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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Safety Accessories and Supplies

arrow13Drying Racks, Lab Holders, Carriers, and Turntables

Training Manual
120V Electric Benchtop Dryer, 19 pegs
120V Electric Benchtop Dryer
230V Electric Benchtop Dryer
230V Electric Benchtop Dryer
Bag of 19 small pegs and 6 plugs

arrow12Electric Benchtop Dryers

Electric benchtop dryers offer a compact footprint and accelerate drying of labware with warm, circulating air.

Conserve benchtop space by placing single-sided models up against the wall. Double-sided models double your capacity with only a slightly larger footprint and can be turned perpendicular to the benchtop for easy access to both sides.


  • 400 watts of drying power gently circulates heated air into and around items to decrease drying time.
  • Heat selector knob with three temperature settings: high, medium and low.
  • Power button illuminates when in use, and an 8-amp @ 120V (4-amp @ 230V) circuit breaker and independent thermo-fuse protects unit from overheating.
  • Select from single and double sided models with up to 76 peg locations and 4 baskets.
  • Electric drying efficiency is enhanced with a replaceable polyurethane foam filter that keeps warmed air dust free. Redirect air flow by inserting plugs instead of pegs into unused peg holes.
  • Like the non-electric benchtop models these freestanding dryers have sturdy bases with excellent balance and can be placed on any flat surface.
  • Removable polypropylene baskets serve as storage for small labware and extra pegs.
Cat# Description Qty Price  
64400-02 Single-Sided, 2 Tier (2 Baskets) 19 pegs each  925.00 Add to Cart
64400-03 Single-Sided, 3 Tier (2 Baskets), 38 pegs each  943.00 Add to Cart
64401-02 Double-Sided, 2 Tier (4 Baskets) 38 pegs each 1,008.00 Add to Cart
64401-03 Double-Sided, 3 Tier (4 Baskets) 76 Pegs each 1,078.00 Add to Cart
64402-10-S Bag of 19 small pegs and 6 plugs each 26.00 Add to Cart
64402-15 Bag of 19 medium pegs and 6 plugs, 4 long each 28.00 Add to Cart
64402-20 Bag of 19 large pegs and 6 plugs, 5 long each 29.00 Add to Cart
64402-30 Test Tube Basket, 5L x 4W x 4.25H each 24.00 Add to Cart


Kim Wipes holderarrow12Wipes Holder

Fabricated of durable plastic, these holders will serve for year of use, yet are inexpensive enough to have in every convenient spot in you lab.

  • Instant mount with double sided tape
  • Fit Kimwipes® and Accuwipe® brand wipes
  • Available for small or large wipes boxes
  • Color Neon-Red.

Combo-Dispenser is also available for your convenient. Designed to hold most brand of wipes and gloves. Combo dispensers come with color white only

Cat# Description L" W" H" Qty Price  
71602 Small  Wiper Dispenser 5.25 3.5 5 each 16.00 Add to Cart
71602-L Large Wiper Dispenser 15 3.5 5 each 38.00 Add to Cart
71602-50 Tall Combo Dispenser 31 4 5.5 each 62.00 Add to Cart
71602-51 Wide Combo Dispenser, 15.5 4.25 11 each 62.00 Add to Cart

arrow12Kimwipes Push-Up Box

This holder is a molded one-piece, hard plastic with a  center island. Once the Kimwipes box is placed inside of this holder, Kimwipes will maintain in an up position until the last one is pulled out. Very handy for laboratory work bench, desk top or any work place.

Kimwipes Push-Up Box

No more digging for tissues Remove perforated oval on bottom as well as top Align bottom opening with push-up column Cutaway views shows push-up action Tissues stay at the top of box down to the very last one.
71603-01 Kimwipes Push-Up Box each 17.50 Add to Cart
71603-02 Kimwipes Push-Up Box 2/pk 32.00 Add to Cart

Paper Towels Dispenserarrow12Paper Towels Dispenser

  • Clear polycarbonate plastic
  • Holds 3 ¼ stack of “C” fold towels
Cat# Description L" W" H" Qty Price  
64365-20 Paper Towels Holder  10.5 3.75 6.5 each 32.00 Add to Cart

Gloves Dispenserarrow12Gloves Dispenser

  • Easy to mount with keyholes, tape
  • Accepts most brands of gloves
  • Available either top loading or side loading
  • Color white and clear front
Cat# Description L" W" H" Qty Price  
64365-01 Single Gloves Dispenser 11.5 4.75 5.25 each 39.00 Add to Cart
64365-02 Double Gloves Dispenser 11.5 4.75 10.25 each 49.00 Add to Cart
64365-03 Triple Gloves Dispenser 11.5 4.75 15.25 each 59.00 Add to Cart

Safety Glasses Dispenser Holderarrow12Safety Glasses Holder

Organize your lab safety glasses with this holder, at your reach when you need it.

  • Compartments are perfect size for storing safety glasses
  • Durable construction with attractive appearance
  • 16 Compartment will accommodate multiple pairs of glasses or goggles per slot.
  • Up-Right one with acrylic window and refill from the top
Safety Glasses Holder Safety Glasses Holder
Cat# Description L" W" H" Qty Price  
64365-31 Single Safety Glasses & Pen Holder  each 35.00 Add to Cart
64365-32 Double Safety Glasses Holder each 26.00 Add to Cart
64365-36 Up-Right Safety Glasses Holder Color Green 8 5.5 18.625 each 100.00 Add to Cart
64365-38 16-Compartment Safety Glasses Holder 18 8 12 each 128.00 Add to Cart

arrow12Lab Hooks

  • Metal free - Unbreakable construction
  • Can be used for lab coat, lab keys, coats, ropes etc.
  • Simple installation with either tape or keyhole mounts.
64365-41 Single Lab Hook each 16.00 Add to Cart
64365-42 Double Lab Hook each 25.00 Add to Cart
64365-43 Triple Lab Hook each 36.00 Add to Cart

Pasteur Cylindrical Pipette Holdersarrow12Cylinder Holders

  • Made from polycarbonate.
  • Neon-color cylinders, self-standing and see through.
  • Ideal for storing Pasteur pipettes on your bench-top for easy to access.
  • Choose from 3" (Neon-Green), 5" (Neon-Red) or 6" (Neon-Blue) height styles.
64375-03 3” Tall Cylinder Holder, Neon Green each 22.00 Add to Cart
64375-06 5” Tall Cylinder Holder, Neon Red each 26.00 Add to Cart
64375-09 6” Tall Cylinder Holder, Neon Blue each 29.00 Add to Cart

Automatic Pipette Washing Setarrow12Automatic Pipette Washing Set

Solve the problem of washing pipettes quickly, safely and with little effort. To use allow dirty pipettes to soak in the pipette basket in the pipette jar and when ready the basket is transferred to the washer where a constant flow of tap water rinses the pipettes clean.

Cat.# Desc. lbs H" D" Qty. Price  
64377-05 Pipette Washer 7.8 25.5" 6.5" each 285.00 Add to Cart
64377-15 Pipette Jar 4.6 25.5" 6.5" each 129.00 Add to Cart
64377-25 Pipette Basket 0.78 26" 5" each 87.00 Add to Cart

Pipette Tip Disposal Bin (Gamma Ray Protection)arrow12Pipette Tip Disposal Bin (Gamma Protection)

Gamma (g) rays are produced when an unstable isotope such as 125I enters into nuclear decay; this form of electromagnetic radiation is attenuated by lead. The gamma rays intensity increases exponentially as the thickness of the lead increases. The recommended thickness of lead for use with 125I is 0.5mm. We use 3mm lead for all of our g protection products. Other isotopes shielded by our products include 32P, 51CR, 35S, 33P, 3H, and 14C. The enclosed boxes are perfect for shortterm storage of isotopes and contaminated labware. All our gamma disposal boxes feature a polyethylene liner and sleek black acrylic exterior.

The box measures: 6” (L) x 6”(W) x 10”(H)

64451-01 Pipette Tip Disposal Bin, Gamma Protection each 485.00 Add to Cart

The Electrode Flexible Armarrow12The Electrode Flexible Arm

This flexible arm assists by holding and positioning electrodes or other objects in an direction.  The base is solid polyethylene and comes complete with 3-M double sided mounting tape on the bottom to secure the unit to the table top. The unit is available in either a one or two hole head configuration.

64366-01 Single Hole Flexible Arm each 104.00 Add to Cart
64366-02 Double Hole Flexible Arm each 115.00 Add to Cart

refrigerator storage and traysarrow12Refrigerator Storage & Trays

  • Designed to fit in a refrigerator or freezer
  • Adjustable dividers (color Blue)
  • Ventilated designed to allow air movement
  • Diver can be order separately
  • Measures: 15.5” (L) x 15.8” (W) x 8.5” (H)
64361-10 Refrigerator Storage & Trays each 365.00 Add to Cart
64361-50 Tray with Divider, Blue each 132.00 Add to Cart

Book Holdersarrow12Book Holders

Ideal for organizing your labbooks, instruction manuaks or references. The book holders secure to the surface with double sided tape or magnets.

64364-10 Small Book Holder 6 1.25 4.5 each 12.00 Add to Cart
64364-20 Large Book Holder 6 2 4.75 each 16.00 Add to Cart
64364-25 X-Large Book Holder 10 2.5 7 each 22.00 Add to Cart
64364-70 Tall Book Holder 10 1.5 8.25 each 22.00 Add to Cart
64364-75 Closed End Book Holder 10 2.5 7.25 each 22.00 Add to Cart
64364-00 Add-on Magnet, add 12.00 Add to Cart

Tool Holdersarrow12Tool Holders

These tool holders help keep your tools ready at your finger tips any time you need them. With double sided tape or magnet you can secure this holder at any place you want.

64369-20 Deluxe Tool & Book Holder, 21.2”x1.25”x5.85” each 49.00 Add to Cart
64369-12 12-Slot Tool Holder, 22”x1.5”x4” each 43.00 Add to Cart
64369-09 9-Slot Tool Holder, 13.875”x1.375”x4.375” each 32.00 Add to Cart
64369-06 6-Slot Tool Holder, 9.5”x1.5”x4” each 28.00 Add to Cart
64369-00 Magnet Add-on, add each 29.00 Add to Cart

Wash Bottle Holdersarrow12Wash Bottle Holders


  • Protects bench top from spills and stains
  • Provides convenient access to solvent wash bottles.
  • Made from chemical resistant plastic that is easy to clean
64373-01 Single Bottle Holder each 20.00 Add to Cart
64373-02 Double Bottle Holder each 26.00 Add to Cart
64373-03 Triple Bottle Holder each 40.00 Add to Cart
64373-04 Quad 500 ml Bottle Holder each 32.00 Add to Cart
64373-21 Single 1 L Bottle Holder each 22.00 Add to Cart
64373-22 Double 1 L Bottle Holder each 27.00 Add to Cart
64373-23 Triple 1 L Bottle Holder each 32.00 Add to Cart
64373-24 Quad 1 L Bottle Holder each 38.00 Add to Cart

rotating bottle holderarrow12Rotating Bottle Holder

64373-50 Rotating Bottle Holder each 132.00 Add to Cart

Bottle Carriersarrow12Bottle Carriers

For the storage or carriage of wash bottles or solvents. Available in two sizes: 4" holes (white) and 2 7/8" holes. Six-pack storage, convenient carrying handles. Sturdy construction and they are resistant to solvents. 13.5" x 10" x 11" h.

64371-04 4" Holes Bottle Carrier each 28.00 Add to Cart

Lead Shields, Surface Protectors, and Hot Mits arrow13arrow13