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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Transmission Electron Microscopy

info available in pdfinfo available in pdfarrow13Wet "Liquid" TEM Kit



arrow12K-kit – Silicon-based Micro Channel Device

  • K-kit Toolbox
  • K-kit Carrier
  • K-kit Dimensions

An Innovative Enclosed Specimen Holder for Liquid TEM

K-kits are sample holders designed to facilitate convenient TEM observation of liquid samples, allowing nanoobjects, aggregates, and agglomerates (NOAAs) in liquid samples to be characterized.

With vacuum compatible sealing of liquids in electron-transmitting thickness, K-kits are micro reaction chambers for countless experiments in materials, chemical, and biological research.


  • Applicable for most TEM holder brands
  • Strong structural reliability under vacuum
  • Sealing glue compatible to many solvents





K-kit ApplicationK-kit Aggregated after drying

Physicochemical Parameters K-kit Conventional
Size Distribution
Aggregation and Agglomeration in liquid X
Particle Concentration X
Liquid TEM Observation X
✓ = Good     ∆ = Case dependent     X = Not Available

The table below shows the test results of K-kit sealing epoxy soaked in chemical solvents for 24 hours and then examined using FTIR, Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy, (if dissolved) and visual observation (if dispersed).

  Acetone DCM DMSO 95% Ethanol 0.1 N HCI 0.1 N KOH
Dissolution (FTIR) X X
Dispersion (visual) X X X
  Hexane IPA Methanol PEG400 THF Di-H2O
Dissolution (FTIR) X
Dispersion (visual) X X
✓ = Not detected (OK)     X = Detected (use with care)

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  • Tools are optional available in a Tool Set or ordered individually. The glues are also available.
  • Figures are for illustration purposes. The tools you order may be different in color and/or from minor design changes.
K-kit CarrierK-kit 6-packK-kit 4-packarrow12K-kits
  • Two gap heights (H) available: 0.2µm or 2µm.
  • Two package options: 4 or 6 K-kits per pack.
  • Additional gap heights and pack sizes available upon request.
K-kit Tool Boxarrow12K-kit Tool Box

The K-kit Tool box houses a full tool set, including K-kit holder, Sample Loading Stage, Needle Pen, Gluing Stand, Channel Opener, Sealing Glue, Mounting Glue, Glass Slides, 6/pk of K-kits, Shipping Box (empty), and some replacement parts.
Also available with everything except the K-kits.

K-kit Holderarrow12K-kit Holder

The K-kit Holder consists of an anodized aluminum header and a stainless steel handle. The K-kit carrier fits on the header (after removing the bottom compartment). When the notch on the side of the header fits over the horizontal bar on the Loading Stage (see below), the K-kit on the carrier attached on the header will be just above the liquid sample.

K-kit Sample Loading Stagearrow12Sample-loading Stage

The Loading Stage consists of an anodized aluminum body. It has a horizontal bar in a recess on the side and a hole in the middle to house the Liquid Stage, which is a removable stainless steel rod. The removable design is for easy cleaning. The horizontal bar defines the rotational axis for the K-kit Holder, which has a notch on the header to fit on the horizontal bar.

K-kit Tool Set for Sample Loading

K-kit Needle Penarrow12Needle Pen

The Needle Pen is designed to facilitate the K-kit gluing operation. It has a thin needle 3.0 mm long and 0.27 mm in diameter. The thin needle makes it convenient to pick just enough glue (of the order of 0.1µl(x)) for sealing the channel openings and (around 1µl(x)) for mounting the copper grid. The needle is made of stainless steel. It is strong, yet slightly flexible, suitable for the job.


  • It is important to keep the needle free of residue glue. Please wipe the needle clean right after each use. It will be practically impossible to clean the needle once residue glue on it cures.
  • The needle is held in place in the pen by a set screw on the side of the pen. A replacement needle and a small Allen key are provided with each Needle Pen. The needle is sharp. Please handle with care.
K-kit Tool Set for GluingK-kit Gluing Standarrow12Gluing Stand

The Gluing Stand has a stainless steel base and an anodized aluminum header, which is much like the header on the K-kit holder, without the notch on the side. The Gluing Stand keeps the K-kit carrier in place for gluing work.

K-kit Accessory Boxarrow12Accessory Box

The Accessory Box contains essential kits and spare parts for the K-kit tool box. Includes sealing and mounting glues, stirring sticks, channel opener, spare needle for needle pen, liquid stages for sample loading stage and an Allen key for the needle pen.

K-kit Starter Boxarrow12Starter Box

The Starter Box contains all of the essentials for K-kit loading. It consists of sealing and mounting glues, stirring sticks, gluing needles and a channel opener.


K-kit Glue Boxarrow12Glue Box

The Glue Box contains sealing and mounting glues and stirring sticks.


  • Glue capsules will now have a tin foil seal on the bottle mouth for shipping. Sometimes during shipping, the glue could become stained and dried on the cap or bottle mouth of the capsule.
  • Sometimes, the Torr Seal glue will have a thin oil-like layer on the surface. This will not affect anything and is normal. Please stir first to mix evenly.
K-kit Channel OpenerK-kit Channel Openerarrow12Channel Opener

The Channel Opener is used to remove the channel tips, while the K-kit stays on the carrier. It's made of anodized aluminum with a cut-off slot design at one end.

K-kit Copper Gridarrow12Copper Grid

Ten pieces of Copper Grid per pack.



K-kit Slide-glass Packarrow12Slide-glass Pack

Six glass slides per pack.


K7260-402 K-kit 0.2 4/pk 400.00 Add to Cart
K7260-420 K-kit 2.0 4/pk 400.00 Add to Cart
K7260-602 K-kit 0.2 6/pk 595.00 Add to Cart
K7260-620 K-kit 2.0 6/pk 595.00 Add to Cart
K7261-R K-kit Tool Box, 2.0 µm, Silver, includes full tool set each 895.00 Add to Cart
K7261-S K-kit Tool Box, 0.2 µm, Silver, includes full tool set each 895.00 Add to Cart


K7261 K-kit Tool Box, Excludes K-kits each 550.00 Add to Cart
K7263 K-kit Holder each 80.00 Add to Cart
K7264 Sample Loading Stage each 140.00 Add to Cart
K7265 Needle Pen each 160.00 Add to Cart
K7266 Gluing Stand each 60.00 Add to Cart
K7267 Accessory Box each 50.00 Add to Cart
K7268 Starter Box each 50.00 Add to Cart
K7269 Channel Opener each 25.00 Add to Cart
K7270 Copper Grid 10/pk 20.00 Add to Cart
K7271 Slide-Glass Pack 6/pk 5.00 Add to Cart
K7272 Glue Box each 30.00 Add to Cart