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arrow13Aldehyde Control Systems

Neutralex aldehyde wastes  spillsThese products offer a safe, efficient and economical solution for the control of aldehyde wastes and/or spills:

  • Four unique products for fast, safe and efficient aldehyde neutralization
  • Eliminates exposure to potentially hazardous conditions
  • It is a certified technology for treating formalin waste
  • Complies with federal, state, and local ordinances


  • CAL/EPA certified technology
  • Complete aldehyde neutralization in 15 minutes
  • No drain-clogging polymer by-products
  • Final neutralization levels down to 10 ppm
  • No pH adjustment
  • Easy to use: Pre-measured pouches are ready to use convenient to store and will not leak or freeze during the winter months
  • Neutralex® Starter Kit consists of:
    16 Neutralex® pre-measured pouches, each pouch neutralizes 4 liters (1 gallon) of aldehyde
    Aldehyde Test Kit consisting of 100 analytical test strips
    9.5 L (2.5 gallon) Reaction Container
Not for sale overseas
Catalog # Tissue-Tek Description Pack Price  
63330-SK 4046 Neutralex™ Starter Kit each 460.00 Add to Cart
63330-16 4047 Pre-measured Pouches 16/pk 181.00 Add to Cart
63330-10 4050 Aldehyde Test Kit 100/pk 209.00 Add to Cart
63330-25 4276 9.5 L Reaction Container each 145.00 Add to Cart

Neutra Padsarrow10Neutra-Pads™

  • Revolutionary grossing pad that absorbs and neutralizes 10% formalin
  • Significantly reduces the effects of noxious vapors
  • Unique pad design encapsulates formalin and promotes neutralization
  • Exclusive plastic pad backing prevents escape of harmful liquids; keep grossing area drier, cleaner and safer
  • Neutra-Pads™ come packaged:
    10 pads per bag, 10 bags per case, each pad measures 20.3 x 25.4 cm (8" x 10")
Not for sale overseas
Catalog # Tissue-Tek Description Pack Price  
63332-01 9157 Neutra-Pads™ 10/pk 35.00 Add to Cart
63332-10 9157 Neutra-Pads™ 100/pk 299.00 Add to Cart


  • Rapidly absorbs and neutralizes small formalin spills
  • Significantly reduces the effects of noxious vapors
  • Perfect liner for tissue transporting trays
  • Ideal as a shelf liner in tissue storage areas
  • Convenient pop-up dispensing container provides fast accessibility to wipes
  • Includes 4 rolls, 60 wipes per roll; Wipe size: 30.5 cm x 31.8 cm or (12" x 12.5")
Not for sale overseas
Catalog # Tissue-Tek Description Pack Price  
63334-04 4279 4-Roll Pack each 195.00 Add to Cart


  • Fast, effective control agent for accidental aldehyde spills
  • Diminishes harmful vapors
  • Neutralizes hazardous aldehydes
  • Neutra-Form™ Sets consist of: 2 containers; each container neutralizes larger spills of 10% formalin or 2% glutaraldehyde.
Not for sale overseas
Catalog # Tissue-Tek Description Pack Price  
63335-02 4304 Neutra-Form™ Set each 195.00 Add to Cart

msdsNeutraGreen™ Neutralizerarrow12NeutraGreen™ Neutralizer

Transforms waste formalin into an odorless, 100% nonhazardous material. Comes in liquid form with no powders to mix or dissolve. One of the fastest neutralizers available with a reaction time of only 2-3 hours. Third-party environmental data confirms NeutraGreen™ will neutralize waste formalin to a material that is non-toxic as well as non-hazardous.

24146-01 NeutraGreen™ Neutralizer 1 gal 26.00 Add to Cart
24146-02 NeutraGreen™ Neutralizer 2.5 gal 72.00 Add to Cart
24146-03 NeutraGreen™ Neutralizer 5 gal 136.00 Add to Cart

arrow12NeutraTest™ Strips

Residual Low Range Formaldehyde Test Strips

Test Strips optimized for the NeutraGreen™ liquid neutralizer. Immerse strip in treated waste solution and results will be rendered in 90 seconds. Much more efficient and less costly than conventional test kits.

24147 NeutraTest™ Strips 100/bottle 120.00 Add to Cart

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