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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Calibration Standards, Specimens, and Aids

Downloadable PDF arrow13Low Magnification Calibration Standards and Color Calibration Slides

Available for SEM and LM

Silicon Test Specimenarrow11Silicon Test Specimen

This Test Specimen is made of a 5 mm x 5 mm square of single crystal silicon. It is photo-etched and the squares repeat every 10 µm. The dividing lines are 1.9 µm wide.

A broader etching line is written every 500 µm, which is useful in light microscopy. This is an excellent test specimen for comparing magnification and assessing any distortion in the image field. It is ideally useful in the context of automated counting systems to check for unsuspected distortions. Where critical measurements must be made the sample can be mounted directly onto the calibration specimen so that an internal calibration is obtained on the micro-graph.

Example Certificate of Calibration

79502-01 Silicon Test Specimen, Unmounted each 80.00 Add to Cart
79502-10 Silicon Test Specimen, Unmounted 10/pk 785.00 Add to Cart
79502-12 Silicon Test Specimen on 12.5 mm Pin Stub each 99.00 Add to Cart
79502-20 Silicon Test Specimen for Incident LM each 428.00 Add to Cart
79502-30 Calibration Certificate each 317.00 Add to Cart

arrow11C. Color Transmission Calibration

NIST Traceable Color Transmission Calibration Slide

NIST Traceable Color Transmission Calibration Slide – Calibrated

Microscopy color patches for assessing color accuracy. NIST traceable calibration data for each large color patch is supplied as spectral transmission. By using the supplied spreadsheet, this data can be converted to the color space you need (such as Adobe RGB 1998, L*A*B*, XYZ, etc.).

  • 24 color patches plus large clear area
  • Black background to minimize flare
  • The 4150 µm diameter patches are individually calibrated for spectral transmission. This allows accurate conversion (using the supplied spreadsheet) to other color space units.
  • Smaller patches from 1,000 µm diameter to 150 µm diameter are exposed and processed at the same time produce good correlation of the large calibrated patches to the smaller ones, but are not calibrated.
  • Oil immersion objectives can be used because a standard 0.15 mm glass cover slip is permanently cemented over the color film.
  • Film is permanently sandwiched between glass; atmospheric deterioration of the measured values is minimized.
  • Each slide is individually serialized and calibrated.



Overall Size 75 mm x 25 mm
Feature Array 24 unique color patches in 9 different sizes, ranging from 4.15 mm diameter to 0.15 mm diameter, and a large clear film area. Only the large patches (and clear area) are directly calibrated, but all patches are imaged and processed at the same time.
Polarity Negative
Material 0.2 mm (0.007") thick polyester photo-film mounted onto 0.9 to 1 mm water white Soda-lime Glass with a 0.15 mm (0.006") glass coverslip for protection (exact thickness is subject to change)


  • Calibrated IAM-9C color microscope slide
  • Calibration Certificate
  • Calibration Data Report
  • Conversion Spreadsheet
  • USB flash drive with data and spreadsheet
  • Protective case


79504 NIST Traceable Color Transmission Calibration Slide - Calibrated each 1,250.00 Add to Cart

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