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NSH 2017
September 15-20, 2017 | Orlando, FL | 800-523-5874 |

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Operating scissors, straight, blunt, 115 mm

Dissecting Tools

Dissecting kits, forceps, needles, scalpels, scissors, tweezers... EMS has them all!

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Lynx II Automated Tissue Processor

The most unique state-of-the-art tissue processor, compatible with all plastic resins and paraffin waxes.

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EMS 9000 Microwave Oven

EMS-9000 Precision Pulsed Laboratory Microwave Oven

The EMS 9000 Laboratory Microwave Oven represents a state-of-the-art solution for performing many of the steps in sample preparation prior to either light or electron microscopy.

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uSCOPE MXII Digital Pathology Slide Scanner

uSCOPE MXII-20 Slide Scanner

The uSCOPE MXII Digital Microscope Slide Scanner is a small, compact, portable digital desktop slide scanner that is so easy to use, you can setup and be up and running in less than 10 minutes!

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Antigen Retriever

EMS 2100 Antigen Retriever

Our Unique Retriever solves the problem of staining formalin fixed tissues. Ease of use and high reproducibility of the results give the best quality immunostaining.

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Mic-Fi Digital Wi-Fi Microscopes

Mic-Fi Digital Wi-Fi Microscopes

Versatile, portable digital microscopes with Wi-Fi transmission. Every device can be connected to smartphones or tablets with an app or USB connection.

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Rapid-Core Sampling Tool variety

Rapid-Core Sampling Tool

An all new revolutionary multi-purpose sampling tool, designed with retractable cutting cannulla for easy operation.

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