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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Cameras, Film, and Photography Supplies

arrow13Cutters and Rotary Trimmers

EMS m3 series trimmerarrow12EMS Professional M3 Series Trimmer

Durable, accurate, and easy to use

Our cutting head is made from die-cast alloy construction, which adds strength, maintains alignment, and guarantees years of service. It's molded to the shape of your hand with an exclusive Comfort Grip that makes repetitive work less fatiguing. Within the housing is a hollow-ground tool-steel rotary blade that is self-sharpening for a long life of clean, precise cuts.

Dual steel rails guide the cutting head with complete stability and precision for accurate, repeatable cuts. Four nylon bearings in the head further ensure quiet, effortless cutting. The extruded aluminum supports on each end lock in alignment. A transparent paper guide automatically holds material in place without risk of damage. An extruded aluminum alignment scale is factory-locked to be perfectly square to the blade edge. The alignment scale has measurements in inches and centimeters and accepts the Slide Guide for making repeatable cuts. The baseboard has a long lasting laminate finish that wipes clean in seconds. A durable, silk-screened registration grid, laid out in 1-inch increments, covers the baseboard for quick and easy measuring of any print or documents.

Designed for safety

The cutting blade is completely covered by the blade housing – making the M3 Series an ideal choice for schools, offices, darkrooms, selfservice print stations, and high volume production labs. The base rests on non-slip rubber feet.

Made in the USA. Backed by a five year limited warranty.

Catalog Model Cut Length Dimensions Weight      
74885-24 M3-24 24"/61cm 30" x 15" 14 lbs each 320.00 Add to Cart
74885-36 M3-36 36"/91.4cm 42" x 15" 19.5 lbs each 499.00 Add to Cart
rotary trimmers
Cutting length 12½"
Measures 16" x 6⅛" x 2¼"

rotary trimmersCutting length 18"
Measures 22⅞" x 8¼" x 2¼"

arrow12Personal Rolling Trimmers

Rolling Trimmers are the new generation of paper cutters. Designed for safety and accuracy, the cutting blades are encased in a plastic housing that virtually eliminates the chance of personal injury. The rotary action of these trimmers allow the blade to cut in either direction and sharpen itself as it cuts. It is this self-sharpening action that produces a clean burr-free cut and guarantees many years of smooth precise cutting.

Our Personal Rolling Trimmers are lightweight and portable so they can be conveniently taken anywhere. They are equipped with a ground self-sharpening blade that cuts in either direction and an automatic paper clamp to hold your work securely in place. With a cutting capacity of up to 7 sheets of paper at a time, these trimmers are perfect for cutting paper, card stock, and photo paper. They are available in 12½" & 18" cutting lengths.


  • Cuts up to 7 sheets of paper at a time
  • Self-sharpening blade
  • Automatic paper clamp holds work securely
  • Imprinted protractor for angled cuts
70867 Personal Rolling Trimmer, 12½" each 86.00 Add to Cart
70868 Personal Rolling Trimmer, 18" each 118.00 Add to Cart

print trimmerarrow12Print Trimmer

Unique features: super sharp cutting edge, using a standard single edge razor blade. Unobstructed view of the cutting process. Safe, fully enclosed retractable blade. Light weight (1lb), handles prints up to 14". Measurements: 5½" x 17½"

70860 Print Trimmer each 32.00 Add to Cart

arrow12Rotatrim® Mastercut; Quality Rolling Trimmers

The High End Cutters

1. Dualrail Cutters

For precision cutting. It can slice through tough materials like cardboard, litho plates, mount board, and even 1/16" hardboard; yet, Rotatrim® also has a delicate touch, trimming film, paper, and dry mount tissue to hairline tolerances.

dualrail cuttersKnown for its safe operation and best performance, the rotary blade is Sheffield tungsten steel, self-sharpening, and is completely shielded by a protective housing. Its self-sharpening blade assures consistent cutting quality.

Exclusively from Rotatrim®, its double steel tube suspension guides the cutting head with the stability essential for accurate, repeatable cuts. An extruded aluminum squaring arm incorporates a combination inch/metric measuring scale and accepts the accessory side guide. A Transparent clamping strip, holds material in place without risk of damage.

Its durable, high pressure laminate in a handsome photogray finish keeps the baseboard warp-free, long lasting, and easy to clean.

Catalog# Cut Size Dimensions Weight Each  
74880-12 12" (31cm) 17.5 x 15" (46 x 39cm) 10lbs (4.6kg) 290.00 Add to Cart
74880-15 15" (39cm) 21.5 x 15" (56 x 39cm) 11.5lbs (5.2kg) 335.00 Add to Cart
74880-17 17.5" (45cm) 24 x 15" (64 x 39cm) 12lbs (5.6kg) 360.00 Add to Cart
74880-24 24" (64cm) 30.5 x 15" (80 x 39cm) 15lbs (6.9kg) 440.00 Add to Cart
74880-30 30" (77cm) 36.5 x 15" (96 x 39cm) 17.5lbs (8kg) 545.00 Add to Cart
74880-36 36" (94cm) 42.5 x 15" (110 x 39cm) 22lbs (10kg) 640.00 Add to Cart
mono rail cutters2. Monorail Cutters

Designed for those appli-cations that do not require the industrial rating of the Rotatrim® Mastercut Series. It accurately trims papers and lightweight boards up to 3/32" (2mm) thick. It also has a delicate touch, trimming mounting materials, laminates and films.

The Monorail has a strong, square rail which securely holds and guides the cutting head for accurate, precise results. The rotary blade is a hardened Sheffield carbon steel, spring-tensioned and self-sharpening. The Monorail Cutters feature the same baseboard, clamping strip, and squaring arm as the Dualrail Cutter.

Catalog# Cut Size Dimensions Weight Each  
74881-16 16" (42cm) 22.5 x 15" (58 x 39cm) 12lbs (5.6kg) 189.00 Add to Cart
74881-26 26" (68cm) 31.5 x 15" (80 x 39cm) 15lbs (7kg) 278.00 Add to Cart

side guidearrow12RotaTrim® Cutter Accessories:

1. Side Guide

It mounts on the squaring arm of the cutter, slides to the desired position and locks in place. It is used when cutting sheet materials to identical lengths. It can be used with either the Dualrail or the Monorail RotaTrim® Cutters.

74882-10 RotaTrim® Side Guide each 30.00 Add to Cart
extension arm2. Extension Arm

It replaces the standard squaring arm and extends beyond the baseboard to help align and measure wider materials (without the need of buying larger cutters). Choose the 24" (61cm) or 36" (91.5cm) length.

74882-24 RotaTrim® Extension Arm, 24" each 235.00 Add to Cart
74882-36 RotaTrim® Extension Arm, 36" each 246.00 Add to Cart
replacement parts3.Replacement Parts

For Rotatrim® Dual-Rail and Monorail Cutters

74883-10 Cutting Wheel each 85.00 Add to Cart

testrite print rollersarrow12Testrite® Print Rollers

These rollers are lightweight and sturdy, offering fine smooth action, yet they have ample strength to efficiently remove surplus water from prints and distribute an even pressure.

74844-04 Testrite Print Roller, 4" Wide each 16.00 Add to Cart
74844-06 Testrite Print Roller, 6" Wide each 14.00 Add to Cart
74844-08 Testrite Print Roller, 8" Wide each 14.00 Add to Cart

arrow12Cutting Mats

Cutting Mats will protect all table-top surfaces from knife cuts. Its smooth surface permits straight, even cutting and the cut mark heals instantly. Each mat is printed with both ½" and 1" grid patterns to aid in measuring and aligning work. Available in translucent white, which allows for cutting and trimming on a light box surface.

77621-12 White Translucent 8½" x 12" Mat each 31.00 Add to Cart
77621-18 White Translucent 12" x 18" Mat each 46.00 Add to Cart
77621-24 White Translucent 18" x 24" Mat each 62.00 Add to Cart

Easels and Enlargers arrow13arrow13