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Electron Microscopy Sciences



While Supplies Last...

The following products are limited and availability is not guaranteed. These are not damaged items, however they may be discontinued.

fine mesh gridsFine Mesh Grids

These fine mesh grids are carefully checked. They are suitable for the low magnification range of a TEM. Available as a sandwich in a folding 3.05mm mesh grid, or in a square mesh 25 mm.

79526-10 1000 Mesh Copper, 25 x 25 mm Square each 125.00 Add to Cart

Hose Clamps for Cryo-Vac-Away System

Cryo-Vac-Away Replacement Parts
62810-47 Hose Clamps, 4 clamps/pack 4/pk 27.00 Add to Cart

Diamond Paste

UCS – Oil Soluble (Polycrystalline)
Catalog # Paste Diamond Compound Qty Price  
50371-21 0.25 micron, UCS 5 gm 25.00 Add to Cart
50371-51 3.0 micron, UBS 5 gm 26.00 Add to Cart
50371-81 15.0 micron, UBS 5 gm 25.00 Add to Cart
50371-91 30.0 micron, UBS 5 gm 25.00 Add to Cart

Lid for Optical Bottom 96-Polymer Base Microwell® Plate

Polystyrene. External dimensions 128 x 86 mm.

Catalog # NUNC # Description Color Sterile Units/Sleeve Price  
64811-51 235 304 96 Well Optical Bottom Plate Lid Clear Yes 20/60 90.00 Add to Cart

Aluminum Ring Molds

These molds are made from aluminum, 1½" high.

50482-10 Aluminum Ring Mold 1" Diameter 10/pk 37.00 Add to Cart
50482-15 Aluminum Ring Mold 1½" Diameter 10/pk 40.00 Add to Cart

Dry Transfer Lettering

BLACK-ON-WHITE (black letters; white background) dry transfer lettering sheets.
Each sheet is 8¼" x 11¼".

84027 24pt upper case letters A,B,C,D each 30.00 Add to Cart
84027-10 24pt upper case letters A,B,C,D 10/pk 260.00 Add to Cart

Kodak Ektatherm XLS Transparency Media

For outstanding image stability and near-photographic quality continuous tone thermal prints. Features excellent color reproduction, including superior flesh tones and durability.

Cat. # Description Max. Image Size Sheets Price  
89062 Kodak Ektatherm XLS Transparency Media 8.5 x 12" 8.0 x 10" 100 122.00 Add to Cart
89063 Kodak Ektatherm XLS Transparency Media 8.5 x 14" 8.0 x 12" 100 159.00 Add to Cart

Jeweler Saw Blades


Cat. # Size Thickness Width Length Teeth per
inch mm inch mm inch cm inch cm
72020-08 8/0 .006 0.15 .013 0.33 133 84 33
72020-07 7/0 .007 0.18 .014 0.36 133 84 33
72020-06 6/0 .007 0.18 .014 0.36 133 76 30
72020-05 5/0 .008 0.20 .016 0.41 133 66 26
72020-20 2 .013 0.33 .027 0.69 133 44 17
72020-30 3 .014 0.36 .029 0.74 133 40 16
72020-50 5 .016 0.41 .033 0.84 133 35 14
72020-60 6 .017 0.43 .037 0.94 133 33 13
72020-70 7 .019 0.46 .039 1.10 133 30 12
72020-80 8 .020 0.51 .045 1.14 133 28 11
72020-100 10 .024 0.61 .053 1.35 133 24 10
72020-112 12 .024 0.61 .065 1.65 133 20 8


72020-08 Saw blades, size 8/0 1 dz 5.25 Add to Cart
72020-07 Saw blades, size 7/0 1 dz 5.25 Add to Cart
72020-06 Saw blades, size 6/0 1 dz 5.25 Add to Cart
72020-05 Saw blades, size 5/0 1 dz 5.25 Add to Cart
72020-20 Saw blades, size 2 1 dz 5.25 Add to Cart
72020-30 Saw blades, size 3 1 dz 5.25 Add to Cart
72020-50 Saw blades, size 5 1 dz 5.25 Add to Cart
72020-60 Saw blades, size 6 1 dz 5.25 Add to Cart
72020-70 Saw blades, size 7 1 dz 5.25 Add to Cart
72020-80 Saw blades, size 8 1 dz 5.25 Add to Cart
72020-100 Saw blades, size 10 1 dz 5.25 Add to Cart
72020-112 Saw blades, size 12 1 dz 5.25 Add to Cart

Tough-Spots® on RollTough-Spots® on Roll

Pre-cut Peel-off Round Labels for Microcentrifuge Tube Tops

Easy To Write On – PVC labels accept writing from most lab markers including our Solvent Resistant Pens and Teeny Writers.

Convenient – Dispensing box assists in labeling individual tubes used in small experiments.

EMS# Color Labels per roll Diameter Price  
77580-P Pink 1000 ⅜" 26.00 Add to Cart

KODAK Safelight Filters

Scientifically designed for safelight lamps. Provides maximum safe illumination, when used as directed, plus offers protection from white light when using sensitized materials.

  • OA / greenish yellow – For black-and-white contact and duplicating materials and projection films.
  • 2 / dark red – For fast orthochromatic materials, some green-sensitive x-ray films, KODAK EKTALINE Papers, and KODAK orthochromatic LINAGRAPH Papers.
74915-OA Safelight filter, 5½", OA each 95.00 Add to Cart
74918-02 Safelight filter, 8 x 10, 2 each 125.00 Add to Cart

White Bulb for Illuminated Magnilites® Vision-Lite® 2000

Catalog # Model # Description Pkg Price  
68225-06 13394 White Bulb each 36.00 Add to Cart

Mini 1.75X Magnifier for Mini Light Box

Mini 1.75X magnifier facilitates your viewing for the mini light box.

71664-12 1.75X Mini Magnifier each 196.00 Add to Cart

Datamarker V Pens – Permanent Marker

Write on anything. Perfect for every photo. Will not wash off even on resin-coated paper. Comes with a convenient pocket clip and it is permanent, smudge proof, and waterproof.

72122-R Datamarker, Fine Point, Red each 2.50 Add to Cart

Dial Thermometer for Explosion Proof Hot Plate Stirrer

This dial thermometer, with a 0°C to 300°C range, fits directly into the top plate and measures the surface temperature.

72341-50 Dial Thermometer each 200.00 Add to Cart

SUPER-NUOVA™ Digital Top Stirring Hot PlatesSuperNuova™ Digital Top Stirring Hot Plate

Top of the Line Features

  • Warning system deters accidental contact with hot surface
  • Remote probe allow for accurate reading of solution temperature to 0.1°C for temperature below 100°C
  • User-adjustable over-temperature protection prevents runaway temperature conditions
  • 24 month warranty

Product Description & Operation

  • Stir Trac™ technology offers improved slow speed stirring, consistent speed control and stronger magnetic coupling from 50 rpm to 1200 rpm
  • Ideal for cold room applications. Can be used in a 0 to 27°C, 80% relative humidity, non-condensing environment
  • Accommodates sample weight up to 25 lb (11.5kg)
  • Integral ring stand holder accommodates 0.5" (1.3cm) diameter support rod
  • Unique, single knob design controls both heating and stirring. Set points go up slowly when the knob is rotated slowly, faster as the knob is rotated faster. The knob then is locked out to avoid accidental changes
  • RS232 port enables you to output time count, temperature set points, top surface/remote probe temperature, stirring set point and actual speed to a printer or computer
  • Supplied with 6" type K probe, detachable cord and retention bracket that prevents cord from accidentally removed, and include 2" x ⅜" dia TFE-coated stir bar
  • Separate easy-to-read digital displays indicate temp settings for heating and rpm for stirring. Adjustable 1°C and 1 rpm increments
  • Microprocessor controlled feedback technology offers user programmable preset buttons allow for up to four often-used temperatures and/or stirring speed to be recalled at the touch of a single button, with consistent and repeatable
  • Hot surface alert safety systems protect from accidental burns
  • Walk-away timer shuts off heating, stirring or both after a preset user-defined interval
  • Independently adjustable over temperature protection circuit limits top plate temperature and prevent run away conditions
  • Calibration mode allows remote probe to be calibrated to external standard and at any temperature the user selects


Cat. # Volts Amps Watts Stirring
Heating Surface Overall
72344-10 100 6.8 680 50 to1200 7.25" x 7.25"
(18.4 x 18.4cm)
8.2"W x 13" D x 3.8"H
(20.8 x 33 x 9.7cm)


Cat. # Model # Item Weight
72344-10 SP131824Q1 Ceramic Digital Hot Plate 12 (5.4) 782.00 Add to Cart

Auto-Radiography Pen - Bio-Imager PenAuto-Radiography Bio-Solventor Pen

The Bio-Solventor Pen will mask information marked with the Bio-Imager Pen, if corrections are needed.

72141-12 Bio-Solventor Pen each 25.00 Add to Cart

CureMount™ - Mounting MediumAluminum Chuck

Machined from solid Aluminum. Comes with set screws and a hex key.

70174-16 ABH-MT Chuck each 50.50 Add to Cart

CureMount™ - Mounting MediumPlastic Thermos

Used to hold the Heat Extractor in a freezing agent (i.e. LN2) in the Gentle Jane Snap Freezer. (Heat Extractor not included).

62830-48 Plastic Thermos each 20.00 Add to Cart

disposable microtome bladeDisposable Microtome Blades; Stainless Steel

The quality of sectioning depends on the quality of the blade being used. With sharp durable edges, our blades represent a new standard in sectioning quality.

For routine tissue samples, this standard blade offers an unsurpassed level of quality at an affordable price.

Measures: 3" L x 0.498" W x 0.012" Thick (76.22 mm L x 12.6 mm W x 0.32 mm Thick)

63060-01 Disposable standard microtome blades, Uncoated 60/bx 114.00 Add to Cart

disposable microtome bladeAnalog Bimetallic Controlled Dri-Bath

  • Temperature control at 37°C: ±3.0°C
  • Temperature uniformity at 3°7C: ±0.5°C
  • Dual temperature control for precise control over the two ranges: from slightly above ambient to 60°C and from 50°C to 130°C
  • Read thermometer and adjust knob controller to your desired point
Volts Amps Watts Block Weight W x D x H" (cm)
240 0.42 100 Single 5 (2) 6.2 x 3.4 x 7.6 (16 x 9 x 19)
Catalog # Model # Price  
63127-12 2050-1Q 360.00 Add to Cart

Double mailers for etiologic agents or biohazard specimensDouble Specimen Mailing Container

The set consists of an inner aluminum screw cap container and an outer fiberboard screw cap mailing tube. This double type unit is required by US Postal for mailing of etiologic agents or biohazard specimens. Each aluminum container is autoclavable and the cap is lined to prevent leakage.

Catalog # Tube Size Alum. Can Size Qty Price  
61010 DM1, 1¾" x 5⅞" 1¼" x 5¼" 12/pk 72.00 Add to Cart

autopsy baskets and cassettesAutopsy Basket

Made from stainless steel. It is fully perforated allowing for free movement of fluids. It comes with a snap-cap which provides positive enclosure.
Measures 35 mm (D) x 70 mm (H).

62310-07 SS Autopsy Basket 2 each 43.00 Add to Cart

autopsy baskets and cassettesCompact Incubator 100Q

Low Cost Incubator for Clinic or Classroom!

Product Description
  • Corrosion-resistant aluminum chamber with 1" (2.5 cm) fiberglass insulation provides excellent temperature uniformity
  • Rugged metal door with positive latch provides an excellent seal esuring temperature stability and uniformity
  • Bimetallic thermostat control heats uniformity in chamber, allowing adjustment of temperature of the unit to match thermometer setting
  • Red, spirit-filled thermometer contains no mercury and is accurate to NIST tolerances
  • Pilot light indicates when heaters are engergized, allowing you to be confident that the unit is operating
  • Specially designed shielded heating elements eliminate safety hazards caused by spills
  • Bacteriological cultures
  • Hematology studies
  • Chick embryo studies
Operating Temp Range °C Ambient +5 to 40°C
Temp Control °C ±1°C at 37°C
Temp Uniformity °C ±1°C at 37°C
Chamber Volume cu. ft. (L) 0.67 (19)
Ship Wgt. lbs (kg) 15 (7)
Chamber W x D x H" (cm) 12 (30) x 8 (20) x 12 (30)
Overall W x D x H" (cm) 13.5 (34) x 11.8 (30) x 14.5 (37)
One Fixed Shelf Perforated Aluminum
Electrical (50/60 Hz) 120V, 0.8A, 100W
63150-10 Compact Incubator 100Q each 467.00 Add to Cart

Laboratory JacksMulti Jack® Laboratory Jack

When lab equipment needs a lift!

This Multi Jack is ideal for any laboratory supporting various types and sizes of glassware, apparatus, and instruments at specific heights as is required by specific work set-ups.

  • Stable in all positions
  • Sturdy, corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum construction
  • Accurate, slippage-free vertical adjustment
  • Stepless screw-type control smoothly raises or lowersloading platform
  • 24 Month Warranty
Plate Size W x L Inches (cm) 7.9 (20.0) x 7.9 (20)
Adjustable From-To Inch (cm) 3.1 (8) to10.9 (27.8)
Max Load at Middle Lbs (kg) 176 (80)
Shipping Weight Lbs (kg) 4 (1.82)
63225-26 Multi Jack Laboratory Jack each 250.00 Add to Cart

Cellometer™ – The Disposable Cell Counting Chamber

Cell Counting Made Easy

These Disposable Cell Counters are an enclosed chamber with two ports for sample introduction. The chamber contains precisely spaced lines in a grid pattern. There are two counting chambers per slide for replicates. The counting grid pattern is the Improved Neubauer, as in a common Hemacytometer. The consistent pattern design allows the standard cell counting procedure to be followed.

63560-25 Cellometer™, Glass Base 25/bx 140.00 Add to Cart

Culture FlasksCulture Flask

Special Culture Flask made from borosilicate glass and "PTFE"

For all applications where gentle stirring is required, such as biological suspensions and micro-carrier cell cultures. The unique stirring action uses a flexible "PTFE" shaft driven through a fully encapsulated rare-earth magnet to give even and complete mixing throughout the liquid. The height of the shaft is adjustable. Contact materials are "PTFE" and borosilicate glass only. The glass vessel has two side-arms and the base is intended to aid mixing. Recommended for use up to 120 rpm max.

Flask only – no Rotor, no Side Arm Caps

Catalog # Capacity Neck S/Arm Flask HT Body 0 Price  
66221-10 1000 ml DL 45 GL 32 230 mm 115 mm 159.00 Add to Cart

Modular MSI-150 is the most versatile 150W halogen, high intensity fiber opticModular Illuminator MSI-150

Modular MSI-150 is the most versatile 150W halogen, high intensity fiber optic system. Its quick-change lamp module permits easy access and fast replacement. MSI-150 includes both a solid state dimmer and a mechanical diaphragm. The system allows users to select optimum light output (EJA) or maximum lamp life (EKE). Forced air, fan cooled with voltage trimmer adjustments. The lightweight MSI-150 accommodates single or bifurcated fiber bundles, as well as ringlights.


Lamp Type EJA or EKE
Input Voltage 115V and 50/60Hz
Output Lamp Voltage 21 VAC
Lamp color Temperature EJA: 3350°K; EKE: 3250°K
Output Lamp Voltage 150W
Fuse 3 Amp
Size 9½" L x 7" W x 5¼" H
Weight 10 lbs
67952-01 Modular Illuminator MSI-150, 120V each 550.00 Add to Cart
67952-10 Halogen Lamp 150W, EJA each 32.00 Add to Cart
67952-11 Halogen Lamp 150W, EKE each 38.00 Add to Cart

Illuminated Magnifier With Lighted BoxIlluminated Magnifier With Lighted Box

A combination of an illuminated magnifier and a light box. It offers you a work station that is convenient for the inspection of biological and medical specimens, photography, and specimen orientation.





Magnification Approx. 3X
Lens Diameter 130mm
Illumination Circular fluorescent lamp, 110V, 20W
Size 315 x 445 x 380 mm
Weight 4.5Kg
68116 Illuminated Magnifier Station each 400.00 Add to Cart

Compound MicroscopesCompound Microscope, Binocular, Planachromat

The BC Upright Compound microscope is designed to perform in a demanding research environment and incorporates advanced technology into a durable, cost effective solution for your microscope needs.

Key Specifications

  • Optical body – Seidentopf design inclined 30°; 55 to 75 mm interpupillary adjustment, 360° rotation
  • Eye pieces – 10X wide field; Focal Length 25mm, Field Number 22 mm.
  • Turret – 4 position ball bearing, reversed, with positive click stops
  • Mechanical stage – 8.25" (209 mm) x 5.5" (140 mm) with vernier scale; Range of motion 75 x 52 mm; Low-positioned right hand coaxial control knobs for one hand focusing; slide holder
  • Focusing – 0.002 mm markings, adjustable tension control & focus stop prohibits drift, protects specimen and objectives
  • Condenser – 1.25 N.A. 2 element Abbe with iris diaphragm and focusing
  • Kohler Illumination – field diaphragm, 20W 6V Halogen with dimmer
  • Dimensions – (WHD) (in/cm) 7.8 x 16.5 x 10.9 / 20.0 x 41.9 x 27.8 Gross Weight (lb/kg) 21/9.5

Microscope Includes: dust cover, immersion oil, two color filters, spare halogen lamp and fuse; phase centering telescope & green filter.

Field of View w/10X E.P. (mm) Working Distance
Planachromatic (mm)
4X 0.1 4.5 17
10X 0.25 1.8 8
20X 0.4 0.72 NA
40X Retractable 0.65 0.45 0.47
100X R (oil) 1.25 0.25 0.18
BC-211 Compound Microscope, Binocular, Planachromat each 1,800.00 Add to Cart

Basic Richardson Field Microscope RFM-2Basic Richardson Field Microscope RFM-2

With 4x achromat objective, and 10x eyepiece with standard unlighted stage for use outdoors or with lamp. Includes table top tripod, battery, manual and demonstration slides.

97601 RFM-2 Field Microscope with field kit* each 349.00 Add to Cart
*Field kit includes carry bag, plastic case containing tools, sample preparation supplies, notebook and lamp

Upgrade your RFM-2 Microscope

With any of the following objectives. These are RMS / DIN standard objectives which offer improved optical performance.

97606 4x / NA 0.10 Semi-Plan Objective each 75.00 Add to Cart
97608 4x / NA 0.10 Plan Objective each 105.00 Add to Cart

Convert your RFM-2 Microscope

With this high quality eyepiece to increase magnification.

97611 15x Widefield Eyepiece each 98.00 Add to Cart

Accessories for EVOS Microscopes

Order individual parts applicable to your unique needs.

AMEP-4618 Arm Rest Accessory Kit, attaches to either side of stage; For use with EVOS XL and EVOS FL each 307.00 Add to Cart
AMEP-4700 FL and XL models: Mag.: 100x; Plan: LWD - FL; Imaging Medium: Oil; NA: 1.28; WD: 0.21mm each 2,400.00 Add to Cart

Cryo-RackInstrument Dust Covers

Rigid dust covers are great for use with various instruments. They are strong and lightweight and they are available in either round or rectangular shapes.

Rectangular Cover: A versatile instrument cover, best suited for balances. Made from clear cellulose acetate with a handle at the top and reinforced aluminum band at the bottom.

Measures: 15¾" L x 10⅞" W x 10⅞" H.

Round Cover: Rigid and perfect for the microscope. It blocks out dust and corrosive fumes. They are made from clear cellulose acetate with a handle at the top and reinforced aluminum band at the bottom.

Measures: 18" H x 10" D

60430-01 Round Dust Cover each 132.00 Add to Cart
60431-01 Rectangular Dust Cover each 210.00 Add to Cart

Solvent Spill Cleanup KitSolvent Spill Emergency Cleanup Kit

The items you need to clean up a solvent spill are locally organized in the Solvent Spill Emergency Cleanup Kit. The kit does not require time and patience because it's designed with the information as well as the kit. The simple step-by-step instructions tell you what to do and when to do it. The kit is sealed so you can be sure that all the items you need to clean up a spill of up to 1 liter will be there when you need them. One of the most important features of the kit is convenience. It contains step-by-step instructions, goggles, gloves, absorbent, neutralizer (when needed), scooper, brush, and waste bags, all put in one easy-access, flip top box.

24120 Solvent Spill Clean Up Kit each 144.00 Add to Cart


Cryo-Rack only. Accommodates 24 vials.

62058 Cryo-Rack 10/pk 34.00 Add to Cart

Snap Cap for 6 oz bottleSnap Cap for 6 oz specimen bottle

Made from polypropylene. Neck diameter: 146 mm.

64232-50 Snap Cap – 6 oz specimen bottle 500/pk 40.00 Add to Cart

Round Dipping BasketRound Dipping Baskets HDPE/PP

Sturdy – Swivel Handle. These polypropylene fabricated dipping baskets withstands 180°F on a continuous basis or up to 200°F for shorter periods. Excellent chemical resistance. The basket comes complete with a swinging handle. Perforations are 1/8" (3.175mm) diameter on 21/64" (8.33mm) center.

63315-01 Round Dipping Basket HDPE/PP Ht. 6", Dia. 6" each 119.00 Add to Cart
63315-02 Round Dipping Basket HDPE/PP Ht. 8", Dia. 8" each 110.50 Add to Cart

Round Dipping BasketRound Dipping Basket HDPE/PP

Dipping basket with lip edge.

63315-03 Round Dipping Basket HDPE/PP Ht. 6¾", Dia. 4" each 146.00 Add to Cart

spill control padsSpill Control Pads

These pads instantly absorb 15 times their weight in most chemicals, solvents, and other liquids. Pads are constructed from a unique polyethylene barrier that prevents skin contact with spilled materials. A convenient pinch grip tab on each pad makes it easy to use. The pads are supplied in a sturdy plastic dispenser box with an adhesive backing for mounting. 15 pads per dispenser.

64424 Spill Control Pads – 3" 6/disp. 30.00 Add to Cart
64425 Spill Control Pads – 6" 4/disp. 45.00 Add to Cart
64426 Spill Control Pads – 9" 2/disp. 50.00 Add to Cart
64427 Spill Control Pads – 12" 1/disp. 37.00 Add to Cart

Fine Points, Oblique Fontax TweezersFontax Positive Action Tweezers Style #16, Fine Points, Oblique

Used for the transfer of specimen grids in and out of the grid storage box.

72810-F Fontax #16, Chromosteel each 26.00 Add to Cart

Anti-Static BrushAnti-Static Brush, 10"

Safely removes dust and static from negatives, slides, lenses, monitors, video cameras and more.

60612-10 Anti-Static Brush, 10" each 43.00 Add to Cart

Vertical Slide Rack

A stainless steel rack with a fixed handle and grooves to take 76 x 26 mm microscope slides vertically for maximum use of space and solutions.

71421-VR Vertical 48-Slide Rack only each 142.00 Add to Cart

Slide Warmers

Large Size Economical Slide Warmers

These Slide Warmers are designed for cytology, histology, pathology, and other biological applications in industrial and clinical lab environments.

  • Temperature range from slightly above ambient to 65°C
  • Two sizes – Accommodates up to 66 slides
  • Large slide capacity with space-saving design
  • 2 year warranty
  • CE Certified
  • Uniform heat transfer over entire heating surface
  • Black Anodized heavy gauge aluminum worktop for maximum specimen contrast
Cat.# Model Electrical
Overall Dimension
W" x D" X H" (cm)
Slide Capacity
71315-10 26020 120V, 160W 25 x 8 x 3½ (64 x 20 x 9) 66, 1" x 3" (25 x 76mm) or
33, 2" x 3" (51 x 76mm)
71315-20 26022 240V, 160W 25 x 8 x 3½ (64 x 20 x 9)
66, 1" x 3" (25 x 76mm) or
33, 2" x 3" (51 x 76mm)
71316-20 26025-1 240V, 160W 25 x 8 x 4½ (64 x 20 x11)
66, 1" x 3" (25 x 76mm) or
33, 2" x 3" (51 x 76mm)
Catalog # Description Qty Price  
71315-10 Slide Warmer, 26020, 120V each 712.00 Add to Cart
71315-20 Slide Warmer, 26022, 240V each 775.00 Add to Cart
71316-20 Slide Warmer, 26025-1, 240V each 990.00 Add to Cart

High Intensity Illuminator AC Adapter Only for High Intensity Illuminator

This lighting device (EMS #67974) provides brightness around the base of the Macroscope-25. It can be moved vertically and positioned angularly to best highlight a specimen.
AC adapter only.

67975 AC Adapter Only for Illuminator each 25.00 Add to Cart

print dryer rackPrint Dryer, Rack Only

Place prints from the RC Print Drying System into the angled, vinyl-coated rack to dry quickly and spotlessly, without heat. The rack holds up to eight 8 x 10" or 11 x 14" prints in any combination. The rack can be attached to the roller unit, set on a table, or hung on the wall.

74824-12 Print Dryer, Rack Only each 26.00 Add to Cart

Darkroom LouverDarkroom Louver

Model DV-99
Dimension A
9 ½"
Dimension B 9 ½"
Dimension C 8 ½"
Dimension D 8 ½"
Dimension E 1 ¼"
Cut-out Size 8¾" x 8¾"
Nominal Hole Size 8' x 8'
Use with Fan D-68
Area Sq. Inches 64
Material Molded plastic
Catalog # 74851-10
Price 34.00
  Add to Cart

Gold Plated Gilder Grids

3.05mm diameter, 0.7 mil (18µm) thickness (for all mesh), 50µm thickness (single hole and slot)
Material: Copper (Cu), Nickel (Ni)

To comply with the demands of immunogold labeling techniques, our Gilder copper and nickel specimen grid types, are now available with a gold plating (gilded) all with the same specifications as our regular grids. 24K gold is chemically deposited onto copper and nickel grids producing a uniform coating, with a gold thickness in the range of 0.10 to 0.25 microns. When doing autoradiography techniques, gilded grids have been used successfully for the localization and distribution of labeled compounds in specimens. The gold gilded grids decrease the risk of chemical reaction in many specimen treatment procedures, and is an alternative to the more expensive pure gold grids.

Gold Gilded Square MeshGold Gilded Square Mesh

Limited stock available. These grids will be discontinued once our stock is gone.

      Technical Data µm Price/Vial
Type Cat# Packed Pitch Hole Bar 1 to 9 *10 +  
100 mesh GG100-Cu 100/vial 250 205 45 36.00 35.50 Add to Cart
  GG100-Ni 100/vial 250 205 45 40.00 39.50 Add to Cart
150 mesh GG150-Cu 100/vial 165 125 40 38.00 37.50 Add to Cart
  GG150-Ni 100/vial 165 125 40 42.00 41.50 Add to Cart
300 mesh GG300-Ni 100/vial 83 58 25 42.00 41.50 Add to Cart
400 mesh GG400-Cu 100/vial 62 37 25 42.00 41.50 Add to Cart
Gold Gilded Single Oval HoleGold Gilded Single Oval Hole

Limited stock available. These grids will be discontinued once our stock is gone.

      Technical Data µm Price/Vial
Type Cat# Packed Pitch Hole Bar 1 to 9 *10 +  
GS2x0.5 GG205-Cu 100/vial 2000 x 500 42.00 41.50 Add to Cart
  GG205-Ni 100/vial 2000 x 500 44.00 43.50 Add to Cart
GS2x1 GG2010-Cu 100/vial 2000 x 1000 42.00 41.50 Add to Cart