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Kwik-Gard Sylgard™ 184arrow12Kwik-Gard™ Sylgard™ 184

The Kwik-Gard™ is a specially packaged Sylgard™ 184 silicone that offers a quicker and easier way to apply the silicone, eliminating the messy procedure of preparing the mixture before application. Its special cartridge controls the precise mixing ratio to ensure proper curing. The disposable tip mixes resin and hardener as they are dispensed. Since no air is introduced during mixing, the resin does not need degassing for most applications. The mixed silicone is applied directly to the site, reducing preparation time and material waste. Each Kwik-Gard™ cartridge contains 37 ml of resin and hardener. The dispensing tip has a dead volume of 0.75 ml. Curing time for this silicone is 24 hrs at 25°C, and 15 min. at 150°C.

24236-01 Kwik Gard™ Start Up kit (Dispenser, 1 Cartridge and 5 tips) each 230.00 Add to Cart
24236-02 Kwik Gard™ Refill (2 cartridges and 10 dispensing tips) each 140.00 Add to Cart
24236-03 Dispensing tips 10/pk 60.00 Add to Cart
24236-04 Kwik Gard Dispenser each 170.00 Add to Cart

msdsmsdstdsKwik Gard Refillarrow12Sylgard™ 184

Same as the Kwik Gard™, but in its original container. A two-part silicone elastomer, ideal for potting and encapsulating applications. Very low dielectric constant sealing compound used in patch clamping and many other lab applications. After cure, will withstand -55° to 200 °C. Curing time for this silicone is 24 hrs at 25°C, and 15 min. at 150°C. 1.1 lbs.

24236-10 Sylgard™ 184 Kit 169.50 Add to Cart

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