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Cryo Sectioning and the Use of Diamond Knives

1. Electron Microscopy of vitrified ultrathin sections allows the cell struture to be studied in the hydrated state.

Richter, Karsten., Gnagi, Helmut., Dubochet, Jacques. (1991). A Model for Cryosectioning Based on the Morphology of Vitrified Ultrathin Sections. J. of Microscopy 163, 19-28.

2. It is demonstrated that cryosectioning with a diamond knife in conjunction with an ionization electrode can produce good cryosections by optimizing the cutting parameters (i.e. sectioning temperature, mechanical stability of the sample, and sectioning velocity).


Michel, M., Gnagi, H., Muller, M. (1992). Diamonds are a Cryosectioner’s Best Friend. J. of Microscopy 166, 43-56.

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