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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Technical Data Sheets

PSA Tape-Transfer System Instructions

EMS Catalog #62820-10

  1. Adhere the tape window to the trimmed paraffin block face using the hand roller.
  2. Cut the section using a sharp and undamaged knife.
  3. Remove the adhesive-coated slide from the box and remove the mylar cover in one quick motion to avoid striations in the adhesive layer. Make sure to close the lid of the box immediately after removing the slide to protect the slides in the box from polymerizing prematurely.
  4. Place the tape, section-side-down, on the slide. Using the hand roller and applying pressure, adhere the section to the adhesive coating Making sure not to trap bubbles When laminating tissue cores be sure each core is rolled down onto the adhesive layer Look at the back of the slide to check if there are bubbles. Tissue under a bubble will not transfer. Occasionally you may find some imperfection in the adhesive coating on the slide . If this occurs, select a smooth area to adhere the tissue.
  5. Place the slide with the section-side-down under the UV Lamp and cure for 30-60 seconds . Longer curing time will make removal of the tape more difficult.
  6. Immerse the slide in the TPC solvent and immediately peel the tape away. Do this slowly and carefully. The solvent will help in releasing the tape. The adhesive on the pink tape will soften if the slide is left in the solvent. This can result in chards of pink adhesive sticking to the section. Remove the slide from the TPC . Residual solvent can be wiped from the back of the slide. 
  7. Place the slide in xylene for deparaffinization. The length of time in the xylene will be dependent on the type of paraffin used. Some paraffins require a longer time than others. For H&E staining, use aqueous eosin (Eosin Y Solution, Aqueous) to reduce background staining.
  8. For best results use CureMount Mounting Medium after dehydrating and clearing the sections. CureMount has recently been reformulated specifically for use with paraffin sections.

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