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Stability of Special Staining Solutions

General Guidelines Concerning Solutions

  1. Check stock solutions regularly for signs of deterioration.
  2. All solutions should be dated and initialed by the person who prepared the solution.
  3. Use caution to prevent cross solution contamination.
  4. Use distilled or double distilled water to prepare solutions.
  5. Use reagent grade chemicals.
  6. Use dyes which are certifie .
  7. Keep solutions in well stoppered bottles at all times.
  8. Refrigerated solutions should be poured into the staining jar, and the bottled solution returned to the refrigerator before it warms to room temperature.
  9. Return all staining solutions to shelves soon after use to prevent mix-up.
  10. Always use clean glassware.
  11. Make sure that balance, pH meter, etc., are in proper working order.
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