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Electron Microscopy Sciences

DiATOME® Diamond Knives

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Polyethlene x120'000
Ronald Walter, BASF Aktiengesellschaft,
Polymer Physics, D-67056 Ludwigshafen.

arrowTrimTools 20, 45 and 90

Finally, one trimming tool for all of your trimming needs at room or cryo temperatures. The trimtool series supercedes the cryotrim and ultratrim lines of trimming tools. Resharpening is still available for these lines.

For successful ultramicrotomy in biology and materials science, precise trimming is mandatory.

  • Rapid and precise trimming
  • Shiny block faces and pyramidal sides
  • Sample surface aligned with the cutting direction
  • Durable cutting edge

The DiATOME trimming blades Trimtool 90, Trimtool 45 and Trimtool 20 will fulfill all your trimming requirements, allowing quick, easy and accurate trimming at both room and cryo-temperatures.

A well trimmed sample is a precondition for perfect section ribbons. Due to the extreme sharpness of our diamond blades, less mechanical damage is applied to the sample during trimming.

Very shiny sample faces and precise sides are the result.

The trimtool 45 produces pyramidal sides with an inclined angle of 45° and the trimtool 20 produces pyramidal sides with an inclined angle of 20°. The trimtool 90 aids in the FIB cutting of biological and technical sample blocks, trimming the 90° inclined blocks sides and well as the surface of the block.

Area of application

Room Temperature:

  • Epoxy or acrylate resin embedded biological samples
  • Metals
  • Polymers
  • Nanoparticles in polymers
  • non-embedded brittle samples

Cryo Temperatures:

  • Sucrose infiltrated and frozen hydrated biological samples
  • Soft polymers

The trimming procedure

Ultramicrotomy requires precise trimming


The trimtool series of trimming tools supersedes all the cryotrim and ultratrim lines.

Choose a new knife in the following table. To resharpen a cryotrim or ultratrim knife, use the subsequent table.

TrimTool 90 90°  new TT-90 1,395.00Add to Cart
      resharpen TTR-90 575.00 Add to Cart
TrimTool 45 45° new TT-45 1,395.00 Add to Cart
      resharpen TTR-45 575.00 Add to Cart
TrimTool 20 20°   new TT-20 1,395.00 Add to Cart
      resharpen TTR-20 575.00 Add to Cart

Original Series Resharpening

CryoTrim 45 Tool 45°  resharpenCTTR 575.00 Add to Cart
CryoTrim 20 Tool 20°  resharpenCTT-20R 575.00 Add to Cart
UltraTrim Dry Room Temperature  3.0mm resharpenUTT-R 625.00 Add to Cart
UltraTrim Dry Room Temperature  4.0mm resharpen UTT-40-R 625.00 Add to Cart
UltraTrim Wet Room Temperature  3.0mm resharpenUWTT-R 600.00 Add to Cart
UltraTrim 45° 45°  resharpenDUTB45-R 625.00 Add to Cart
UltraTrim Wet Room Temperature 4.0mm resharpen UWTT-40-R 600.00 Add to Cart

arrowThe EM Trim Diamond Cutter for the Leica "EM-Trim "

These cutters are used exclusively in the Leica EM Trim and are available in either 6 or 12 mm diameter. These blades allow for parallel edges of the complete block which is mandatory for successful sectioning.

Description Angle mm Knife Cat# Price Order
EM Trim Diamond Cutter   6 new DEMT 1,295.00 Add to Cart
      resharpen DEMT-R 375.00 Add to Cart
EM Trim Diamond Cutter   12 new DEMT-12 1,350.00 Add to Cart
      resharpen DEMT-12-R 450.00 Add to Cart

arrowThe Static Line II Ionizer

Please see our listing Static Line II Ionizer.

What services can we offer you?

  • Technical assistance in all fields of ultramicrotomy.
  • Free sectioning tests for all types of samples.
  • Make use of our many years of experience in perfecting our knives.
  • With a telephone call, an e-mail or a fax message we can inform you of any details you require.

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Your DiATOME® Team

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