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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Technical Data Sheets

SHUR/Mount™ - Water Based

EMS #17992-01, 17992-04

Our SHUR/Mount™ - Water based product is a non-permanent aqueous mounting medium designed from aqueous solutions. It is non-fluorescing and has an antifade component to increase the viewing time of the sample. We recommend using this product with fluorescent dyes and stains. In addition, you may choose to use this product with DAB, Alkaline Phosphate Fast Red, AEC (aminoethylcarbazole) and many other chromogens to enhance and retain fluorescent intensity.

Furthermore, our product can be used for fat stains, chromogens for immunohistochemistry, frozen sections, as well as in hybridization and other applications where a water soluble mounting medium is necessary. We recommend avoiding any de-staining or leaching of enzymatic staining protocols such as TRAP, for example. By using this product, the coverslip will dry within 24 to 48 hours, however this time frame may vary depending on the amount of medium desired. It solidifies under the coverslip on the microscope slide after 24 hours with the following laboratory conditions and ambient temperature:

  1. Humidity in the winter season at greater than 20% relative humidity
  2. Humidity in the summer season at 50% relative humidity

In addition, it is not necessarily required to paint the edges of the coverslip. When the medium dries, it will form a seal.


Prepare the slides as needed for your application of choice. Rinse the slides in distilled or deionized water before coverslipping. Any excess fluid can be drained, however, we recommend avoiding any blotting. Our product is supplied ready-to-use in a 20mL dropper bottle for manual staining, as well as in larger volumes for automated coverslippers.

Next, apply two drops of our SHUR/Mount to the slide at the end or over the tissue. Lower the coverslip, with caution, at an angle, while carefully applying gentle pressure to force any excess medium and air bubbles away from the tissue and out of the coverslip. We recommend drawing the coverslip to the edge of the coverslipping medium and then lowering it slowly while applying pressure. Then, tilt the slide so that any excess medium is removed from the edges of the slide and coverslip. You may view the slide immediately or you may choose to view after drying. Slides can be dried at room temperature or at 4°C.

Drying at this temperature will increase drying time significantly. We strongly advise against heating the slides, as this can damage or even fade stains or reactions. Any slides that contain fluorescent chromogens should be stored in the dark where they are protected from light.

This product can be used on automated coverslippers as a substitute for traditional solvent-based coverslipping mediums. Please note that the viscosity of the medium may require adjusting for efficient flow rates. Before making any adjustments for the flow rate, let the liquid come to room temperature. Please note that the amount of medium used will affect the drying time. Sections that are thicker will require more coverage with the medium to ensure that the coverslip stays in place against the slide surface.

Product Information

SHUR/Mount™ - Water Based