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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Cameras, Film, and Photography Supplies

arrow13Darkroom Timers, Safe Lights, and Light Boxes

photographic darkroom timerarrow12Photographic Darkroom Timer

A new improved Model 300 Darkroom Timer. Shows minutes and seconds in total darkness. The 60-minute time range can be set in minutes for developing and seconds for enlarging control. Two hands permit quick setting by seconds, minutes, or combinations of seconds and minutes. Two separate outlet receptacles control an enlarger or printer and safelight by a combination time/focus switch. Each outlet has a 750-watts capacity. This model also can be used with a relay for heavier loads. Easy to read numerals on a large 6½" diameter face. Luminated by phosphor fluorescence.

Input voltage: 100 to 130 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz (U.S. and Canada); 210 to 250 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz for use in other countries.

74395 Darkroom Timer each 240.00 Add to Cart
74395-22 Darkroom Timer (210/250 volt) each 245.00 Add to Cart

paterson safelightarrow12Paterson® Safelight

Perfect for the small darkroom, or for safety spot lighting individual work areas. This compact safelight, 4" (D) x 6¼" (H), can be installed wherever it's convenient - freestanding, mounted on the wall, or ceiling. The orange globe supplied is safe for all black-and-white papers. The unit comes with a 15W lamp, 120V AC. 3-prong cord.

74327-10 Paterson Safelight each 60.00 Add to Cart
74327-16 Replacement Bulb, 15W each 8.00 Add to Cart
74327-18 Replacement "A" Dome each 20.00 Add to Cart

kodak darkroom lamparrow14KODAK Darkroom Safelights

arrow12KODAK Safelight Filters

Scientifically designed for safelight lamps. Provides maximum safe illumination, when used as directed, plus offers protection from white light when using sensitized materials.

  • OA / greenish yellow - Sorry this is no loinger available. Please see the filters below.
  • OC / light amber - For contact and enlarging papers. Available in 5½" dia.; 3¼ x 4¾"; 5 x 7"; 8 x 10" and 10 x 12".
  • 1 / red - For some blue-sensitive materials, most phototypesetting materials, KODAGRAPH Projection, and some KODAK LINAGRAPH Papers. Available in 5½" dia.; 5 x 7"; 8 x 10" and 10 x 12".
  • 1A / light red - For slow orthochromatic materials. KODALITH and KODAGRAPH Orthochromatic Materials, and High Resolution Plates. Available in 5½" dia.; 5 x 7"; 8 x 10" and 10 x 12".
  • 2 / dark red - For fast orthochromatic materials, some green-sensitive x-ray films, KODAK EKTALINE Papers, and KODAK orthochromatic LINAGRAPH Papers. Available in 5½" dia.; 8 x 10" and 10 x 12".
  • 3 / dark green - For some panchromatic materials. Available in 5½" dia.; 8 x 10" and 10 x 12".
  • 8 / dark yellow - For some EASTMAN Color Print and intermediate Films. Available in 10 x 12".
  • 10 / dark amber - For KODAK VERICOLOR Slide Film 5072, KODAK VERICOLOR Print Film 4111 (ESTAR Thick Base) KODAK PANALURE* Papers. Available only in 8x10".
  • 13 / amber - For all KODAK EKTACOLOR*, all KODAK PANALURE, and KODAK RESISTO Rapid Pan Papers. Available in 5½" dia.; 8 x 10" and 10 x 12".
  • GBX-2 - For all blue- and most green-sensitive medical and dental x-ray films. Available in 5½"dia.; 5 x 7"; 3¼ x 4¾"; 8 x 10" and 10 x 12".

*Requires reduced bulb wattage.

Ordering Information:

Filter Type 5½" 3¼ x 4¾" 5 x 7" 8 x 10" 10 x 12"
  74915 74916 74917 74918 74919
OA   Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart
OC Add to Cart Add to Cart      
1 Add to Cart   Add to Cart    
1A     Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart
2 Add to Cart       Add to Cart
3 Add to Cart     Add to Cart Add to Cart
13 Add to Cart     Add to Cart Add to Cart
GBX-2 Add to Cart Add to Cart      
Prices 95.00 37.00 80.00 125.00 160.00

arrow12Light Boxes:

For viewing and editing slides, transparencies, negatives, micrographs, etc. They also serve as a base for orientation of embedding specimens when observing tissues using a magnifier. Scientifically designed to provide even distribution and uniformity of light. All metal welded construction with a white baked-enamel finish. The viewing surface is a translucent acrylic that is break resistant. It can be used flat on a table, inclined, standing, or hung on the wall. It comes with a ANSI standard 5000K fluorescent lamp, 10 feet cord, on-off switch.

light box model a(1) Model A:

Viewing surface measures: 8¾" x 11½" (22 x 29.2cm)
Overall measurements: 9½ x 12½ x 2"H (24.1 x 31.6 x 5cm)
It is compact and can be used on a desk. Small enough to carry in a briefcase or store in a drawer. Weight 4.5 lbs.

71650 Light Box, Model A each 103.00 Add to Cart
71650-RB Replacemnt Light Bulb each 18.50 Add to Cart
light box model b(2) Model B:

Viewing surface measures 12" x 17" (30.5 x 17.8cm)
Overall measurements: 14½ x 18 x 3½" (36.7 x 45.2 x 8.8cm)
It is portable and has a vinyl cover and a heavy duty strap handle. 5000K fluorescent lamp. Weight: 11 lbs.

71652 Light Box, Model B each 202.00 Add to Cart
71652-RB Replacemnt Light Bulb each 18.00 Add to Cart

The following viewing surfaces are available upon request:
16" x 48" or 24" x 36". Please call for prices.

ultra thin light box light padarrow12Ultra Thin Light Box - Light Pad

Very thin - only ½" thick (14 mm). Modern technology provides extremely even, bright illumination. 8"x10" viewing surface , with two 5400 K color corrected lamps with 20,000 hour life. The unit can be used flat on a table, standing at an incline, or hung on a wall. The Light Pad is also designed to display photo transparencies held under a clear plastic panel. Fits in a briefcase or stores in a desk drawer. It is powered by a 12V, DC adapter. The overall size is 12¼" x 9¼" x ½". Weight: 2 lbs.

71649-5A Ultra Thin Light Box each 142.00 Add to Cart

mini light boxTraining Manualarrow12Mini Light Box

These small and compact light boxes save space and can be stored in your desk drawer. Ideal for viewing and inspecting cell culture plates, slides, petri dishes, multiwell plates, embedding orientation, colony counter and much more. A mini 1.75X magnifier (as an option) facilitates your viewing. The unit has a 4" x 5" (10.2 x 12.8cm) lighted area that is operated by four "C" batteries (not included). There is a built-in 6V DC adapter jack. The unit comes with one counting grid. It measures: 5⅜" (L) x 6¼" (W) x 1¾" (H) (13.8 x 16 x 4.5cm). Weight:9 oz. without batteries.

71664-10 Mini Light Box each 191.00 Add to Cart
71664-12 1.75X Mini Magnifier each 196.00 Add to Cart
71664-15 Counting Grids 5/pk each 31.00 Add to Cart
71664-20 AC Adapter for Mini Light Box each 49.00 Add to Cart

illuminated slide viewing boxarrow12Illuminated Slide Viewing Box

Sorting and viewing 2 x 2" slides easily and quickly is made possible with this slide sorter unit. All metal frame; Its baked white enamel finish reflects light for perfect viewing of slides. Translucent styrene viewing panel. Folds flat for storage. Uses standard 60-watt household bulbs (Bulb not included).

Model S-40 Holds 40 slides, 12 x 16"; Viewing surface: (30.4 x 40.6cm)

71660 Slice Viewing Box, Model S-40 each 45.00 Add to Cart

Dry Transfer Lettering Sheets arrow13arrow13