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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Technical Data Sheets

Grid Stick Glue

EMS Catalog #71178

Synaptek Grid Stick Adhesive is a specially formulated pressure-sensitive adhesive that will hold grids on Synap Tek Sticks during staining procedures. Once cured, it will not lose its adhesive properties when immersed in most organic solvents for short periods of time. It comes in 5ml containers and has an expected shelf life of six months to a year. One bottle will be enough for approximately 150 to 200 Synap Tek Grid Stick coatings. Suggested use is with an applicator brush (not included).

How to Coat a Grid Stick

You will need:

  1. Grid sticks
  2. Applicator brush
  3. Synap Tek staining pipettes
  4. A Pyrex petri dish (optional)
  5. An oven capable of reaching a temperature of 150°C
  6. Snap Tek Grid Stick Adhesive

Open the Grid Stick Adhesive bottle and dip the tip of an applicator brush into the adhesive. Gently brush the adhesive onto the notched side of the Grid Stick over the length of the slot. Try to be careful not to get adhesive on the underside of the Grid Stick or on the end of the Grid Stick. Allow the Grid Stick Adhesive to dry in a dust-free, clean area for twenty minutes. Place the Grid Sticks (in a Pyrex petri dish with the uncoated side facing down and the top edge of the Grid Stick resting on the glass rim. This is to ensure that the adhesive does not stick to the bottom of the petri dish. The coated but uncured stick can also be placed into a Synap Tek pipette, however, mark this pipette so that it is not accidentally used for staining. Place the petri dish or pipette with Grid Sticks) into a 150°C oven for five to 10 minutes. Remove and allow to cool for at least ten minutes before use.

The principal reason for loss of Grid Stick adhesion is the accumulated dirt on its surface. It is, therefore, very important to keep the unused coated Grid Stick in a clean, dust-free environment, such as one of our capped pipettes. Follow staining instructions included with Grid Stick Kit.

Note: if the Grid Stick Adhesive is too thick or sticky for your grids, it may be diluted in the Grid Stick Adhesive bottle with xylene. If you prefer thicker or stickier coats, the Grid Stick Adhesive viscosity may be increased by simply leaving the cap off for twenty minutes or more to allow the xylene to evaporate. The Grid Stick Adhesive may be removed from a Grid Stick by soaking in xylene solution for twenty-four hours. The Grid Stick can then be recoated using the same procedure as described above.

Cleaning of Gridsticks before coating with new layer of Grid stick Glue: Soak Gridstick in xylene or 99% Isopropanol. Wipe with lens-paper.

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