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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Cleaving and Scribing Systems and Tools

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tdsCrystalbondarrow12Crystalbond™ Adhesives

A temporary adhesive. These wash away adhesives are used as a temporary bond for holding delicate crystals, metallurgical specimens, glass components, and ceramic substrates for dicing, slicing, drilling and polishing. These materials adhere readily to metals, glass, ceramic and then can be washed after machining away using various solvents.


  • Machining or slicing single crystal metal specimens
  • Grinding and polishing sapphire, ceramic, optical garnets, ferrites, and LCD glass
  • Dicing and slicing germanium and silicon wafers in semiconductor production
  • Dicing and slicing alumina and beryllia substrates for IC and microelectronic production
  • Holding beam leads in IC devices for pull-off tests
  • Dicing subminiature chip capacitors and microwave IC substrates

Crystalbond™ Properties

509 555 590
Description Thermo polymer* Thermo polymer* Thermo polymer*
Form ⅞" Dia. x 7" stick Lump Rectangle stick
Softening 160°F (71°C) 125°F (52°C) 257°F (125°C)
Flow Point 250°F (121°C) 130°F (54°C) 302°F (150°C)
Viscosity at Flow Point 6,000 cps 500 cps 9,000 cps
Color Clear Amber White Brown
Solvent Acetone or 509 Stripper Water Methanol or 590-S Stripper

*Thermoplastic polymer

msdsmsdsmsdsarrow10Crystalbond™ 509

Now available in 3 standard colors and both round sticks and rectangular bars

Crystalbond Crystalbond Crystalbond Crystalbond

Crystalbond 509 offers excellent adhesion to metals, glass, and ceramic. This material is the best for precise high purity work since it leaves no residue after dissolving and does not clog the diamond wheel as compared to conventional waxes.

Each stick weighs about 90 grams. The rectangular bars come without any wrapping in a clean plastic sleeve, 5 bars to a sleeve.

50400-01 Crystalbond™ 509 Round Stick each 30.00 Add to Cart
50400-01-R Crystalbond™ 509 Rectangular Bars 5 Bars/Sleeve 196.00 Add to Cart
50400-05 Crystalbond™ 509 Round Sticks 5/pk 142.00 Add to Cart
50400-50 Crystalbond™ 509 Round Amber Stick each 36.00 Add to Cart
50400-50-R Crystalbond™ 509 Rectangular Amber Bars 5 Bars/Sleeve 180.50 Add to Cart
50400-55 Crystalbond™ 509 Round Turquoise Stick each 36.00 Add to Cart
50400-55-R Crystalbond™ 509 Rectangular Turquoise Bars 5 Bars/Sleeve 180.50 Add to Cart
msdsmsdsarrow10Crystalbond™ 555

The same as 509 but used in applications where it is desirable to have a temporary bond which is water soluble. Each stick weighs about 90 grams. Mid-range melting point of Crystalbond™ 555-HMP is 150°F (66°C).

50401-01 Crystalbond™ 555 Sticks 1 Stick 25.60 Add to Cart
50401-10 Crystalbond™ 555 Sticks 10/pk 230.00 Add to Cart
50401-HMP Crystalbond™ 555-HMP 68 g 24.00 Add to Cart
msdsmsds arrow10Crystalbond™ 590

The same as 509 but offers maximum adhesion to subminiature parts. Each stick weighs about 225 grams.

50402-01 Crystalbond™ 590 Sticks 1 Stick 52.00 Add to Cart
50402-02 Crystalbond™ 590 Sticks 2/pk 96.00 Add to Cart
50402-S Stripper for Crystalbond™ 590 100gr 36.00 Add to Cart

Crystalbond™ Wafer-Mountmsdsarrow12Wafer-Mount™ 559

Available in sheet form 10" x 10" (254 x 254 mm). To use, remove the paper backing exposing the adhesive layer. The substrate is positioned on the film and pressed down firmly so that it adheres to the plastic film. No heating is required. The wafer mounted on the plastic film can then be held down using a vacuum manifold or mechanical means for dicing or scribing. After dicing or scribing, the parts can be separated from the Wafer-Mount 559 film by washing in acetone or MEK. Ideal for holding down silicon wafers, alumina, or glass substrates for scribing.

Sheet 10" x 10" (254 x 254 mm). Press down firmly to adhere substrate to film. No heating is required. Ideal for holding down silicon wafers, alumina, or glass substrates for scribing. Dissolves in acetone or MEK

50403-02 Wafer-Mount™ 559 2/pk 36.00 Add to Cart
50403-10 Wafer-Mount™ 559 10/pk 160.00 Add to Cart

msdsarrow12Wafer-Mount™ 562

A dry temporary adhesive film, 0.003" thick, which can be easily cut to size with either a razor or scissor. This mount permits pre-placement of the adhesive film exactly where the user wants it. It melts at 195-210°F. After application it can be dissolved rapidly in trichloroethylene or toluene. This material is particularly useful in applications where a pre-formed adhesive film is needed to assure uniform bonding and flatness or in bonding stacks of substrates such as LCD glass slides for slicing. Sheet size 8" x 10".

50404-10 Wafer-Mount™ 562 10/pk 88.00 Add to Cart
50404-20 Wafer-Mount™ 562 20/pk 165.00 Add to Cart

SEM Sample Mountant – Dual Usearrow11SEM Sample Mountant – Dual Use

This extraordinary mountant can be used as a temporary or permanent bond. The pen is composed of a fiber tip, allowing for even and reproducible application, and may be used in all SEM applications.

The glue appears blue and dries to clear. Free from any solvents, the base of the glue is acrylic.

Photo safe and acid free.

10 g tube.

12659 SEM Sample Mountant – Dual Use each 6.95 Add to Cart

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