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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Calibration Standards, Specimens, and Aids

arrow13Reference Samples for Back-Scattered Electron Detection Systems and EDS

eference Samples for Back-Scattered Electron Detection Systems arrow14Reference Standards

When equipped with a back-scattered electron detector, an electron microscope has the capability to produce images in which the contrast is controlled by differences in atomic number across the specimen. Three reference samples are now available for testing the differences of atomic number . Each of the reference samples consists of two high purity elements that have an atomic number difference of 1. They are in form of a wire of the low Z element embedded in a matrix of the high Z element. The samples are mounted onto 5 mm diameter blocks.

79520-01 BSE Reference, Nickel (Z=28)/Copper (Z=29) each 540.00 Add to Cart
79520-02 BSE Reference, Palladium (Z=46)/Silver (z=47) each 550.00 Add to Cart
79520-03 BSE Reference, Platinum (Z=78)/Gold (Z=79) each 575.00 Add to Cart

eference Samples for Back-Scattered Electron Detection Systems arrow14Duplex Specimen

An alternative and very sensitive test is by means of an alloy with two major Copper/Zinc phases separated by an atomic number difference of 0.1. The light phase illustrated in the micrograph has a mean atomic number of 29.47 and the dark phase a mean atomic number of 29.37.

79521-01 Duplex Reference Specimen each 650.00 Add to Cart

info available in pdfX-Checkerarrow14X-Checker™

The X-Checker was the first and remains the only complete calibration aid for SEM/EDS Systems. When time is short but you want to know how well your system is performing you need the X-Checker. Each X-Checker comes with the following:

  • Manganese to measure full width at half max detector resolution
  • Aluminum and copper to perform spectral calibration.
  • Carbon to monitor calibration at the low end of the spectra for thin window detectors.

You also get two grid sizes for checking the accuracy of your image analysis software and an easy test for monitoring the amount of vacuum pump oil contamination on your detector window.

  • The X-Checker™ BN comes with boron nitride for those who need a more sensitive monitor of low end performance on thin window and windowless detectors.
  • The X-Checker™ Extra is the ultimate performance monitor for the latest state of the art X-ray detectors. In addition to the standard features and boron nitride, there is a fluorine source to test resolution at the fluorine K-alpha peak (industry standard for measuring low end resolution). It also comes with a beryllium grid for the ultimate test of detector performance.
80058-ST X-Checker™, Standard each 600.00 Add to Cart
80058-BN X-Checker™, With Boron Nitride each 700.00 Add to Cart
80058-EX X-Checker™, Extra each 800.00 Add to Cart

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