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Electron Microscopy Sciences

DiATOME® Diamond Knives

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New knife and resharpening services are available for the FEI Volume Scope from the experts at DiATOME. New knives are delivered in a Volume Scope-compatible holder. Send in an existing knife and holder for the resharpening service to be performed and returned to you.

FEI Volume Scopenew FEI-N 3,695.00Add to Cart
  resharpen FEI-R 1,500.00Add to Cart

What services can we offer you?

  • Technical assistance in all fields of ultramicrotomy.
  • Free sectioning tests for all types of samples.
  • Make use of our many years of experience in perfecting our knives.
  • With a telephone call, an e-mail or a fax message we can inform you of any details you require.

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Your DiATOME® Team

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