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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Silicone Nitride Mesh and Films

arrow14DuraSiN™ Customization

We realize that each customer has unique needs. Because specimens vary greatly in composition and size, and because DuraSiN™ finds use in numerous analytical and imaging techniques, there is no "ideal" product shape and size. To meet the diverse and demanding needs of the research community, DuraSiN™ Film and Mesh products were designed to facilitate customization and meet a user's specific requirements. For example, X-ray microscopists may be interested in DuraSiN™ products with a larger window area and with a thicker silicon nitride membrane. Users with microscopes that have a unique sample support fixture may be interested in DuraSiN™ products with a larger frame diameter. Finally, for the most demanding applications, ultra-thin silicon nitride membranes (<50nm) may be required.

DuraSiN™ products can be customized to target a specific silicon nitride membrane thickness, silicon frame thickness, window area, and/or frame area. Most custom dimensional changes can be accommodated in only 3-4 weeks, and most other custom requests can be completed within 4-6 weeks. Please note that customized products may be more expensive, and minimum quantities may apply.

While almost any parameter defining the structure of DuraSiN™ products can be customized, there are ranges for these parameters that generally need to be considered:

Description Film for TEM Mesh for TEM Film for X-ray
Film Thickness 30nm - 200nm 30nm - 200nm 100nm - 200nm
Window Area 0.2mm - 0.7mm 0.2mm - 0.7mm 0.1mm - 10mm
Frame Diameter 2.65mm 2.65mm 2.65mm - 15mm
Frame Thickness 200µm - 600µm 200µm - 600µm 200µm - 600µm
Hole Size N/A >0.8µm N/A
Hole Pitch N/A depends on hole size and shape N/A

Membrane Thickness

Standard DuraSiN™ products are available with 50nm, 100nm, and 200nm silicon nitride membrane thickness. Custom membranes can be manufactured with silicon nitride film thickness ranging from 20nm up to several microns thick. Typically, very thin windows (<50nm) are compatible with small window area while thicker windows can be used with any window area, including large area windows. It should be noted that extremely thin windows must be handled very carefully due to their fragile nature.

Window Area

Standard DuraSiN™ products have square windows are available with edge length ranging from 500um to 5mm. Custom window areas can be manufactured with window area ranging from um to mm . The maximum window area is a function of the membrane thickness, and larger windows can produced from thicker nitride. Very small windows can also be manufactured, but, due to process constraints, these small windows may exhibit a larger window size variation among samples, for example 50um +/- 20um. Rectangular windows (sometimes known as "slot grids") with custom dimensions can also be produced.

Frame Diameter

Standard DuraSiN™ products have frame diameter ranging from 2.65mm to 10mm. Custom frame diameters can be manufactured with frame diameter ranging from 2.65mm to 10mm. Typically, larger window areas require a larger frame diameter. The minimum frame diameter than can be produced is the TEM size (2.65mm), presently offered through EMS along with 5mm and 10mm frame sizes. However, any size between 2.65mm and 15mm can be custom ordered.

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