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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Technical Data Sheets

Herxheimer Technique for Fat

EMS Catalog #: 26500-Series





Staining Procedures:

  1. Immerse in 70% Alcohol for an instant.
  2. Stain for 2 – 5 minutes in Sudan IV Staining Solution (#26500-01).
  3. Wash quickly in 70% Alcohol. Rinse in distilled water.
  4. Counterstain in Harris Hematoxylin (#26500-02). Follow with 2 – 5 minutes in Acetic Acid, 1% (#26500-04) for clearer blue staining of nuclei.
  5. Wash thoroughly in tap water.
  6. Mount (Glycerin or Glycerin Jelly (#17998-10)

Stain Results:  

Nuclei Blue
Fat Orange-Red
Cholesterol Red


Clark, G, ed.: Staining Procedures, 3rd ed.: Baltimore: Williams & Wilkins Co., 1973, p. 143

Conn’s, H.J.: Biological Stains; 8th Ed., Baltimore: Williams and Wilks Co., c. 1969, p. 100

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