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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Safety Accessories and Supplies

arrow13Sanitizers, Antimicrobial, and Germicidal Solutions

Hand Care and Sanitizers


A greaseless, non-toxic skin protection. It is a sophisticated formulation of lanolin, aloe vera and vitamin E, that can be applied to any area of the skin. It provides two distinct advantages:

  • A barrier to aqueous-based materials
  • It contains one of the most effective broad-spectrum anti-microbial agents available

DermaPlus is able to repel substances with any pH ranging from 0-14 (acids and bases except HF); caustic substances; and organic fluids. DermaPlus provides a barrier against continued aggravation of abused sensitive skin. It prevents the continuation of irritation enabling the skin to heal naturally, even after repeated washings.

DermaPlus is not meant to be a glove replacement; however, it does offer added extra protection to the skin in case of glove failure or leakage. On your hands it works as a "glove under a glove". It is a primary line of defense on the face, neck, and other exposed areas that are difficult, if not impossible to cover. Furthermore, it protects those that are exposed to microorganisms and/or toxic irritants. DermaPlus has been tested and is resistant to most chemicals used in microscopy. Due to its formula make-up once a layer is applied and dries (within 4-5 minutes) it works as an invisible barrier that protects the skin. It is long lasting (4 hours), convenient, comfortable, and safe.

70560 DermaPlus 2 oz. 12.00 Add to Cart
70561 DermaPlus 12x2 oz./cs 132.00 Add to Cart
70570 DermaPlus* 17 oz. 32.00 Add to Cart
70571 DermaPlus* 6x17 oz./cs 190.00 Add to Cart

*Indicates that the Wall Mount Dispenser is required.

msdsDermaShield Lotionarrow12DermaShield Aerosol Mousse

DermaShield Aerosol Mousse provides a non-toxic and non-greasy invisible layer on all skin areas to protect against most skin abusers, such as harsh soaps and detergents, alcohol, oil, grease, solvents, chemicals, inks, and polishing products. It also provides emergency protection against bases and most acids.

  • Protects against biological fluids, secretions and wastes (such as blood, urine, and exudates)
  • May reduce incidences of skin allergies and help maintain the skin's natural moisture balance
  • Gives up to 4 hours maximum protection (duration of protection dependant on proper application)
  • Withstands repeated washings
  • Allows skin to breathe and perspire normally
  • Safe for all skin areas

Note: DermaShield Aerosol Mousse is intended to to be used in addition with conventional protection.

70573-10 DermaShield Aerosol Mousse 6 oz. 28.00 Add to Cart

msdsarrow11Instant Hand Sanitizer; with Aloe

This formula evaporates completely with no rinsing required. Instant Hand Sanitizer contains aloe-vera which adds moisture with each use. Instant Hand Sanitizer is available in convenient pump dispensers and flip-top dispenser bottles. Our Hand Sanitizer helps you meet OSHA, APIC and CDC hand washing recommendations in the absence of soap and water.

Instant Hand Sanitizer; with Aloe Instant Hand Sanitizer; with Aloe Instant Hand Sanitizer; with Aloe
70575-SP 70575-02 70575-03 70575-16*
*inventory changes daily, cap varies depending on stock available at time of order - product will arrive with either pump or disc cap

(Note: images not to scale.)

Ordering Information

70575-SP Hand Sanitizer, with Aloe, 10g Personal Size Sample Tube each 1.95 Add to Cart
70575-02 Hand Sanitizer, with Aloe 2oz Squeeze Bottle each 1.60 Add to Cart
70575-03 Hand Sanitizer, with Aloe 2oz Tottle Bottle each 2.00 Add to Cart
70575-16 Hand Sanitizer, with Aloe 16oz Bottle each 11.00 Add to Cart
70575-64 Hand Sanitizer, with Aloe , 64oz  Bottle each 40.00 Add to Cart

msdsInstant Hand Sanitizer arrow11Instant Hand Sanitizer (Fresh Scent)

Kill 99.99% of germs in 15 seconds without the use of soap and water

This formula evaporates completely with no rinsing required. Instant Hand Sanitizer contains aloe-vera which adds moisture with each use. Instant Hand Sanitizer is available in convenient single use pouches and flip-top dispenser bottles.

Our Hand Sanitizer helps you meet OSHA, APIC and CDC hand washing recommendations in the absence of soap and water.

70575-01 Hand Sanitizer, Fresh Scent, 0.125oz (3g)  Pouch 1000/cs 92.00 Add to Cart

msdsSaniWash Antimicrobial Handwasharrow12SaniWash Antimicrobial Handwash

SaniWash contains gentle cleansers and special conditioners, including Aloe Vera, to wash hands without over drying or irritating the skin.

  • Kills germs on contact
  • Extended antimicrobial action with PCMX
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Conveniently packaged in pump dispenser bottles
  • Helps to control cross contamination
70582-08 SaniWash 8 oz Pump Spray Bottle each 5.00 Add to Cart
70582-16 SaniWash 16 oz Pump Spray Bottle each 8.50 Add to Cart
70582-50 SaniWash 1 gal Bottle for refill each 34.00 Add to Cart

Personal Antimicrobial Wipes -P.A.W.S.arrow12Personal Antimicrobial Wipes – P.A.W.S.

P.A.W.S. provides sanitizing and extended antimicrobial action on the skin with an individually packaged. Pre-moistened 5”x8” towelette. Great for hands, P.A.W.S. is formulated with PCMX (Chloroxylenol -an antimocrobial agent) and Alcohol and provides the most rapid and greatest reduction of microbial counts on the skin (helping you comply with OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Regulations). In addition, P.A.W.S. contains Aloe Vera to condition the skin and maintain dermal integrity.Packaged: 100 packets per box, 1000 packets per dispenser box, and 50 towelettes in a dispenser container.

70576-00 P.A.W.S. 100/Pk 12.00 Add to Cart
70576-01 P.A.W.S., 10 boxes of 100 packets 1000/Pk 68.00 Add to Cart
70576-50 P.A.W.S., 1 dispenser container
This item is on temporary longterm backorder - please check back for product availability.
50 Towels 8.50

Antimicrobial and Germicidal Wipes and Solutions

msdsinfo available in pdfBio-Pure™ Alcohol Wipesarrow11Bio-Pure™ Alcohol Wipes

100% biodegradable - Proprietary fabric is formulated to easily break down over time.

  • Green - Re-sealable and flexible packaging has a low carbon footprint
  • No Residue - 70% IPA/30% H2O mixture exaporates completely
  • Lint-Free - Wipes won't scratch surfaces or optics
  • Durable - Strong fabric won't fall apart
  • Ideal Use - Clean lab surfaces, equipment, optical parts and cuvettes
68552-14 Bio-Pure Alcohol Wipes 40/pk 11.00 Add to Cart

Silver Bioguard Antimicrobial Wipearrow11Silver Bioguard Antimicrobial Wipe

Moisture activated silver particles bind bacteria proteins through an ion exchange with salt.

  • Antimicrobial - Prevents the spread of bacteria and fungus
  • Anti-Odor - Alleviates odors caused by mold
  • Effective - Kills 99% of common microbes
  • Versatile - Use on door handles, switch plates, instrument panels or refrigerator or incubator gaskets
68552-16 Silver BioGuard Sheets, 2" x 5" 20/Roll Roll 40.00 Add to Cart

msdsSaniZide Germicidal Solution disinfectantarrow11SaniZide™ Germicidal Solution

This is ready to use, hospital grade, hard surface disinfectant deodorizer. Our Quatrernary Ammonium, alcoholfree formulation is non-flammable making SaniZide Plus™ safe to ship, as well as non-corrosive. Choosing SaniZide Plus™ helps you to comply with the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard, which requires the use of an "appropriate disinfectant".

Safe for use on: glass, porcelain, ceramic, metal, polyethylene, polypropylene, vinyl, polyester, rubber, bakelite, and many more. Packaging in a convenient spray dispenser bottle, either by pump or trigger.

70580-02 SaniZide, 2 oz Pump Bottle each 3.50 Add to Cart
70580-16 SaniZide, 16oz Pump Bottle 7.00 Add to Cart
70580-32 SaniZide, 32oz Trigger Sprayer 10.00 Add to Cart
70580-50 SaniZide 1 Gallon 24.00 Add to Cart

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