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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Cleaning Accessories and Supplies

arrow13Static Eliminators

msdsAnti-Static Sprayarrow12Anti-Static Spray

It stops static build-up on optics, disc drives, photographic materials, lenses, metal rollers, anywhere that static may generate.

60615 Anti-static spray, 14 oz can each 12.50 Add to Cart

Anti-Static Brusharrow12Anti-Static Brush

Eliminates static electric charges and removes dust, lint and other particles from negatives and lenses with one quick operation. This non-chemical, non-radioactive, synthetic brush uses the natural principal of resistance flow to obliterate dust and the static electricity that attracts it. It is safe on photographic surfaces and emulsions, great for computer monitors and glass screens as well. It can be cleaned with soap and rinsed with water. It never needs "recharging" and will last a lifetime with proper care.

60612-04 Short Anti-Static Brush each 34.00 Add to Cart

Techni-Stat Clean Matarrow12Techni-Stat® Clean Mat

Clean Mat is a one-layer, 0.060” thick, solid vinyl tablemat designed to be used in a clean room as well as general laboratory areas where static control is needed. It is resistant to heat and most oil, grease, and common solvents. This material provides a safe, non-carbon work surface to dissipate a static charge 6.1 x 108Ω/sq. at a workstation.

All cut mats come with one snap and a 10 ft common point ground. The static dissipate rubber design meets EOS/ESD-54.1 @ 10V. (USA)

60617-23 Techni-Stat® Clean Mat, size 2ft x 3ft (61x92cm) each 94.00 Add to Cart
60617-24 Techni-Stat® Clean Mat, size 2ft x 4ft (61x122cm) each 110.00 Add to Cart

Non-Marking Heel Grounder, Velcro E.Z. Closearrow12Non-Marking Heel Grounder
Velcro® E.Z. Close™

E.Z. Close is your low cost logical choice heel grounder. They are made from premium grade non-marking conductive rubber that is highly abrasion and wear resistant. The Velcro® fastening system is adjustable and comfortable. Includes: 18” conductive tab and 1½”, two-layer, rubber cup. Built in resistor. Charge decay: less than 0.01 sec.; 2.4x108Ω. Meets DOD-263A standards (USA).

60619-10 Heel Grounder with 1MΩ Resistor, Blue each 12.00 Add to Cart
60619-20 Heel Grounder with 2MΩ Resistor, Blue each 10.00 Add to Cart
60619-30 Heel Grounder w/o Resistor, Black Stretch Strap each 14.00 Add to Cart

Static Control Adjustable Wrist Bandarrow12Static Control Adjustable Wrist Band

This Hook and Loop Wrist Strap is designed for those whom need to be static free in the working area. This Hook and Loop wrist trap has a quick and easy adjustment. With a 1” wide conductive material that is sewn in and has a 1MΩ resistor.

60622-06 Static Control Adjustable Wrist Band 6ft Coil Cord each 28.00 Add to Cart
60622-12 Static Control Adjustable Wrist Band 12ft Coil Cord each 30.00 Add to Cart
60622-30 6ft Coil Ground Cord only, Molded Female Snap each 15.00 Add to Cart

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