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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Grids for Electron Microscopy

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arrow Alpha Numeric Index GridAlpha Numeric Index Grid

By employing a rectangular mesh the support value of the grid has been increased, offering a value intermediate between the most commonly used grid (200 Lines/") and (300 Lines/"/). Each grid rectangle is asymmetrical having different outlines in all four corners. This allows for the orientation of the grid to be determined at microscopic levels. The index feature enables the position of each grid to be identified with reference to the letters A-O along the horizontal axis and the numbers 1-15 along the vertical axis. The logo in the rim allows for precise orientation and aids in the identification of each side. Grids are available in Copper, Copper/Palladium, Nickel, and Gold.


Horizontal Axis: Vertical Axis:
Mesh: 200 Lines/" 250 Lines/"
Pitch: 125 microns 105 microns
Bar Width: 20 microns 15 microns
Hole Width: 105 microns 90 microns
Overall Diameter: 3.05 mm 3.05 mm

Corner Outline with Reference to Logo in the Rim

Top Right: Right Angle
Top Left: Inverted Quadrant
Bottom Right: Diagonal Line
Bottom Left: Quadrant
G200F4-Cu Alpha/Numeric Index Grid Copper 100/vial 47.00 Add to Cart
G200F4-CP Alpha/Numeric Index Grid Copper/Palladium 100/vial 64.00 Add to Cart
G200F4-Ni Alpha/Numeric Index Grid Nickel 100/vial 69.00 Add to Cart
G200F4-Au Alpha/Numeric Index Grid, Gold 50/vial 78.00 Add to Cart

arrowAsbestos Analysis Index GridsAsbestos Analysis Index Grids

Our unique index grids for all of your microscopy work. These grids are manufactured in the strictest accordance to meet AHERA requirements.

The grids are available in either copper or nickel and there are 100 grids/vial.


Overall Diameter 3.05mm
Mesh 200 lines/"
Pitch 125 microns
Bar Width 10 microns +/- 2 microns
Hole Width 115 microns +/- 2 microns
Index Identification Horizontal: A-J
Index Identification Vertical: 1-10
EMS Logo in Rim
Asymmetrical Cut Out In Rim Allows for precise repeat location and aids in side differentiation
G200-EMS-IND-Cu Index Copper Grids 100/vial 47.00 Add to Cart
G200-EMS-IND-Ni Index Nickel Grids 100/vial 56.00 Add to Cart

arrowSEM Finder Grids

These  two new SEM grids are designed to aid in the identification and localization of SEM specimens when placed on standard SEM stubs.

The SEMF2 allows for easy characterization and analysis of particles and suspensions.

The SEMF3 uses an alpha-numeric index, allowing up to 25 predetermined specimens to be fixed and then located in a SEM.

Type SEMF1

Referring to the annular rim identifies north, south, east and west. The four quadrant markers are tapered towards the centre. 100 Radial sectors are identified by reference to decimal numbers in the annular rim and alphabet letters in the four quadrants.

Overall Diameter: 10 mm
Overall Thickness: ~50 µm
Material:  Copper, Nickel or Gold

Text Box:  Type SEMF2

The larger cells are identified using numbers from 1 – 57. Each large cell is sub-divided into 4, making a total of 228 identifiable cells by reference to their number and geographical location.

Overall Diameter: 10 mm
Overall Thickness: ~50 µm
Material:  Copper, Nickel or Gold

Text Box:  Type SEMF3

25 cells are identified by reference to their alpha-numeric position. The large asymmetric cut-out feature in the rim enables the right view to be easily obtained when placing on a SEM stub.

Overall Diameter: 10 mm
Overall Thickness: ~50 µm
Material:  Copper, Nickel or Gold
80101-Cu SEMF1, Copper 10/vial 86.00 Add to Cart
80101-Ni SEMF1, Nickel 10/vial 96.00 Add to Cart
80101-Au SEMF1, Gold 5/vial 178.00 Add to Cart
80102-Cu SEMF2, Copper 10/vial 96.00 Add to Cart
80102-Ni SEMF2, Nickel 10/vial 96.00 Add to Cart
80102-Au SEMF2, Gold 5/vial 168.00 Add to Cart
80103-Cu SEMF3, Copper 10/vial 96.00 Add to Cart
80103-Ni SEMF3, Nickel 10/vial 96.00 Add to Cart
80103-Au SEMF3, Gold 5/vial 168.00 Add to Cart

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