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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Safety Accessories and Supplies

arrow13Lab Shields, Protectors, Mits, and Wash Bottles

Eyewash with Eye Openerarrow12Eyewash with "Eye Opener"

Four year shelf life

Multi-Purpose First Aid Eyewash and Skin Rinse with one "all risks" formula.

  • Unique "Eye Opener" eliminates the need for an eye cup and saves precious second in an emergency with it's instant "Twist for Activation" design; very innovatiove and much more effective than traditional eyewash with eyecups.
  • "Eye Opener" allows a "free" hand to open the eye.
  • First ever FDA approved dual claim eyewash to be used as "Eye Wash" as well as "Skin Flush".
  • A Benzalkonium chloride-free formula.
  • First ever eyewash with a 4 year expiration date!
70590-01 Eyewash with "Eye Opener", 16 oz. bottle each 9.00 Add to Cart
70590-02 Eyewash with "Eye Opener", 32 oz. bottle each 13.50 Add to Cart
70590-03 Eyewash with "Eye Opener", 4 oz. bottle each 3.50 Add to Cart
70590-04 Eyewash with "Eye Opener", ½ oz. bottle each 2.00 Add to Cart
70590-05 Eyewash with "Eye Opener", (5) ½ oz. bottles 5/pk 10.00 Add to Cart
70590-06 Eyewash Station (2) 16 oz. with "Eye Opener" kit 32.50 Add to Cart
70590-07 Eyewash Station (2) 32 oz. with "Eye Opener" kit 42.50 Add to Cart

arrow12GHS Compliant Multi-Lingual Wash Bottles

Multi-lingual wide mouth wash bottles featuring the patented DripLok® vapor venting valve that prevents solvent drips. Indelibly printed in 4 languages: English, French, German and Spanish.

Choose from four solvent labels, all including the new Globally Harmonized Symbols, NFPA diamond, risk phrases and safety information.

Fitted with color coded one-piece PP closures that maintain their shape in use. Closures feature precision jet-tip aperture for fine control.


Capacity mL 250 500
Height mm 145 165
Diameter mm 60 75
64100 Acetone Wash Bottle, 250 ml each 8.50 Add to Cart
64101 Ethanol Wash Bottle, 250 ml each 8.50 Add to Cart
64102 Isopropanol Wash Bottle, 250 ml each 8.50 Add to Cart
64103 Methanol Wash Bottle, 250 ml each 8.50 Add to Cart
64104 Set of all four, 250 ml 4/pk 32.00 Add to Cart
64105 Acetone Wash Bottle, 500 ml each 9.00 Add to Cart
64106 Ethanol Wash Bottle, 500 ml each 9.00 Add to Cart
64107 Isopropanol Wash Bottle, 500 ml each 9.00 Add to Cart
64108 Methanol Wash Bottle, 500 ml each 9.00 Add to Cart
64109 Set of all four, 500 ml 4/pk 35.00 Add to Cart

arrow12Wash Bottles

Permanently Labeled/Color-Coded Wash Bottles. These safe wash bottles, which are permanently labeled and color-coded, eliminate the risk of dispensing the wrong liquid by mistake. All of these wide-mouth (easy transfer liquid) polyethylene bottles have polyalomer caps and a fine-tip-nozzle that may be cut back for heavier flow.

Capacity is 16 oz (500 ml), low density polyethylene.

64150 Acetone Wash Bottle each 7.95 Add to Cart
64151 Acetonitrile Wash Bottle each 8.25 Add to Cart
64153 Dichloromethane* Wash Bottle each 7.95 Add to Cart
64154 Ethanol Wash Bottle each 8.85 Add to Cart
64155 Ethyl Acetate Wash Bottle each 7.95 Add to Cart
64157 Isopropyl Alcohol Wash Bottle each 8.75 Add to Cart
64158 Methanol Wash Bottle each 8.75 Add to Cart
64159 MEK Wash Bottle each 8.75 Add to Cart
64161 Soap Wash Bottle each 7.50 Add to Cart
64162 Toluene* Wash Bottle each 7.50 Add to Cart
64165 Water Wash Bottle each 7.50 Add to Cart

Pack of Six - Variety includes: Acetone, Methanol, Water, Iso-propyl Alcohol, Ethanol and Toluene*

64167 Group of Six - Variety 6 pack 46.00 Add to Cart

*Short term storage only

Disposable Box for Glass and Biohazardsarrow12Disposable Boxes

These boxes are used to dispose of empty ampoules, broken glass, empty vials, biohazard wastes, etc. The outer box is made from corrugated cardboard; the inner one is a 2-mil polypropylene bag. When the box is full, the safety cap is pulled into place and the entire unit is ready for disposal or incineration.

  • Colorful graphics for quick identification
  • Assembly instructions on each box
  • Folding design for shipping and storage

There are no replacement bags for these boxes.

arrow10Glass Disposable Boxes
Cat# Desc. LxWxH Opens Wts Pack    
64410 Bench Model 8" x 8" x 10" 5" 5.4 lb 6/pk 62.00 Add to Cart
64411 Intermediate 12" x 12" x 20" 7" 12.2 lb 6/pk 51.00 Add to Cart
64412 Floor Model 12" x 12" x 27" 7" 15.4 lb 6/pk 65.00 Add to Cart
arrow10Biohazard Waste Boxes
Cat# Desc. LxWxH Opens Wts Pack    
64414 Benchtop 8" x 8" x 10" 5" 5.4 lb 6/pk 44.00 Add to Cart
64415 Intermediate 12" x 12" x 20" 7" 12.2 lb 6/pk 57.00 Add to Cart
64416 Floor 12" x 12" x 27" 7" 15.4 lb 6/pk 64.00 Add to Cart

Sharp Objects Disposal Poucharrow12Sharp Objects Disposal-Pouch

Made of 10 mil solid paperboard, which opens to an oval shape by folding the bottom flaps. When full just close the top flaps and lock into place. Ideal for needles, razor blades, scalpel blades, etc. An epoxy coated steel wire pouch stand provides stable support to that keeps the pouch standing upright.

64430 Sharp Objects Disposal-Pouch 100/bx 99.00 Add to Cart
64431 Sharp Objects Disposal-Pouch 200/bx 192.00 Add to Cart
64432 Disposal-Pouch Stand each 29.00 Add to Cart

Benchtop BioHazard Disposal Canarrow12Benchtop BioHazard Disposal Can

This biohazard-labeled, bench-top disposal can is ideal for quick convenient disposal of items like pipette tips, microcentrifuge tubes, lab wipes, and more. Aesthetic and durable, it is made of 400-series brushed stainless steel that resists fingerprint smudges and stains.

  • Hinged swing top lid for easy access and odor control
  • Holds a 25 x 25 cm (10" x 10") autoclave bag
  • 12.7 cm (5") diam. x 19 cm (7½") H
  • Biohazard-labeled for safety
  • Measures: 19 cm (7½") high with a top diameter of 12.7 cm
  • Shipping weight .45kg (1lb.)
64419 Benchtop BioHazard Disposal Can each 39.65 Add to Cart


  • Non-skid cork surface
  • Seat on heavy-duty ball bearing base
  • Handles heavy load while easily rotating
  • Ideally for shared reagents and daily used solutions
  • Non-skid cork surface
  • Seat on heavy-duty ball bearing base
  • Handles heavy load while easily rotating
  • Ideally for shared reagents and daily used solutions

The soft, ribbed material fits in drawers or on the shelves to keep fragile items from rolling when drawers are opened or closed.

  • Conveniently spin the holder around and get the bottle you want
  • Holds eight 500 ml bottles & one 1 L bottle
  • The base has 12.75" diameter.
64442 12" Diameter Lab Turntable each 48.00 Add to Cart
64442-08 8" Diameter Lab Turntable each 40.00 Add to Cart
64442-10 10" Diameter Lab Turntable each 41.00 Add to Cart

Drawer Liners

Cat# Description W" L" Qty Price  
64407-01 Ribbed Liner 12 18 each 16.00 Add to Cart
64407-02 Ribbed Liner 16 18 each 19.00 Add to Cart
64407-03 Ribbed Liner 18 18 each 22.00 Add to Cart
64407-04 Ribbed Liner 18 24 each 25.00 Add to Cart
64407-05 Ribbed Liner 24 27 each 42.00 Add to Cart

arrow12Safety Shields

Coated Lead Safety Shieldarrow101) Coated Lead Shield

This ¼" (6.4mm) thick lead shield protects against chemical reactions and nuclear radiation. The shield is coated with vinyl for a soft smooth surface, which eliminates the hazard of any skin contact as well as flying debris.

Size: 8½" (W) x 3" (D) x 6" (H) (22 x 8 x 15 cm)

64460 Coated Lead Shield each 190.00 Add to Cart
Angle Safety Shieldarrow102) Angle Shield

Splash Protecting in Standing or Sitting Position Provides good protection personal from pipetting or pouring chemicals. An extra wide, angled viewing area and low bend allow the shield to be used from a standing or sitting position. Made from 6.4 mm (¼") thick clear acrylic with non-skid feet for stability. Acrylic base work area is 50.8 x 30.5 cm (20 x 12") deep. Face is 50.9 x 38 cm (20 x 15") high. Not recommended for Beta use.

64464 Angle Shield each 348.00 Add to Cart
Micro Tube Beta Shieldarrow103) Micro Tube Beta Shield

This shield is a solid, molded, clear-acrylic block with 13 wells 11mm in diameter. It holds 13 of 1.5 ml micro sample tubes (EMS Cat. #72363) or similar. A clear tight-fitting cover allows space for the micro tube flip top. It is ideal for DNA sequencing.

Measures 2-1/16 "x 4⅛" x 2-7/16" (H) (52 x 105 x 62 mm). Tubes not included.

64450-00 Micro Tube Beta Shield each 52.00 Add to Cart

Disposable Charcoal Cartridge arrow12Disposable Charcoal Cartridge

Absorb Incubator Contaminants
This disposable, activated charcoal cartridge efficiently absorbs low energy 35S radioactive components during metabolic labeling. The containment problem exists in incubators and is caused by 35S-labeled amino acids, such as methionine and cysteine which are used to label proteins. The charcoal is supplied in a 100mm diameter plastic petri dish with a highly porous membrane sealed to the top edge.

64454-05 Charcoal Cartridge 5/pk 79.00 Add to Cart

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Bottle and Jar Openerarrow12Bottle and Jar Opener

This unique opener :

  • Saves your wrist by making it easy to open bottles and jars
  • Open lids up to 4.5" in diameter
  • Eliminates the risk of cracking the cap by using the wrong tool
64493-20 Bottle And Jar Opener each 6.00 Add to Cart

Hot Hand Protector Padarrow12Hot Hand® Protector Pad

Made from strong silicone and it withstands temperatures as high as 500°F (260°C). A gripping surface with built in multi suction studs for a non-slip grip. Has two pockets for thumb and fingers.

64480 Hot Hand Protector Pad each 21.00 Add to Cart

PTFE Surface Protectorsarrow12"PTFE" Surface Protectors

A thickness of 0.001" "PTFE" film bonded to a 0.008" self-adhesive vinyl gives your work surface good protection. Easy to use: cut to desired size, remove the backing, and press into place.

72612 "PTFE" Sheet, size 25" x 15 ft. Roll each 230.00 Add to Cart

COVAMAT Liningarrow12COVAMAT® Lining

Versatile Clear Lining Material

Clear polyethylene ribbed matting can be used for lining laboratory bench top, shelves, trays, etc. It is easily trimmed and also works well under drums or carboys. 0.25mm (.010") width 0.7mm (.030") thick ribs, 76cm (30") wide x 15.2 meter (50 ft) and 4.6 meter (15 ft) roll. 1 roll/box.

72615-15 Covamat® Lining, 15' Roll roll 52.00 Add to Cart
72615-50 Covamat® Lining, 50' Roll roll 157.00 Add to Cart

info available in pdfmicro sample tubesarrow12Silver Bioguard Anti-Microbial Mats

Neutralize & Protect – Nanoscale Silver particles bind with proteins to neutralize 99.9% of common microbes

Better Results – Ensure consistant sample reproduction and results by significantly minimizing workspace contamination

Reliable – Silver is used extensively in medical applications where microbial contamination is a concern

Use Anywhere – Mats are less than 1mm thick and are backed with an anti-skid coating making them perfect for the benchtop or culture hood

77519-1 Silver Bioguard Mat, 10" x 8" each 20.00 Add to Cart
77519-2 Silver Bioguard Mat, 15" x 10" each 25.00 Add to Cart
77519-3 Silver Bioguard Mat, 24" x 20" each 30.00 Add to Cart
77519-4 Silver Bioguard Mat, 30" x 22" each 35.00 Add to Cart

Lab Air Cleaners arrow13arrow13