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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Technical Data Sheets

Pressure Chamber

EMS Catalog #50465-10


This chamber is designed in conjunction with our cold molded acrylic and epoxy media. After encapsulating the sample, they are placed inside the chamber. By applying between 30 to 40 PSI during the cure time, the mounting compound is compressed down and around the sample, forcing air up to the surface. This process helps eliminate shrinkage and increase clarity and edge retention. As an option an air pump tank is available. This Air Pump is designed for hand pumping pressure.


Step 1: Mix acrylic and pour into mold cup
Step 2: Place mold cup into Pressure Pot
Step 3: Place lid on Pressure Pot and screw down tight
Step 4: Attach air hose to valve on top of Pressure Pot and apply 25-30 PSI
Step 5: Allow at least 5 minutes for complete curing
Step 6: *IMPORTANT* Push relief valve to break vacuum before removing lid
Step 7: Remove lid and take out sample  


Periodically lubricate the "O" ring with approved a-ring lubricant.

WARNING: Pressure Pot is used under pressure and should be handled with care. DO NOT drop while in use.

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