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arrow13Automatic Print and Film Processor

arrow12MohrPro 14-ST- Automatic Print and Film Processor

Film ProcessorThe MohrPro 14 can process a wide variety of B&W RC papers, high contrast B&W line films and RA-4 color papers. The processor will accept material as small as a ⁄4 x4“ (with the Dryer Modification).

The MohrPro 14 is a 14 inch wide processor with a straight through or ST roller transport design capable of processing 60-8x10 RA-4 color prints (8 inches per minute) or 120- 8x10 B&W RC prints (16 inches per minute) dry to dry, per hour. The chemical capacity requires a minimum of 3⁄4 of a gallon of developer and fixer with a maximum of 5 gallons.

The chemicals are not stored inside the processor tanks but below in auxiliary 2 or 5 gallon containers. From these containers, the chemical solutions are automatically pumped into the processor whenever the solutions are heating or during processing of paper. Once the preset temperature is reached or when in the energy saving standby mode, the chemicals automatically drain into the auxiliary containers.

This unique feature keeps the solution racks and tanks cleaner than in a traditional processor where the racks and tanks are in contact with solution continuously. This processor is self cleaning. Just remove the chemical containers and replace them with containers filled with water.

Turn the process switch to the heating mode. Water is pumped up into the processor through the solution racks into the tanks and overflows down into the containers. Once the processor reaches the preset temperature and shuts off, the processor is clean.

The temperature is adjustable from room ambient to 115 degrees. Development time is adjustable from 20 seconds to 2 minutes. The dryer and solution temperatures are adjustable and very accurate. The drive motor is variable speed DC controlled by an electronic PC board. The straight through roller drive system all but eliminates jamming.

Standard Features

  • STRAIGHT LINE PROCESSING PATH. Process with confidence. The straight paper path eliminates many problems that cause jamming.
  • EASILY CLEANED. Operator will be delighted with the ease of cleaning this processor. Roller assemblies lift right out, tank corners are all rounded.
  • FULL ACCESS TO COMPONENTS. Maintenance is so simple that any part can be changed in minutes.
  • NO PLUMBING NECESSARY. The Mohrpro 14 may be located anywhere as a stand-alone unit.
  • MATERIAL UP TO 14" IN WIDTH MAY BE PROCESSED. Minimum length required is 7 inches.
  • VARIABLE TEMPERATURE CONTROL. Chemical temperature can be adjusted for proper processing of paper or film.
  • VARIABLE SPEED CONTROL. Speed may be varied for proper processing of paper or film.
  • STANDBY MODE. Saves equipment wear, electrical and plumbed water expenses, when not processing

MohrPro 14-ST Processor Specifications

Materials resin coated B&W paper, RA-4 color paper, graphic arts film & paper (either rolls or sheets) and EM Film (4489)
Processing Width Up to 14 inches
Transport Speed Up to 4.5 feet per minute
Solution Temperature 82-115°F
Solution Tank Capacity 3⁄4 gallon minimum
Warm-Up Time 10-30 minutes
Power Requirements 115 volt, 60 Hz, 15 amps
Drain Type Gravity
Dimensions 12" H, 30" L, 22" W, with Shelf & Exit basket 50" L
Dry Weight 90 pounds
Warranty 12 months on all parts

Ordering Information:

74950-14 MohrPro 14 Processor each 5,000.00 Add to Cart
74950-14-MO Dryer Modification
(Adds an additional set of rollers in the dryer which allows for the processing of paper or film smaller then 5 x 7”)
each 500.00 Add to Cart
74952-14 Daylight Loader,
(A light tight loader designed to accept roll or cut sheet material.)
each 250.00 Add to Cart
74952-18 Chemical Preheating Pad (Reduces warm up time and mechanical wear) each 95.00 Add to Cart

Chemicals for MohrProarrow12Chemicals for MohrPro

All chemicals are concentrated . One quart (0.95L) of concentrate mixed with water will make one gallon of working solution.

74961-01 R-201 Developer msds 1 qt 18.00 Add to Cart
74961-10 R-201 Developer 12x1qt 172.00 Add to Cart
74962-01 R-202 Fixer msds 1 qt 16.00 Add to Cart
74962-10 R-202 Fixer 12x1qt 145.00 Add to Cart
74963-01 R-203 Hardener   1 qt 14.00 Add to Cart
74964-01 R-204 Defoamer msds 3/4 oz 8.00 Add to Cart
74965-01 R-401 Dev/Activator Cleaner   1 qt 19.00 Add to Cart
74965-03 R-401 Dev/Activator Cleaner   3x1qt 45.00 Add to Cart
74966-01 R-402 Fix/Wash/ Cleaner   1qt 19.00 Add to Cart
74966-03 R-402 Fix/Wash/Cleaner   3x1qt 45.00 Add to Cart

The MohrPro is also available in a 22” model.

  • MOHRPRO 20 model is a 22 inch (56cm) wide processor with a “Deep Tank” roller transport design capable of processing 240 - 8x10 RA color prints (18” (54.7cm) /minutes) or 480 - 8x10 B&W RC prints (36”/minute) dry to dry per hour.

Developing Tanks, Film Racks, Squeegees, Tongs, and Dryers arrow13arrow13