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Electron Microscopy Sciences

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Ferritin Cationized

EMS Catalog #15550

Ferritin Cationized Specifications

Quantity: 10mg per ml

Form: Dissolved in 0.15M NaCl sterile solution

Protein Concentration: 1%

10.5mg/ml based on E 270nm = 79.9 as for native ferritin.

Cationized ferritin is prepared according to the publication of D. Danon et. al. Journal of Ultrastructure Research 38, 500-510 (1972).

The Nucleophile used for the coupling is DMPA (N,N-dimethyl-1, 3 propanediamine).

Storage: Store at 4°C

Instructions for use:

Labeling of negatively charged cell membranes for visualization in the electron microscope is carried out by using the cationized ferritin solution (0.1ml), diluted to 0.5ml with Veronal-HCl buffered saline pH 7.2. This working dilution is added to a 10% cell suspension (1ml) before or after a short fixation with glutaraldehyde. Shake the mixture gently and allow to stand at ambient temperature. The optimal incubation for unfixed cells is 5 minutes; longer periods can give rise to toxic effects (the incubation and temperature conditions may be changed according to the requirements of the experiment). Wash the cell suspension with Veronal-HCl buffered saline and prepare for electron microscopy.


Laboratory reagent - not to be administered to humans nor used for any drug purposes.

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Ferritin Cationized