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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Specimen Preparation and Embedding Supplies

arrow13Beakers and Bottles

beakers Staccup; Plastic, Disposablearrow12Beakers Staccup; Plastic, Disposable

  • Resistant to most chemicals
  • Frosted marking area
  • Customary and metric graduations
  • Anti-drip ridge
  • Heavy gauge polypropylene
  • Suitable for parafilm cover
60950 Staccup 120cc 25/pk 15.00 Add to Cart
60952 Staccup 120cc 100/pk 55.00 Add to Cart
60960 Staccup 500cc 25/pk 31.00 Add to Cart
60962 Staccup 500cc 100/pk 107.00 Add to Cart

Tri-Pour Beakersarrow12Tri-Corn Beakers: Plastic, Disposable

Three dripless pouring spouts. Resistant to most chemicals. Autoclavable – The beakers can withstand temperatures up to 121°C. Metric graduations.

Cat# Size Graduations Height Diameter Pack Price Select
60968 50 ml 5 ml 55mm 44mm 100/pk 28.00 Add to Cart
60970 100 ml 10 ml 73mm 53mm 100/pk 37.00 Add to Cart
60972 250 ml 10 ml 90mm 72mm 100/pk 46.00 Add to Cart
60974 400 ml 20 ml 110mm 80mm 100/pk 56.00 Add to Cart
60976 800 ml 50 ml 134mm 107mm 100/pk 65.00 Add to Cart
60978 1000 ml 50 ml 147mm 112mm 100/pk 80.00 Add to Cart

Tri-Pour Beaker Capsarrow12Tri-Pour Beaker Caps

The caps are available for all Tri-Pour beakers. The caps are wax impregnated, have lift-tabs, and may be written on for sample identification.

60969 50 ml 500/pk 42.00 Add to Cart
60971 100 ml 500/pk 46.00 Add to Cart
60973 250 ml 500/pk 52.00 Add to Cart
60975 400 ml 500/pk 99.00 Add to Cart
60977 800 ml 250/pk 42.00 Add to Cart
60979 1000 ml 250/pk 34.00 Add to Cart

PTFE Beakersarrow12"PTFE" Beakers

Is statically molded from virgin "PTFE" and machine finished to give a smooth surface for ease of cleaning and to eliminate contamination. Supplied with a pouring spout and they are virtually immune to chemical attack. Working temperature range is from cryogenic to 260°C (500°F). Ideal for use in wafer etching.

Beaker Cover Capacity Height Diameter Beaker Cap
60936 60936-C 1ml 18mm 10mm 8.74 Add to Cart 4.49 Add to Cart
60938 60938-C 5 ml 26mm 17mm 10.16 Add to Cart 4.41 Add to Cart
60940 60940-C 10 ml 33mm 21mm 11.31 Add to Cart 5.00 Add to Cart
60941 60941-C 25 ml 47mm 28mm 13.12 Add to Cart 9.25 Add to Cart
60942 60942-C 50 ml 58mm 38mm 17.21 Add to Cart 10.00 Add to Cart
60944 60944-C 100 ml 70mm 48mm 21.49 Add to Cart 17.00 Add to Cart
60946 60946-C 250 ml 95mm 60mm 35.88 Add to Cart 13.50 Add to Cart
60947 60947-C 400 ml 106mm 73mm 55.18 Add to Cart 16.00 Add to Cart
60948 60948-C 500 ml 125mm 73mm 55.47 Add to Cart 16.00 Add to Cart
60949-06 60949-06C 600 ml 127mm 80mm 74.40 Add to Cart 20.00 Add to Cart
60949-10 60949-10C 1000 ml 155mm 92mm 105.90 Add to Cart 20.00 Add to Cart
60949-20 60949-20C 2000 ml 200mm 114mm 191.51 Add to Cart 38.00 Add to Cart

All other sizes: 600 ml; 1000 ml, 2000 ml; 5000 ml are available on request.

PTFE Beakersarrow12Thermotech™ "PTFE" Beakers

This product features a unique combination of a pure "PTFE" Body with a specially formulated stabilized "PTFE" Carbon base as a single molding to give the following:

  • A totally inert pure "PTFE" inner surface
  • Heatable to 270°C without distortion
  • Improved heat transfer

All "PTFE" Beaker caps can be used for Thermotech™ "PTFE" Beakers, accordingly to its sizes

Cat # Item Size ml OD Pkg Price  
60930-10 Thermotech 100 ml 74mm H x 56mm each 76.00 Add to Cart
60930-25 Thermotech 250 ml 94mm H x 75mm each 94.00 Add to Cart
60930-40 Thermotech 400 ml 112mm H x 85mm each 115.00 Add to Cart

Beaker-Storearrow12Beaker-Store; Instrument Store

For the first time EMS introduces a unique beaker with a silicone bottom that allows you to store all of your tweezers and tools in cleaning solution and never damage the tips. Instruments may be placed in the beaker with the tips only immersed in distilled water and or cleaning solution. This allows the instruments to be kept clean and safe and ready to use . The Silicone bottom prevents the tips of the instruments from being damaged and the top of the beaker is compartmentalized and segmented allowing for each tool to be kept separate.

The beaker measures 10 cm in diameter and it is 8 cm in height.

Cat # Item Pkg Price  
68113-05 Beaker Store each 395.00 Add to Cart

Bio-Pure Sure-Footed Beakersgroove close up
info available in pdfarrow12Bio-Pure™ Sure-Footed Beakers

100% Biodegradable

  • Sure-Footed – Innovative outer beaker base ensures stability with small volumes of liquid
  • Biodegradable – Made from the same environmentally conscious Bio-PET as our Bio-Pure reservoirs
  • Thermally Insulating – Air void allows beakers to hold liquid temperatures 30% longer than standard polypropylene beakers
  • Unique Pipet Rest – Diametrically opposed grooves act as a pipet rest when not in use

Alternate Uses:

  • The thermal retentive characteristics of the Sure-Footed Beaker allow it to be used as a small bucket for ice/dry ice
  • Allow beaker to sink in a water bath by piercing or melting a ventilation hole in the beaker rim
  • Beakers may be covered or piggybacked to increase thermal insulation
Cat # Item Size ml Pkg Price  
68553 Sure-Footed Beaker 250 ml 50/pk 70.00 Add to Cart

arrow12Glass Microbeakers

For the processing of micro-samples and for visual or microscopic examination, staining, fixation, infiltration, liquid evaporation, bacterial growth, weighing, etc.

Cat # Size ml Dia x Hgt mm Pkg Price  
60980 1ml 12mm x 13mm 100/bx 165.00 Add to Cart
60982 2.5 ml 21mm x 13mm 100/bx 210.00 Add to Cart
60984 5 ml 25mm x 19mm 100/bx 270.00 Add to Cart
60986 7.5 ml 25mm x 25mm 100/bx 270.00 Add to Cart

Micro Beaker Holderarrow12Micro Beaker Holder

Brushed aluminum rack holds six 12mm O.D. microbeakers in unique, stepped "see-through" holes for illuminated and microscopic observation of samples.

72645 Microbeaker Holder for 12mm each 38.00 Add to Cart
72645-10 Microbeaker Holder for 22mm and 25mm each 46.00 Add to Cart

arrow12Safety Bulb

Please see listing in Pipettes and Pipette Fillers

arrow12Bulbs; Rubber

Please see listing in General Supplies for Specimen Preparation.

Sample Bottlesarrow12Glass Sample Bottles, With Plastic Snap Cap

For collecting and exhibiting a wide variety of specimens in the lab or field. Caps snap over a special sealing ring to form an effective barrier to moisture, making these bottles especially suitable for hydroscopic materials.

Catalog # Size ml Dia x Ht mm Cap Size mm Pkg Price  
64250 4 23 x 27 22 144 176.00 Add to Cart
64252 8 22 x 39 22 144 137.00 Add to Cart
64254 12 22 x 51 22 144 167.00 Add to Cart
64256 16 30 x 40 30 144 170.00 Add to Cart
64258 24 30 x 52 30 144 172.00 Add to Cart
64260 32 30 x 63 30 144 205.00 Add to Cart

Replacement Snap Caps for the above bottles:

64251-22 Natural Polyethylene Snap Cap Size 22 mm 200/pk 29.00 Add to Cart
64257-30 Natural Polyethylene Snap Cap Size 30 mm 200/pk 33.00 Add to Cart

Sample Bottles, PVC Transparentarrow12Sample Bottles, PVC Transparent

These lightweight transparent PVC sample bottles come with snap-on tight-fitting caps and they offer excellent clarity, durability, and good chemical resistance. Maximum temperature -20°C (-4°F) to 80°C (176°F).

Note: The following sizes are also available: 30, 40, 48, 60, 90, 120,and 180 ml. Please call for prices and availability.

Catalog# Capacity ml Neck Opening mm Height mm Pack Price  
64264-03 30 25 48 50 157.00 Add to Cart
64264-05 50 36 60 50 177.00 Add to Cart
64264-10 100 34 75 50 211.00 Add to Cart

arrow12Wash Bottles; Permanently Labeled.

Please see listing in Safety Accessories and Supplies

arrow12GHS Compliant Multi-Lingual Wash Bottles

Multi-lingual wide mouth wash bottles featuring the patented DripLok® vapor venting valve that prevents solvent drips. Indelibly printed in 4 languages: English, French, German and Spanish.

Choose from four solvent labels, all including the new Globally Harmonized Symbols, NFPA diamond, risk phrases and safety information.

Fitted with color coded one-piece PP closures that maintain their shape in use. Closures feature precision jet-tip aperture for fine control.


Capacity mL 250 500
Height mm 145 165
Diameter mm 60 75
64100 Acetone Wash Bottle, 250 ml each 8.50 Add to Cart
64101 Ethanol Wash Bottle, 250 ml each 8.50 Add to Cart
64102 Isopropanol Wash Bottle, 250 ml each 8.50 Add to Cart
64103 Methanol Wash Bottle, 250 ml each 8.50 Add to Cart
64104 Set of all four, 250 ml 4/pk 32.00 Add to Cart
64105 Acetone Wash Bottle, 500 ml each 9.00 Add to Cart
64106 Ethanol Wash Bottle, 500 ml each 9.00 Add to Cart
64107 Isopropanol Wash Bottle, 500 ml each 9.00 Add to Cart
64108 Methanol Wash Bottle, 500 ml each 9.00 Add to Cart
64109 Set of all four, 500 ml 4/pk 35.00 Add to Cart

Volume Labeled Narrow Mouth Wash Bottlesarrow12Volume Labeled Narrow Mouth Wash Bottles

The volume (in millimeter) of each polyethylene wash bottle is silk screened in highly visible and chemical resistant ink. All have one piece polypropylene cap and nozzle assemblies. 4/pack.

125 ml and 250 ml bottles are no longer available. Please try the 500 ml bottles.

64172 500 ml (16oz), 28mm Cap 4/pk 25.00 Add to Cart
64173 1000 ml (32oz), 38mm Cap 4/pk 25.00 Add to Cart

Dispensing Bottlesarrow12Dispensing Bottles

Low density polyethylene bottles. Tip has a 0.003" (0.76mm) opening. By squeezing the bottle a steady stream of liquid is produced.

Catalog # Description Capacity Dia x Hgt mm Pack Price  
64290 Dispensing Bottle 30 ml 31 x 115 10 16.00 Add to Cart
64292 Dispensing Bottle 60 ml 39 x 128 10 16.25 Add to Cart
64294 Dispensing Bottle 125 ml 50 x 144 10 25.00 Add to Cart
64295 Dispensing Bottle 250 ml 59 x 176 10 25.00 Add to Cart
64296 Dispensing Bottle 500 ml 74 x 196 10 31.00 Add to Cart

Dispensing Bottlesarrow12Adjustable Volume Bottles

LDPE Adjustable Volume Bottles with a PMP Dispenser Cup

These adjustable volume bottles have a graduated clear PMP measuring cup that slides up and down on the vertical polyethylene tube for easy adjustment. The variation in height determines the volume to be dispensed.

The cup is filled by squeezing the bottle and forcing the liquid up the tube. When the bottle pressure is released, the excess will be drawn back into the bottle and only the desired volume will remain.

Catalog # Description Capacity Dia x Hgt mm Cup Size ml Pack Price  
64297-01 Adjustable Volume Bottle 250 ml 60 x 282 5-25 3/pk 50.00 Add to Cart
64297-02 Adjustable Volume Bottle 500 ml 75 x 324 5-25 3/pk 52.00 Add to Cart
64297-03 Adjustable Volume Bottle 1000 ml 94 x 354 5-25 3/pk 62.00 Add to Cart
64297-04 Adjustable Volume Bottle 250 ml 60 x 298 5-50 3/pk 60.00 Add to Cart
64297-05 Adjustable Volume Bottle 500 ml 75 x 340 5-50 3/pk 61.00 Add to Cart
64297-06 Adjustable Volume Bottle 1000 ml 94 x 370 5-50 3/pk 76.00 Add to Cart

Fluid Dispenser Bottlesarrow12Fluid Dispenser Bottles

These ESD safe polyethylene solvent dispensers are available in three standard sizes. These dispensers have neither a stopper nor a cap to remove. Just touch the dispensing dish with a brush cloth or applicator and solvent is brought to the surface instantly as needed. Stainless steel valves seal contents in bottle until used. The fluid pumps into the dish and it does not drip back into the bottle, keeping stored liquids uncontaminated. Surface resistivity of 10E7 to 10E9

64299-01 Fluid Dispenser, 120 ml each 25.00 Add to Cart
64299-02 Fluid Dispenser, 180 ml each 25.00 Add to Cart
64299-03 Fluid Dispenser, 240 ml each 26.00 Add to Cart

Measure-Matic™ Dispenserarrow12Measure-Matic™ Dispenser

Makes repeated measuring and pouring easy!

  • Adjustable for volumes from 5 ml to 25 ml
  • Just squeeze and check the fluid level
  • Dust cover included

To use:

  1. Adjust the dispensing cup to the desired volume, then squeeze the 500 ml (16 oz) reservoir bottle
  2. The desired volume of liquid will flow through the tube and into the cup
  3. Excess liquid will flow back into the reservoir bottle
  4. Cup and closure are made of rugged polypropylene
  5. Reservoir bottle is made of squeezable-density polyethylene
64299-08 Measure-Matic™ Dispenser each 29.75 Add to Cart

Acid Pump/Reagent Dispenserarrow12Acid Pump/Reagent Dispenser

Dispense dangerous liquids safely and easily – no pouring!

Fits many different containers, including: 2.5 liter, 4 liter, 5 pint (80 fl. oz), ½ gallon, 1 gallon.

  • Reduces spills and potential for breakage and injury
  • Two adapters included for short neck bottles

Large bottle (pictured) not included.


  • Dispenser Body: Threads directly to bottles with GPS No. 38-430 or 38-400 threads
  • Outlet Tube: A short length of ⅜" diameter polyethylene tube is supplied for the outlet
  • Polyethylene Tubing: ¼" O.D. included. Cut to required length and insert into the underside of the dispenser body

Light pressure on the relief valve button on top of the dispenser quickly stops the flow of liquid.

Rapid but light finger tip squeezes on the small bottle will start fluid dispensing from the short tube.

64299-12 Acid Pump/Reagent Dispenser each 57.00 Add to Cart

Autoclavable Carboysarrow12Autoclavable Carboys

Ideal for storing and dispensing large batches of double-distilled water, buffers and salts.

  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Large handles assist in transport
  • Molded-in bung accepts easy-to-use polypropylene spigot
  • 83 mm polypropylene buttress screw cap includes a built-in silicone gasket for positive seal
  • Steam autoclavable 121°C (250°F)
  • Rugged polypropylene construction
  • Spigot can be operated with one hand

FDA grade polypropylene compliant with 21CFR177.1520 for direct contact with food and beverages.

USP Class VI Certified.

Note: When autoclaving, do not engage cap threads.

64299-13 10 liters (2.5 gallons) with spigot each 137.00 Add to Cart
64299-14 20 liters (5 gallons) with spigot each 161.00 Add to Cart
64299-15 10 liters (2.5 gallons) w/o spigot each 78.00 Add to Cart
64299-16 20 liters (5 gallons) w/o spigot each 109.00 Add to Cart
64299-17 Replacement spigot for 64299-13 and 64299-14 each 25.00 Add to Cart

Autoclavable Carboysarrow12Carboy with Handle and Screw Cap

Gasketed closure for leakproof shipping and storage.

  • Smooth interior surfaces facilitate complete drainage
  • Knurled cap creates a positive grip for secure tightening
  • Smooth exterior accepts adhesive labels and can be marked with most indelible markers
  • Rugged polyethylene resists acids and alkalis


Capacity 20 liters (5 US gal)
Diameter 28 cm (10.90")
Height 49.8 cm (19.6")
Cap 83 mm
64299-26 Carboy with Handle and Screw Cap each 126.00 Add to Cart

Dropping Bottles (LDPE)arrow12Bellows Dropping Bottles (LDPE)

A low density polyethylene (LDPE) bottle supplied with a removable bellow-type dropping pipette. The pipettes are graduated for nominal indication of amount of liquid being drawn. Bellows-shaped bulb makes for easy use and provides excellent drop information.

  ml Dia. x Ht, mm Cap size Pack Price  
64298-02 60 38 x 86 18 mm 10/pk 33.50 Add to Cart
64298-04 125 48 x 108 24 mm 10/pk 53.00 Add to Cart
64298-08 250 60 x 136 24 mm 10/pk 61.00 Add to Cart

Narrow Mouth Ground Glass Stoppered Bottlesarrow12Narrow Mouth Ground Glass Stoppered Bottles

New designed Ground Glass Stoppered Bottles feature a no-drip pour lid for clean pouring of contents. The most preferred container for storage of prepared chemicals, and stock solutions. Octagon-shaped ground glass stopper is included. The borosilicate '400' glass offers a high degree of protection from leaching and the amber 500' glass gives extra protection to light-sensitive contents.

ml Size mm Dia x Ht
Cat. #
Cat. #
100 Sorry this is no longer available. Please see 250 ml.
250 72 x 145 19/26 64202-C 118.00 Add to Cart 64202-A 152.00 Add to Cart
500 88 x 175 24/29 64204-C 130.00 Add to Cart 64204-A 202.00 Add to Cart
1000 110 x 215 29/32 64206-C* 100.00 Add to Cart 64206-A*   see 64206-C
2000 135 x 265 29/32 64207-C** 201.00 Add to Cart      
5000 175 x 320 45/40 64209-C** 280.00 Add to Cart    
*Packed 2/bx **packed 1/bx

Mounting Media/Canada Balsam Bottlesarrow12Mounting Media/Canada Balsam Bottles

Ideal for applying mounting media. The bottle comes with a glass applicator rod and glass cap. Cap is ground to the shoulder of the bottle to form a seal. Made from soda lime glass.

100 ml capacity.

64211-01 Balsam Bottle, 100 ml each 35.00 Add to Cart
64211-06 Balsam Bottle, 100 ml 6/pk 168.00 Add to Cart

Barnes Dropping Bottlesarrow12Barnes Dropping Bottles

The lower portion of the rubber bulb forms a tightly fitted stopper. Borosilicate glass (meets USP Type I standards).

Average drop size is 46µl.

Bottle measures: 35 mm dia. x 103 mm high; 30 ml capacity.

The bottles can be autoclaved with either dry heat or chemicals.

The bulb and the pipette can be autoclaved in gas only.

64215-01 Barnes Dropping Bottle 6/pk 22.00 Add to Cart
64215-50 Replacement Bulb Only 10/pk 12.00 Add to Cart
64215-55 Replacement Bulb and Pipette 10/pk 25.00 Add to Cart

Glass Dropping Bottlesarrow12All Glass Dropping Bottles

These bottles deliver stains and indicator solutions drop by drop from a projecting drip tip on the side of the stopper. A partial turn of the ground glass stopper will seal the bottle.

Cat. # Type Size ml Dia. x Hgt. Pack Price
64220-05 Clear 50 ml 45mm x 95mm 4/pk 60.00 Add to Cart
64220-10 Clear 100 ml 56mm x 120mm 4/pk 67.00 Add to Cart
64221-05 Amber 50 ml 45mm x 95mm 4/pk 60.00 Add to Cart
64221-10 Amber 100 ml 56mm x 120mm 4/pk 67.00 Add to Cart

Alcohol Burner with Ground Glass Caparrow12Alcohol Burner with Ground Glass Cap

This burner offers a low heat flame, which is well suited for microscopy purposes. For use with isopropyl and denatured ethyl alcohol. The unit is supplied with a ground glass stopper. Made from soda lime glass.

Size: 100 ml; measures: 75 mm dia. x 100 mm high

64213-01 Alcohol Burner, 100 ml each 34.00 Add to Cart
64213-25 Replacement Wick, 6” long 25/pk 33.00 Add to Cart
64213-10 Replacement Cork Stopper 10/pk 48.00 Add to Cart

Embryo Dishesarrow12Embryo Dishes

These dishes are molded from clear glass and come with a glass lid for the viewing or staining of free-floating specimens.

70543-30 Embryo Dish, 30 mm Dia x 12mm Deep each 9.00 Add to Cart
70543-45 Embryo Dish, 45 mm Dia x 12mm Deep each 15.00 Add to Cart

Media Lab Bottlesarrow12Media Lab Bottles

Graduated bottles have a large opening, no-drip pour lip and sloping shoulders to facilitate pouring and cleaning. These bottles are widely used for mixing and storage of culture media, fixation and dehydrating materials. Bottles show approximate volume graduations, and have large frosted writing area.

Clear Glass:

Clear bottles are Wheaton '400' borosilicate glass. Low alkali content helps to prevent changes in pH and maintain purity of contents. Comes with "PTFE"-lined cap. Autoclavable.

Amber Glass:

Amber bottles are manufactured from borosilicate glass to protect light-sensitive samples. 125 ml-sized amber bottles are specifically made with Wheaton '500' borosilicate glass (64210-A).

Catalog # Capacity Dia.xHgt(mm) Screw Price 6/cs
Clear Amber Cap on Cap off Cap Size Clear Amber
64210-C 64210-A 125 ml 55x123 55x119 33-430 32.00 Add to Cart 74.00 Add to Cart
64212-C 64212-A 250 ml 67x152 67x148 33-430 39.00 Add to Cart 35.00 Add to Cart
64214-C 64214-A 500 ml 88x192 88x188 33-430 42.00 Add to Cart 36.00 Add to Cart
64216-C*   1000 ml 103x235 103x231 38-430 51.00 Add to Cart    

Square, Wide Mouth Bottles* packed 4/cs

arrow12Square, Wide Mouth Bottles

These bottles are made from high density polyethylene. They are supplied with push-in seals and easy-to-grip screw caps which have a toggle for tamper evident wire attachment. They are leak-proof for both solids and liquids and are very space efficient. They are supplied pre-capped in shrink-wrap.

Catalog Capacity Measurements
Number (oz.) (ml) Hgt Side Neck Pack Price  
64246-10 0.8 25 50 30 20 10 17.00 Add to Cart
64246-15 1.6 50 71 36 24 10 22.00 Add to Cart
64246-20 3.3 100 87 49 36 10 31.00 Add to Cart
64246-25 8.0 250 111 59 36 10 29.00 Add to Cart
64246-30 16.0 500 135 76 50 6 32.00 Add to Cart
64246-35 32.0 1000 176 99 60 6 39.00 Add to Cart
64246-40 64.0 2000 211 135 60 6 70.00 Add to Cart

Polypropylene Square Bottlesarrow12Polypropylene Square Bottles

Square polypropylene bottles with screw polypropylene closures. Repeatedly autoclavable and resistant to acids, alcohols and bases. Mouths are wider than conventional narrow mouth bottles. The square shape saves shelf space and the translucent color provides visual liquid level. Useful temperature is between 0°C and 135°C (32° and 275°F). Molded-in graduations and drip-proof spout for easier measuring and dispensing.

NOTE: remove closure or completely disengage threads before autoclaving. Ideal for buffers, cell culture solutions storage.

Catalog # Capacity Cap Size Pack    
64245-01 1oz (30 ml) 20mm 12/pk 32.00 Add to Cart
64245-02 2oz (60 ml) 20mm 12/pk 33.00 Add to Cart
64245-04 4oz (125 ml) 38mm-430 12/pk 39.00 Add to Cart
64245-08 8oz (250 ml) 38mm-430 12/pk 56.00 Add to Cart
64245-16 15oz (500 ml) 38mm-430 12/pk 66.00 Add to Cart
64245-32 32oz (1000 ml) 38mm-430 6/pk 66.00 Add to Cart

StatClickarrow12EMSClick Leak-Proof Container

We've Added A Click And Removed The Leak

Our new EMSClick container was designed to eliminate leakage that occurs during specimen transport. The container produces an audible "clicking" sound when the leak-proof seal has been properly engaged, assuring accurate closure and specimen integrity during transport.

Say Goodbye to Messy Clean-Ups and Unnecessary Exposure

  • 100% virgin medical grade plastic (HDPE) provides consistent vial to vial performance
  • Audible proof of closure confirms engagement of leak-proof seal
  • Cap designed to enhance seal during positive and negative pressure differentials
  • Rounded knurls on cap offer an easy gripping surface for users
  • Vial "ears" prevent cap from backing off during rough transport
  • Independently tested to perform with a 0% leak rate under requirements detailed in:
    • United Nations Model Regulations Packing Instruction 620/650
    • U.S. Department of Transportation's Title 49 Code of Federal Regulations, §173.196
    • International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Packaging Instruction 620/650
    • International Air Transport Association (IATA) Packaging Instruction 620/650
    • International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) Random Vibration Under Low Pressure Test

The vials are 20 ml in capacity and they measure 3.04 cm in diameter and are 4.43 cm in height.

64233-08 EMSClick Container, 20 ml 100/pk 21.00 Add to Cart
64233-09 EMSClick Container, 20 ml 800/cs 146.00 Add to Cart

arrow12Empty Containers

You can have confidence that these containers are designed for the safe, leak-resistant transport and storage of fluids. Screw-top containers have knurled cap and base for easy handling. They are graduated and made of durable clarified polypropylene. Larger snap-top containers are made of HDPE.

Screw Top Specimen Containers with Lidsarrow12Screw Top Specimen Containers with Lids

Clarified polypropylene. Sizes include lids.

Cat.# Capacity Diameter Height Pack Price  
64231-01 20 ml 1⅝" 1¼" 800/cs 95.00 Add to Cart
64231-02 40 ml 1-9/16" 1-11/16" 400/cs 70.00 Add to Cart
64231-03 60 ml 2-5/16" 1-11/16" 500/cs 90.00 Add to Cart
64231-04 90 ml 3" 2.3" 300/cs 90.00 Add to Cart
64231-05 120 ml 3-1/16" 2" 200/cs 65.00 Add to Cart
64231-06 180 ml 2-11/16" 2-9/16" 200/cs 95.00 Add to Cart
64231-07 240 ml 3½" 2½" 150/cs 129.00 Add to Cart
64231-08 500 ml 4⅜" 3⅜" 80/cs 100.00 Add to Cart
64231-09 1000 ml 5⅜" 4-5/16" 50/cs 110.00 Add to Cart
Non-Sterile Urine Specimen Containerarrow12Screw Top Urine Specimen Container

Graduated specimen cup "urine cup".
4 oz size.

64231-10 Non-Sterile Urine Specimen Container 500/cs 80.00 Add to Cart
Sterile Urine Specimen Containerarrow12Screw Top Urine Sterile Specimen Container

Graduated specimen cup "urine cup".
4 oz size.

64231-11 Sterile Urine Specimen Container 100/cs 44.00 Add to Cart
Screw Top Urine Specimen Containerarrow12Life Latch® New Generation Containers

Locking containers.

64231-12 Life Latch NG Container w/Lid & Gasket 0.6 gal 30/cs 220.00 Add to Cart
64231-13 Life Latch NG Container w/Lid & Gasket 1.25 gal 20/cs 178.00 Add to Cart
64231-14 Life Latch NG Container w/Lid & Gasket 2 gal 8/cs 158.00 Add to Cart
64231-15 Life Latch NG Container w/Lid & Gasket 3.5 gal 6/cs 190.00 Add to Cart
64231-16 Life Latch NG Container w/Lid & Gasket 5 gal each 122.00 Add to Cart
Screw Top Urine Specimen Containerarrow12Snap Top Specimen Containers

High-density polyethylene.

Cat.# Capacity Diameter Height Pack Price  
64231-30 8 oz 2¾" 2⅞" 250/cs 80.00 Add to Cart
64231-31 16 oz 3-7/16" 3¾" 100/cs 59.00 Add to Cart
64231-32 32 oz 4⅜" 5⅛" 100/cs 65.00 Add to Cart
64231-33 64 oz 6½" 4⅜" 50/cs 80.00 Add to Cart
64231-34 92 oz 6¼" 5⅝" 50/cs 80.00 Add to Cart
64231-35 165 oz 7¾" 8' 15/cs 58.00 Add to Cart
64231-36 128 oz 8⅛" (handle) 5-1/16" 20/cs 58.00 Add to Cart

Polystyrene Containersarrow12Polystyrene Containers; Poly-Containers

Lightweight, air-tight containers with snap-on polyethylene caps. They have less resistance to breakage than polyethylene but they are transparent and are ideal when used as a specimen container, storage vessel, or a block holder.

Catalog # Description Dia x Hgt mm Pkg. Price  
64248-10 3 dram (11 ml) 27 x 26 10/pk 10.00 Add to Cart
64248-15 5 dram (18.5 ml) 22 x 60 10/pk 10.00 Add to Cart
64248-20 7 dram (25.9 ml) 32 x 33 10/pk 10.50 Add to Cart
64248-25 10 dram (37 ml) 28 x 57 10/pk 11.50 Add to Cart
64248-30 13 dram (48 ml) 35 x 81 10/pk 12.25 Add to Cart
64248-35 15 dram (55.5 ml) 51 x 43 10/pk 13.00 Add to Cart
64248-40 20 dram (74 ml) 50 x 54 10/pk 13.25 Add to Cart
64248-45 30 dram (111 ml) 57 x 66 10/pk 13.25 Add to Cart
64248-50 40 dram (148 ml) 45 x 102 10/pk 13.75 Add to Cart

Chemical Containersarrow12Chemical Containers

Relied on to transport dust samples from the moon.

  • Ideal for small quantities of liquids or solids
  • Made of injection-molded polyethylene
  • Screw caps feature a leakproof inner seal
  • Easy to clean
Cat No. Capacity (cc) O.D. (mm) Height (mm) Quantity Price  
64299-40 5 22 33 6/pk 37.00 Add to Cart
64299-41 10 22 54 6/pk 37.00 Add to Cart
64299-42 30 32 65 6/pk 49.00 Add to Cart
64299-43 90 52 69 6/pk 55.00 Add to Cart
64299-44 120 52 84 6/pk 56.00 Add to Cart
64299-45 180 52 114 6/pk 60.00 Add to Cart

Vials, Racks, Holders, and Lyophilization Containers arrow13arrow13