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Electron Microscopy Sciences

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ChromaCal™ Testimonials

EMS Catalog #10-1010

What People Are Saying About Image Integrity and Datacolor ChromaCal

Don't take our word for it. Below is a selection of comments about the importance of color, maintaining image integrity, and the benefits of ChromaCal™. We've also included a list of institutions where ChromaCal™ has recently been installed.

Recent ChromaCal™ installations include:

  • Marine Biological Laboratory (Woods Hole, MA)
  • National Cancer Institute (Bethesda, MD)
  • Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute (Orlando, FL)

[In response to two research paper retractions resulting from fabrication and falsification of reported data and images] "We – research funders, research practitioners, institutions and journals – need to put quality assurance and laboratory professionalism ever higher on our agendas, to ensure that the money entrusted by governments isn’t squandered, and that citizens’ trust in science isn’t betrayed."
- Nature Editorial, vol. 511, pp. 5-6 (03 July 2014)

[Referring to the use of software like Photoshop] "These technologies are cheap and easy to use, but also for the panicky or unscrupulous tempting to abuse."
- John Dahlberg, PhD (HHS Office of Research Integrity)

"ChromaCal™ is KIS – keep it simple, and easy to use. With ChromaCal™, bad camera settings, and poorly configured microscopes become obvious, and can be quickly corrected. Scanned the ChromaCal™ calibration slide with my whole slide scanner on the first try, right out of the box."
- Stephen Hewitt, MD, PhD (National Cancer Institute)

"ChromaCal™ was easy to use. I found the calibrated color to be truer and it also provided better color balance. The result was clearer color differentiation which is important for assessment and evaluation."
- Ward R. Richter, DVM, MS, ACVP (Druquest International, Inc.)

"ChromaCal™ outperforms Photoshop for both auto-white balancing and matched-brightness level. Photoshop and similar programs often over-saturate whites and rely heavily on user judgment. ChromaCal™ does it all on its own, it’s done right, and it saves time. In addition to color calibration and auto-white balancing, ChromaCal™ also includes a linearity feature that allows you to check whether your imaging system is capturing linear images. A linear baseline is critical for scientific images, and this feature alone makes ChromaCal™ a valuable tool that should be part of every microscopy facility."
- Jerry Sedgewick (Imaging and Microscopy Consultant; author of "Scientific Imaging with Photoshop: Methods, Measurement & Output")

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