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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Starter Kits for the Microscopy Lab

arrow13Starter Kits for the Microscopy Lab

preparations of biological specimensarrow12Starter Kits for TEM

Electron Microscopy Sciences offers a complete discount package for new labs and established labs starting new projects. This package is arranged to enable a laboratory to perform standard preparations of biological specimens with enough supplies to last.

arrow12Chemkit - Cat #14750

19100 Osmium tetroxide crystal 5 x 1g msds
19150 Osmium tetroxide 4% solution 10 x 2 ml msds
16320 Glutaraldehyde EM Grade 50% 10 x 10 ml msds
16020 Glutaraldehyde EM Grade 8% 10 x 10 ml msds
19202 Paraformaldehyde, Prill 1 kilo msds
15710 16% Paraformaldehyde (formaldehyde) aqueous solution 10 x 10 ml msds
21190 Sodium phosphate monobasic 500g msds
21180 Sodium phosphate dibasic 500g msds
21160 Sodium hydroxide pellets 100g msds
12300 Sodium cacodylate trihydrate 100g msds
20410 Propylene oxide 4 x 450 ml msds
10010 Acetone 4 x 1 qt msds
Embedding Media:
14120 EMbed-812 kit 1 kit msds
14300 Low viscosity kit (Dr. Spurr) 1 kit msds
22050 Toluidine Blue 50g msds
21130 Borax Tetra, Sodium Borate 500g msds
22400 Uranyl acetate 25g msds
17800 Lead citrate 2 x 25g msds
14950 Epoxy tissue stain 100 ml msds
Special Starter Kit Offer Price 795.00 Add to Cart

supplies for TEM sample preparation.arrow12Labkit - Cat #14760

A collection of supplies for TEM sample preparation.

0200-Cu Grids, 200 mesh, copper 5 vials  
0300-Cu Grids, 300 mesh, copper 3 vials  
0100-Cu Grids, 100 mesh, copper 1 vial  
H200-Cu Grids, Hex 200 mesh, copper 1 vial  
71152 Grid storage box, for 50 grids 1 dz  
71170 Grid mats, round 3 mats  
70680 Petri dishes, round 100/pk  
72700-D Tweezers, #5 Dumont 2 pr  
70010-B Capsules 500/pk  
70900 Flat embedding molds 2 ea.  
60952 Staccup 120cc 100/pk  
70960-1 Pipettes, 2cc 500/pk  
72300 Wood applicators bx/1000  
71116 Latex gloves bx/100  
72631-10 Shell vials 144/pk  
71960 Razor blades, carbon steel bx/100  
72550 Trimaide 2 pcs  
72660 Dental wax 1 lb msds
70705 Duster w/nozzle 1 kit msds
72120 Marker pen, black pk/12  
72510 Syringes, 10 ml 100/pk  
Special Starter Kit Price 600.00 Add to Cart

A collection of cleaning supplies for the SEM, TEM and Microtomearrow12Cleankit - Cat #14780

A collection of cleaning supplies for the SEM, TEM and Microtome offered at a quantity kit discount.

71752 Lint-free cloth pk/300  
71090 Lint-free gloves pk/6pr  
70705 Duster w/nozzle 1 can msds
70707 Duster Refills (Environmentally Safe) 1 cs msds
71700 Lens tissue 2 bxs  
72340 Wooden picks 2pk/100  
71830 Metal polish, POL 1 tube msds
71116 Latex gloves, powder free 100/pk  
60510 Alconox 4lb box msds
71054 Micro Cleaning Solution 1 quart msds
71620 All Purpose Wipes 1 doz/lot  
72310 Cotton Tipped Applicator, Single end 100/pk  
71020-MTH UltraSonic Bath Model 1510 MTH each  
Special Quantity Kit Price 800.00 Add to Cart

When ordering any of the special kits, please specify particular sizes andany reasonablesubstitutions. Thank you and we hope you take advantage ofthis special money-saving opportunity.

Technical Data Sheets arrow13arrow13