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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Technical Data Sheets

Differential Quik Stain Kit (Modified Giemsa)

EMS Catalog # 26096-25, 26096-50 & 26096-75

The Differential Quik Stain Kit is a high quality, rapid turnaround time staining kit that serves many purposes in the cost-conscious laboratory environment. The Differential Quik Stain Kit may be used for fine needle aspirations, cytology, blood smears, bone marrow biopsies as well as bone marrow smears, touch preps, various microorganisms, as well as detecting the H.Pylori Microorganism. The kit contains a fixative for air-dried cell suspensions and/or touch preparation slides.


  • Fine needle aspirations
  • Frozen Sections
  • Blood Smears
  • Cytological specimens
  • Cytopreps
  • Bone Marrow biopsies
  • Touch preps
  • Microorganisms

Kit Contents:

  • Solution A - Fixative
  • Solution B - Blue
  • Solution C - Red

Storage And Handling:

Storage: Temperature at 4°C
Safety: Refer to the MSDS for details


  1. Solution A-Fixative: Fix frozen sections, touch preps, bone marrow biopsies and blood smears for 10 seconds in Solution A.
  2. Solution C-Red: Dip 5 times in Solution C.
  3. Solution B-Blue: Dip 5 times in Solution B.
  4. Rinse in distilled water.
  5. Quickly dehydrate in 100% EtOH, then xylene and mount with a synthetic resin.


Structure Color
Erthrocytes Pink/yellowish red
Platelets Dark blue/violet/purple granules
Neutrophils Blue nucleus, pink cytoplasm, purple granules
Eosinophils Blue nucleus, blue cytoplasm, red granules
Basophils Dark blue purple nucleus, purple granules
Monocytes Purple nucleus, light blue cytoplasm
Bacteria/microorganisms Deep blue, vary in shape
Collagen, cytoplasm & muscle Various shades of pink, blue, orange & yellow

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