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Electron Microscopy Sciences


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Lab: Levered Micro Slide Dispenser
· Cart Lieshman's Stain
· Drawer Organizer LIBRA Personal Sampling Pump
· Set Forceps Lifter Slip
· Spill Pads Lifter Slip Coverglass
· Spoon Lift-n-Press Tabs
· Turntable Lift-Out Grids
Lab-Air; Air Purifiers Light-Bloc Labels
LaB6 Cathodes Light:
Lab6 Denka Filaments · Box
Label: · Truview
· Chameleon Tough· Tags · Ultra-thin
· Centrifuge Tubes Light Gathering Magnifiers
· Colored Light Guides
· Cryo Light Pipe Scintillators
· Cryo-Babies® Light Ring
· Cryo-Tags® Light Green SF Yellowish
· Direct Thermal Cryo Light Green Solution
· Expiration Light Microscopy Reagents
· Histology/Cytology Lighted
· Laboratory Reagent · Magnifiers
· Laser Tough Spots® · Scissors
· Light-Bloc Line Grating Replicas with Latex Spheres
· Microscope Slide Linking Solution; Via-Cell
· Microtube Lint & Dust Remover
· Oven Safe Marking Liqui-Nox Detergent
· Pathology Liquid Blocker Pen
· Pathology Specimen Liquid CoverGlass; Shur/Mount
· Remover Liquid Release Agent
· Roll Liquid Wicks
· Satin Cloth Lissamine Fast Red Solution
· Sheet LKB Grid Box
· Slides Loctite Adhesives
· Thermal Transfer Loop:
· Tough Tags® · Bio
· Tape · Calibrated
· Warning · Innoculating
· Wet Grip · Perfect
· Wash-Off Lotion; Anti-Microbial Hand
· Write Protect Loupes
· Xylene Resistant Thermal Transfer · Binocular
Labeling Tape · Eyeglass
Lab-Tek: · Folding
· Chamber Slides Low Viscosity Embedding Kit
· Chambered Coverglass Low Viscosity Embedding Kit (Dr. Spurr)
Labkit Lowicryl Embedding Kit:
Laboratory Notebook, Paper · HM20
Laboratory Notebook, PolyPaper · HM23
Laboratory Jack · K4M
Lamps; UV · K11M
Lanthanum Nitrate, Hexahydrate · Monostep
Lapping Fixtures LQ9 Detergent
Lapping Machine LR Gold Embedding Kit
Lasner-DaMan Forceps LR Gold Resin
Latex Aggulation Slides LR White Embedding Kit:
Latex, Polystyrene · Hard Grade
LatticeGear · Medium Grade
Lattice Plane Specimens Lubrication Kit
Lead Acetate ·Microtome
Lead Citrate Lucifer Yellow, Dilithium Salt
Lead Nitrate Lugol’s Iodine
Leica Microtome Blades Luminex Cleaning Cloth
Leit-C- Plast Adhesive Luminescent Thermometer
Lens: Luminox
· Cleaner Luxol Fast Blue Solution
· Cleaning Tissue LV CryoOil
· Cleaning Wipes Lynx I Consumables and Parts
· Tissue: Lynx II Tissue Processor
· EMS Lyophilization Containers
· Ross Lyophilization Stoppers