrow11S4R Reflected Light Stage Micrometer, 0.1 inch/0.001 inch

Key Features

Reflected light stage micrometer with 0.1" scale subdivided into 0.001" divisions


Line width: 0.002mm
Accuracy (overall): <0.0001"

Pattern Catalog # Description Qty Price  
S4R 68047-4R-GR S4R with Graticule certificate each 660.00 Add to Cart
S4R 68047-4R-NA S4R with UKAS certificate each 705.00 Add to Cart
S4R 68047-4R-NP S4R with NPL Certificate each 1,400.00 Add to Cart

reflected lightarrow11Reflected Light – S78

Pattern Catalog # Description Qty Price  
S78 68043-78 Micrometer scale 1mm in 0.01mm divisions. each 237.00 Add to Cart

Grid Dot Arrayarrow11The Grid Dot Array

Green Float glass, high reflective Chrome image

The ideal product for testing image area, distortion, field flatness and other parameters in optical and imaging systems. The three array areas give options for different magnifications or field size.

The R76, a unique product with three dot arrays to suit different magnification or image areas.


3 image areas, Dot size and pitch different in each area

  • 12 x 9 array of 1mm dots at 5mm pitch
  • 16 x 12 array of 0.5mm dots at 2mm pitch
  • 24 x 18 array of 0.2mm dots at 1mm pitch

Ordering Information

Catalog # Description Size Qty Price  
68073-R76 Grid Dot Array, 3 image areas 101x101x2.2mm each 440.00 Add to Cart


These stage micrometers differ from the standard stage micrometers due to the fact they are being available with a certificate giving precise details about their accuracy. These calbrated standards provide traceability for the precise calibration and confirmation of accuracy of optical measuring instruments, which is necessary under ISO provisions.

PS4R Reflected Light Micrometer Scalearrow11Micrometer Standards – PS1, PS4, PS4R, PS5, PS8, PS12, PS16, PS78

These standards are different from the stage micrometers listed in the previous section. The glass discs are mounted in stainless steel slides with engraved serial numbers. Each slide is supplied in a polished wooden storage case to distinguish it as a traceable standard of high value. We can arrange for the calibration of its scales and grids to be carried out by the most appropriate laboratory to suit the customers requirements – the choice of laboratory is normally dependent on the nature of the calibration and the accuracy required.

  1. Calibration by NPL: The National Physical Laboratory carries out measurements at selected points on the scale and grids and issues a certificate of calibration. Order Code: NP. The NPL is the English equivalent of NIST.
  2. Calibration by UKAS accredited laboratory: A UKAS accredited laboratory carries out measurements at selected points on the scales and grids and issues a calibration certificate. Order Code: NA
  3. Measurement by Pyser-SGI, Graticules Division: For applications, which do not require the accuracy or traceability provided by calibrations carried out by NPL or a UKAS accredited laboratory, We can provide a Certificate of Comparison. The scale or grid is compared with NPL calibrated in-house standards and a statement is provided on the accuracy of the item with respect to these standards. Order Code: GR
Catalog # Pattern Scale Specs Description Qty Price  
68047-1GR PS1 10mm in 0.1mm PS1 with Graticules Certificate each 620.00 Add to Cart
68047-1NA     PS1 with UKAS Certificate each 690.00 Add to Cart
68047-1NP     PS1 with NPL Certificate each 1,190.00 Add to Cart
68047-4GR PS4 0.1" in 0.001" PS4 with Graticules Certificate each 625.00 Add to Cart
68047-4NA     PS4 with UKAS Certificate each 705.00 Add to Cart
68047-4NP     PS4 with NPL Certificate each 1,400.00 Add to Cart
68047-PS4R PS4R 0.1" in 0.001" Micrometer Scale 0.1"; in 0.001 inch divisions for reflected light each 275.00 Add to Cart
68047-PS4R-GR     PS4R (reflected) with Grats Certificate each 595.00 Add to Cart
68047-PS4R-NA     PS4R (reflected) with UKAS Certificate each 675.00 Add to Cart
68047-PS4R-NP     PS4R (reflected) with NPL Certificate each 1,300.00 Add to Cart
68047-5GR PS5 20mm in 0.01mm PS5 with Graticules Certificate each 725.00 Add to Cart
68047-5NA     PS5 with UKAS Certificate each 825.00 Add to Cart
68047-5NP     PS5 with NPL Certificate each 1,500.00 Add to Cart
68047-8GR PS8 1mm in 0.01mm PS8 with Graticules Certificate each 625.00 Add to Cart
68047-8NA     PS8 with UKAS Certificate each 705.00 Add to Cart
68047-8NP     PS8 with NPL Certificate each 1,400.00 Add to Cart
68047-12GR PS12 0.1mm in 0.002mm PS12 with Graticules Certificate each 790.00 Add to Cart
68047-12NA     PS12 with UKAS Certificate each 1,350.00 Add to Cart
68047-12NP     PS12 with NPL Certificate each 1,575.00 Add to Cart
68047-16GR PS16 Crossed, 1mm in 0.01mm PS16 with Graticules Certificate each 780.00 Add to Cart
68047-16NA     PS16 with UKAS Certificate each 1,050.00 Add to Cart
68047-16NP     PS16 with NPL Certificate each 2,400.00 Add to Cart
68047-78GR PS78 1mm in 0.01mm PS78 (reflected) with Graticules Certificate each 660.00 Add to Cart
68047-78NA     PS78 (reflected) with UKAS Certificate each 750.00 Add to Cart
68047-78NP     PS78 (reflected) with NPL Certificate each 1,400.00 Add to Cart
Catalog # Certification Qty Price  
68047-C UKAS Certification for SI - S70 each 400.00 Add to Cart
68047-Cert NPL Certification for SI - S70 each 1,000.00 Add to Cart

image analysis standardarrow11 Image Analysis Standard (Reference Stage Graticule)

This high precision image analysis standard provides four test areas designed for calibrating image analysis systems and identifying deviations and distortions in optical imaging systems.
The standard, which can also be used as a high precision stage micrometer, is supplied with recommendations for its use and an individual certificate of calibration.
It is produced on a 75mm x 25mm slide and has a square grid accuracy of ±0.1µm and a dot accuracy of ±0.3µm (except for the smallest and largest two dots on the root-2 array, where accuracy is ±0.5µm). The four test areas are:

  • 400µm x 400µm square grid which is subdivided into 200, 100, 50 and 25 micron squares provides a means of detecting gross image distortions, and can be used as an accurate two dimensional stage micrometer.
  • A 20 x 17 array of nominally 15µm diameter dots can be used to identify lens distortions. i.e. to set the field of view to eliminate edge distortion.
  • A root-2 array of spots from 3µm to 48µm diameter is used for determining the threshold levels of cameras and microscope systems.
  • A log-normal distribution array of 100 spots ranging from 4.5µm to 27µm diameter enables the mean and standard deviation to be determined and compared with the certified values. This is an idealized distribution of maximum dynamic range for a full screen.
Catalog # Description Qty Price  
68049 Reference stage graticule 75mm x 25mm slide. each 3,600.00 Add to Cart

Universal Calibration Slide - PS20arrow11Universal Calibration Slide – PS20

Calibration of microscopes and image analysis systems is becoming more sophisticated, with the requirement being for a variety of image patterns to satisfy the numerous parameters. We're now introducing a new multi-function calibration standard specifically for these applications.

Multiple images on a slide provide the most cost-effective solution to calibration and resolution checking of microscopes and image analysis systems. The combination of scales, dots, circles, squares, rulings, grids and angles can be supplied with an internationally traceable certificate of calibration for those who require ISO conformity.

Each glass slide has a permanent serial number and can be supplied with full or partial UKAS certificate of accuracy.

Starting from a fixed 'Datum Point' mark, each individual pattern or array can be located using X, Y, coordinates.

General Specification

General tolerance (microns)

Feature size ≤ 10 10 - 50 50 - 127 127 - 250 >250
Tolerance 0.5 1.0 1.3 1.9 2.54
Coating   Enduring evaporated chrome image
Optical density   >2.5.
Substrate   Soda lime glass
Size   76mm x 25mm x 1.5mm
Package   Polished wooden case

PS20 Universal Calibration Slide Image Details

ID Pattern Name Location Description
A* Concentric Circles X =2;
Y = 10
1, 2, 3, 4, 5mm Circles with Cross Line & circle identifier. Line width 20µm
B* Concentric Squares X=10;
1, 2, 3, 4, 5mm Squares with Cross Line & circle identifier. Line width 20 nm
C* Line Grating X=18;
12.5 Line Pairs permm (40µm line 40µm space)
D* Line Grating,  X=26;
50 Line Pairs permm (10µm line 10µm space)
E* Half Protractor X=34;
15 Spacing, Line width 20µm
F* Grid Array Coarse X=40;
5mm square array with 0.5mm divisions and central 2mm square with 0.25mm divisions. Line width 20µm
G* Grid Array Fine X=48;
5mm square array with 0.1mm divisions and central 2mm square with 0.05mm divisions. Line width 8µm divisions and central 2mm square with 0.05mm divisions. Line width 8µm
H* Dot Array X=56;
Dot diameter 0.25mm, dot centre to centre spacing 0.050mm – 11x11 grid = 121 dots to centre spacing 0.050mm – 11x11 grid = 121 dots
I* Geometric progression of Opaque Dots X=2;
Line array of dots or square shapes, of either clear or opaque. Reducing in size in a Root 2 progression for the purposes of edge threshold detection to enable an image analyzer to measure the size correctly, or general shape size comparison.
J* Geometric X=17;
Root 2 progression of 21 dots or square shapes, from 3.5µm to 3.5µm.
K* Geometric progression of Clear Dots X=32;
Nominal size inmm
L* Geometric progression of Clear Squares X=47;
Dot/square size – Large to small inmm 3.5833; 2.5338; 1.7917; 1.2669; 0.8959; 0.6335; 0.4479; 0.3167; 0.2240; 0.1584; 0.1120; 0.0792; 0.0560; 0.0396; 0.0280; 0.0198; 0.0140; 0.0099; 0.0070; 0.0049; 0.0035
M* Vertical Scale Fine Variable X=63 Overall Scale length 10mm.
5mm in 0.5mm divisions. Line width 20µm
4mm in 0.1mm divisions. Line width 10µm
1mm in 0.01mm divisions. Line width 3 µm
N* Horizontal  X=0;
Scale length 62mm in 2mm
Scale Coarse divisions, subdivided in 1mm divisions with a 20µm line width.
*If you require a calibration certificate for any or all of the points A-N, please state which points and we will send you a quote.
Pattern Catalog # Description Qty Price  
PS20 68053-20 Universal Calibration Slide PS20 each 375.00 Add to Cart

For Transmitted Light

Dual Micrometer Calibration SlideDual Micrometer Calibration Slidearrow11New PS52P & PS52N Dual Scale Calibration Slides

Key Features

  • New Dual-Scale Calibration Slides
  • 2" Imperial (English) and 50mm Metric Scales on a Single Slide
  • Positive and Negative Versions
  • Unique Serial Number for Traceability
  • Available with Internationally Traceable Certificates of Calibration


EMS has introduced two new calibration slides that have the benefit of dual imperial/metric scales. The PS52P is for transmitted light applications and has a bright chrome positive image. The PS52N has a negative pattern, formed in low reflective chrome for incident light applications to give excellent contrast. Both are ideal for calibrating optical products with a large field of view, such as stereo microscopes or imaging systems.

Pattern Catalog # Description Qty Price  
PS52P 68040-05 Dual Micrometer Calibration Slide, 76mm x 25mm, positive image, 50mm in 0.1mm divisions and 2" in 0.005" divisions, serial numbered, supplied in wooden case each 525.00 Add to Cart
  68040-06 PS52P with UKAS certificate each 1,110.00 Add to Cart
PS52N 68040-07 Dual Micrometer Calibration Slide, 76mm x 25mm, negative image, 50mm in 0.1mm divisions and 2" in 0.005" divisions, serial numbered, supplied in wooden case each 525.00 Add to Cart
  68040-08 PS52N with UKAS Certificate each 1,110.00 Add to Cart

test slide for phase contrastarrow11H.S.E./N.P.L. Test Slide for Phase Contrast Microscopy – S84

This test slide is made in the UK and is under license from the National Physical Laboratory. It is an epoxy replica of a master slide produced and certified by that laboratory. The replicas are mounted on microscope slides of 1.2mm thickness with cover glass of 0.17mm thickness. This information is transferred to the accompanying table, which indicates the maximum phase change passing through test objects to test slide. A satisfactory system will detect block 5. Full details are supplied with the slide.

Pattern Catalog # Description Qty Price  
S84 68038-84H HSE Test Slide for Calibration in Asbestos Analysis each 1,575.00 Add to Cart

Hardness Tester Calibration Slides - Vickers/RockwellPS25 Hardness Tester Calibration Slides - Vickers/Rockwellarrow11PS25 Hardness Tester Calibration Slides – Vickers/Rockwell

Key Features

Reflected light calibration slide with diamond shapes and scales for calibrating Vickers and Rockwell hardness testers


For Vickers and Rockwell methods we offer the PS25 which has a series of diamond shapes of varying size and x-y scales. Each of the markings on the slide is clearly identified with its size. The PS25 has a glass disc with the image precision marked in vacuum deposited chrome and this is cemented into a stainless steel slide mount, making the item very durable. The slide has a unique serial number indelibly marked on the slide mount and can be supplied with an Internationally traceable certificate of calibration.

PS25 Pattern Detail:
Diamonds: (Point to point,mms) 0.5, 0.3, 0.2, 0.1. 0.05. 0.02
Scales: Horizontal & vertical, 2mm in 0.1mm divisions

This product is supplied in a polished wooden box

Pattern Catalog # Description Qty Price  
PS25 68049-05 Calibration Slide for Hardness Testers -Vickers/Rockwell each 340.00 Add to Cart
PS25 68049-06 PS25 with UKAS certificate each 1,100.00 Add to Cart

PS26 Hardness Tester Calibration Slides – PS26 Hardness Tester Calibration Slides – Brinellarrow11PS26 Hardness Tester Calibration Slides – Brinell

Key Features

Reflected light calibration slide with circle shapes and scales for calibrating Brinell hardness testers


For Brinell methods we offer the PS26 which has a series of circles, to represent the ball indentation shape, of varying size and x-y scales. The PS26 has a precision marked chrome deposition image on a glass slide. Each of the markings on the slide is clearly identified with its size. The slide can be supplied with an Internationally traceable certificate of calibration. This product is supplied in a polished wooden case.

PS26 Pattern Detail:
Circles: (Diameter,mms) 5.0, 2.5, 1.0, 0.7, 0.3
Scales: Horizontal & vertical, 2mm in 0.1mm divisions

Pattern Catalog # Description Qty Price  
PS26 68049-15 Calibration Slide for Hardness Testers - Brinell each 340.00 Add to Cart
  68049-18 PS26 with UKAS certificate each 1,100.00 Add to Cart


foepple dot vibration testarrow11FOE PPL Dot – S25

The pair of dots, which appear to merge into a single dot, determines the amount of vibration of the slide in the appropriate axis. The pattern on the S25 is an array of 20 pairs of dots converging on a single dot. The distance between each dot pair increases by 0.001 inch to a maximum of 0.02 inch, pairs being squispaced 0.25 inch.

Pattern Catalog # Description Qty Price  
S25 68038-25 Foepple Dot Vibration Test each 290.00 Add to Cart

arrow11D. Volume / Counting Cell

These are used to create precise volumes of liquid to enable counting of particles in a specified volume of liquid. A thick slide (glass or plastic) has an area cut into its surface that will hold precise volumes of bathing fluid. The shallow well, facilitating easy counting of contained particles. In use, a single drop of liquid is placed on the slide and a coverglass is placed on the platform providing equal and accurate subdivisions of the fluid each of which can be observed for particle counting.

sedgewick rafter and cover glassarrow11Sedgewick Rafter and Cover Glass – S50, S51, S52

For use in water analysis, culture inspection, and any fluid where particles per unit volume need to be determined. Available in two versions:
S50 is an economically priced plastic cell.
S52 is made from glass, with a chromium surface image. This is intended for professional use and when using phase contrast. In each type, a central cell is filled with fluid and a coverglass limits the volume to 1 milliliter. The grid subdivides this into micro-liters.
S51 is the spare cover glass for S50 and S52. Each cell is supplied with one cover glass.

Pattern Catalog # Description Qty Price  
S50 68050-50 S50, Sedgewick Rafter, Plastic each 51.00 Add to Cart
S52 68050-52 S52, Sedgewick Rafter, Glass each 250.00 Add to Cart
S51 68050-51 S51, Cover Glass for S50 & S52 each 15.00 Add to Cart

howard cell and cover glassarrow11Howard

The Howard cell is a glass slide 76mm x 35mm with a central circular island and is used for counting mold fibers and spores in fruit juices, especially from tomatoes. With the K20 coverglass in place a 0.1mm thickness of liquid is contained over the central island. The coverglass has 25 calibrated fields of 1.382mm diameter through which to view the particles. This coverglass removes the necessity of precise adjustment of the microscope and eyepiece graticule in the original Howard method.

Pattern Catalog # Description Qty Price  
S60 68051-60 Howard Cell for Fruit Juices each 340.00 Add to Cart
K20 68051-20 K20 Calibrated Cover Glass each 100.00 Add to Cart

arrow11E. Finder Graticles

Finder graticules are used to swiftly and accurately give a position of reference to an area of interest on a specimen.

the england finderarrow11The England Finder – S7

S7 is a glass slide 75mm x 26mm (3x1") marked over the top surface in a way that a referenced position can be directly read relative to the locating edges. That means it is marked with a square grid at 1mm intervals. Each square contains a center ring bearing reference letters and numbers, the remainder of the square being subdivided into four segments numbered 1 to 4.

Reference numbers run horizontally 1 to 75 and letters vertically A to Z (omitting I) The main locating edge is the bottom of the slide, which is used in conjunction with either the left or right vertical edge of the slide.

All England Finders produced for over 40 years are identical. The purpose of the finder is to give the microscopist an easy method of recording the position of a particular field of interest, so that another person in another laboratory can relocate at a later date, or the same position, or when using any other England Finder on any other microscope.

The location of the arrows is identical for all England Finder slides. Mark a label on the left hand side of the specimen slide, indicating the orientation to be repeated. By replacing the specimen slide with England Finder, taking care not to disturb the position, feature of interest can be noted. The feature can also be re-located at another place or time by reversing the procedure. A total of 100 positions on a slide can be accurately located.

Pattern Catalog # Description Qty Price  
S7 68048-07 The England Finder each 250.00 Add to Cart

makler counting chambermakler counting chambersarrow11Makler

For Rapid Semen Analysis – The Makler counting chamber is only 10 microns deep, which is one tenth the depth of other hemacytometers, making it the shallowest of known chambers. This quality chamber is constructed from two pieces of optically flat glass: the first is the chamber, the second is the cover glass, which has a fine grid pattern of 1mm squares and a center area further subdivided into 0.1mm squares. Four quartz pins of precise height hold the cover glass to give an exact trapped specimen depth of 10 microns.

Catalog # Description Qty Price  
68052-01 Makler Counting Chamber each 1,695.00 Add to Cart

Optical Resolution Charts, Ronchi Rulings and Grids arrow13arrow13