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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Technical Data Sheets

uSCOPE HXII Digital Pathology Slide Scanner – Frequently Asked Questions

EMS Catalog #89012

Does the uSCOPE HXII have eyepieces?

No. The uSCOPE HXII is an all digital automated brightfield microscope.

Does the uSCOPE HXII use standard objectives?

Yes. Standard infinity objectives are used in the uSCOPE HXII.

How many objectives are in the uSCOPE HXII?

At this time, only one objective is possible in the uSCOPE HXII.

What resolution is the uSCOPE HXII?

The uSCOPE HXII is wavelength-limited. Image resolution is governed by the wavelength of the visible light utilized. Objects as small as 0.5 microns can be resolved.

Does the uSCOPE HXII have a manual or motion-control stage?

The uSCOPE HXII is an automated digital microscope and includes a motion-control stage. The uSCOPE Navigator software automatically moves to your area of interest to collect images or to scan tile sets.

Does the uSCOPE HXII require a computer?

Yes. The uSCOPE HXII requires a desktop or laptop computer and the accompanying uSCOPE Navigator software.

Is the uSCOPE HXII a whole slide scanner?

The uSCOPE HXII is not considered to be a whole slide scanner, but is suitable for scanning large areas of your slide.

Does the uSCOPE HXII stitch images?

Yes. Image stitching is available at your discretion.

How fast is the uSCOPE HXII?

The uSCOPE HXII captures an area of 4 mm x 3 mm with full auto-focus, flat-field correction, white balance, and color correction as follows:

  • 20x Objective (300 frames) ≈ 5 minutes
  • 40x Objective (1,200 frames) ≈ 20 minutes

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uSCOPE HXII Digital Pathology Slide Scanner