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Electron Microscopy Sciences


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D-19 Developer; Kodak Dimpler
DAB Dip Miser
DAB-HCl Dip Miser II
DAB-4HCl; Tablet Dipping Chamber
Darkroom: Disc Punch
Darkroom: Discs:
Darkroom: Discs:
Darkroom: Discs:
Darkroom: Discs:
Darkroom: Discs:
· Fans Discs:
· Louvers · AFM
· Photographic Timer · Cork
· Thermometer · Diamond
Datamarker™ · Specimen
Davidson's Fixative Dish Divider; Petri
DBP; Dibutyl Phthalate Dishes:
DDSA; Dodecenyl Succinic Anhydride Dishes:
DDSA; Specially Distilled Dishes:
Deburring Tool Set Dishes:
Decalcifier Dishes:
Decalcifier, Rapid Dishes:
Decon 90 · Culture Petri
Decrimper Pliers · Dissecting
Deionized Water · Embryo
Dektol Developer; Kodak · Glass Bottom
Demagnitizer · Glass Culture
Denka; Lab6 · Glass Staining
Dental Wax · Glassine Weighing
DEPEX · Micro-Test Staining
DER Resins: · Microwave
DER Resins: · Petri
DER Resins: · Slide Processing
DER Resins: · Slide Staining
DER Resins: · Specialized Permanox
DER Resins: · Staining:
· 332 · Staining:
· 732 · Staining:
· 736 · Staining:
DER 332/732 Embedding Kit · Staining:
Derma-Plus, Skin Protection · Staining:
Desiccant: · 20 Slide
Desiccant: · 30 Slide
Desiccant: · 50 Slide
Desiccant: Disodium Salt, Dihydrate, EDTA
Desiccant: Dispensers:
Desiccant: Dispensers:
· Cartridges Dispensers:
· Containers Dispensers:
Desiccators: Dispensers:
Desiccators: Dispensers:
Desiccators: · Bottles
Desiccators: · Microscope Slide
Desiccators: · Paraffin Wax
Desiccators: · Parafilm
· Cabinet · Tape
· Horizontal · Wax
· Secador Dispensing Bottles
· Vertical Dispensing Bins
· Canister Dispo-Bio-Hazard Remover
· Glass Dispos-Pouch
· Low Temperature Disposable:
· Mini Vacuum Disposable:
· Vacuum Disposable:
Desiccator, Horizontal Disposable:
Desiccator Plate Disposable:
Desiccator, Vertical Disposable:
Desk Tally Counter · Apron
Detector; Microwave Leak · Base Molds
Det-O-Jet Detergent · Beakers
Detergent · Box; Glass
Detergent · Desiccant Cartridges
Detergent · Glass Tubes
Detergent · Gloves
Detergent · Microtome Blades
Detergent · Mini Scalpel
· 8 · Syringes
· Alcojet · Towels
· Alconox Disruptor Genie
· Citrajet Dissecting:
· LQ9 Dissecting:
· Luminox Dissecting:
· Solujet Dissecting:
· Tergajet Dissecting:
Developers; Photographic: Dissecting:
Developers; Photographic: · Board
Developers; Photographic: · Diamond Knife
Developers; Photographic: · Dish
Developers; Photographic: · Forceps
Developers; Photographic: · Instruments; Micro
· D-19 · Kits
· Ilford · Needles
· Polymax · Pan and Mat
Developing: · Pins
Developing: · Scalpel Blade
Developing: · Scissors
Developing: · Scissors; Operating
Developing: · Table
Developing: Divinyl Benzene
· Tank and Floating Lid DMA -N,N-Dimethylaminoethyl
· Tank; Paterson DMA -N,N-Dimethylaminoethyl
· Trays DMA -N,N-Dimethylaminoethyl
Dewer Flasks: DMA -N,N-Dimethylaminoethyl
Dewer Flasks: DMA -N,N-Dimethylaminoethyl
Dewer Flasks: DMA -N,N-Dimethylaminoethyl
Dewer Flasks: DMA -N,N-Dimethylaminoethyl Methacrylate
Dewer Flasks: DMAE - 2-Dimethylaminoethanol
Dewer Flasks: DMP - 2,2 Dimethoxy Propane
· Polyethylene DMP-30
· Thermo DMSO - Dimethyl Sulfoxide
Dewers; Narrow Mouth: Dodecenyl Succinic Anhydride, (DDSA)
Dewers; Narrow Mouth: Domino Rack
Dewers; Narrow Mouth: Double Sided Tapes:
Dewers; Narrow Mouth: Double Sided Tapes:
Dewers; Narrow Mouth: Double Sided Tapes:
Dewers; Narrow Mouth: Double Sided Tapes:
· Cylindrical Double Sided Tapes:
· Spherical Double Sided Tapes:
Dewar; Wide Mouth · Scotch 655 & 666
Dextrose Double Tapered Ends Mold
Dial-A-Grid Holder Dow Corning Grease
3,3-Diaminobenzidine (DAB) Doyen Scissors
3,3-Diaminobenzidine Tetra Hydrochloride(DAB-HCl) DPX Mountant
Diamond: Drain Rack
Diamond: Drawers; Histo-Prep Modular
Diamond: Dri Baths
Diamond: Drill
Diamond: Drill
Diamond: Drill
· Blades Drill
· Cleaver Drill
· Compound; Polishing Drill
· Cutter · Micromill
· Discs Drill Bits
· Dissecting Knife Dropping Bottle: Bellows
· Knife Cleaning Kit Dry Ice Maker
· Knife Wash Dry Bath, Digital
· Knives Drying Racks, Benchtop
· Lapping Film Dry Keeper - Desiccator
· Polishing Compounds Dry Lubricant
· Scribe Tools Dry Transfer Lettering
· Scribers (Fine) Dryers:
· Spray Dryers:
· Stone Dryers:
· Suspension Dryers:
· Tip Scribers Dryers:
· Wafer Saw Blades Dryers:
· Wheel Saw · Critical Point
· Wire Saw · Filter Flow Air
Diamond Band Saw · Freeze
Diamond Knives, AFM · Slide
Diamond Knives; Diatome · Thermostatic
Diamond Wheel Saw Drying:
Diamond Wire Drying:
Diamond Trimming Tool Drying:
Dibutyl Phthalate, (DBP) Drying:
1,2-Dichloroethane Drying:
Dichloromethane Drying:
Diethylene Glycol Disterate Resin (DGD) · Rack
Diefenbach’s Serefine · Print
Differential Staining Kit Duplex Specimens
Diffraction Grating Replica Duraseal Film
Diffusion Pump Oil: Durasin Silicon Nitride Mesh
Diffusion Pump Oil: Durcupan:
Diffusion Pump Oil: Durcupan:
Diffusion Pump Oil: Durcupan:
Diffusion Pump Oil: Durcupan:
Diffusion Pump Oil: Durcupan:
· Apiezon B Durcupan:
· Apiezon BW · ACM, Epoxy Resin Embedding Kit
· Apiezon C · Components
· Santovac 5 · Water Soluble Embedding Kit
Digital: Dust-Off; 100% Environmentally Safe
Digital: Dusting Products:
Digital: · Dust-Pro
Digital: · Dust Off:
Digital: · Refills
Digital: · Disposable
· Caliper · Vector Valve, 360°
· Cameras · Easy Duster
· Cameras, Lumenera Dye; Epoxy
· Dry Bath Dyes:
· Microscope, EVOS Dyes:
· Microscope, EVOS Fluorescence Dyes:
Digitonin Dyes:
Dilithium Salt, Lucifer Yellow Dyes:
N,N-Dimethylaminoethyl Methacrylate, (DMA) Dyes:
N,N-Dimethylaniline 2,2,Dimethoxy Propane, (DMP) · General
Dimethyl Sulfoxide, (DMSO) · Tissue Marking
2-Dimethylaminoethanol, (DMAE)