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arrow13Cryostat Section Preparation Aids

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training manualCryoJane™ The Cryostat Frozen Sectioning Aid Systemarrow12CryoJane® The Cryostat Frozen Sectioning Aid System

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CryoJane Tape-Transfer Process

The CryoJane® Tape-Transfer System creates frozen sections as thin as 2 microns with the same quality as sections cut from paraffin blocks. Sections are wrinkle-free, uncompressed, and fully intact when bonded to the microscope slide. The CryoJane uses adhesive coated slides and adhesive tapes to capture sections instead of using an anti-roll plate or brush. CryoJane is suitable for routine cryosections and is indispensable for sectioning difficult tissues including fatty breast and undecalcified bone.

  • Preserves sample morphology
  • Increases quality, reduces repeats and streamlines workflows
  • Allows fast and virtually effortless serial sectioning

With the CryoJane Tape-Transfer System, thin tissue sections remain unflawed even after mounting. This makes CryoJane ideal for applications that require perfectly thin sections to clarify structural relationships and reveal morphological detail. The CryoJane Tape-Transfer System is adaptable to most cryostats on the market.

  • Sections can be fixed "anhydrously" to preserve virtually all fine structures present in the snap-frozen block of tissue
  • Water-soluble enzymes, antigens and nucleo-proteins are preserved in situ
  • With appropriate fixation and staining, true localization of enzyme and antigen activity can be visualized
  • The bond between the section and the slide is solvent resistant and permanent, preventing section loss during staining


  • Histological stains
  • Immuno stains
  • In situ hybridization
  • Laser Microdissection and Laser Capture Microdissection
  • Frozen tissue arrays and other molecular diagnostic studies


  • Ideal for fatty tissues - Keeps fatty tissues such as skin, breast & undecalcified bone together. Excellent for serial sections of brain.
  • Consistent results - Consistent results help operators maintain productivity and preserve tissue samples
  • Safe for protocols - 8 millisecond, long-wave UV (360 nm) is safe for protocols such as In situ Hybridization
  • 2-60 µm - Sections can be cut between 2-60 um in thickness
  • Temperature controlled - Temperature controlled pad for optimal section transfer conditions

CryoJane® System includes the following:

The Leica CryoJane Tape-Transfer System includes the control unit, (ECU) with a power cord, UV Flash Unit with Temperature Controlled Pad, Hand Roller and Mounting, Bracket, Door Bar, five Cable Clamps, one Slide Storage Shelf, 125 1X Adhesive Slides, 10 1/2X Adhesive Slides, 10 4X Adhesive Slides, one roll of Tape Windows (400 tapes per roll), a manual, one set of Replacement Fuses, Knife Facet Wipers and a one year Parts Warranty from date of install.

Notes: System does not include: Snap Freezer, oil bath or oil embedding accessories

Products required by the CryoJane System

Protective Oil arrow10Protective Oil Accessories Kit

Oil in the bath is maintained at –8°C inside the cryostat and will not melt the tissue when brushed on the frozen block-face. Frozen blocks coated with this protective oil can be stored for up to one year in a freezer without dehydration.

The Protective Oil Accessories Kit includes the following: Temperature controlled Oil Bath, 4 oz Bottle of Protective Oil, and Oil Brush. Please note that when purchased separately from the CryoJane system, installation of the Protective Oil Bath Accessory requires that the CryoJane® system be returned to Electron Microscopy Sciences.

Accessories Notes

Cat. # Description Application Notes
62800-40 Block-Holder Deep-waffled, large face block-holder securely anchors frozen embedding medium or tissue.
62800-44 Microtome Chuck Adapter Adapts to the microtome chuck for the use of Block-Holders above. (Please specify cryostat model when ordering.)
62800-46 Hand Roller Hand RollerRequired in the CryoJane® process for laminating Tape Window to block-face.
62800-53 Fuses - 1-Amp SLO-BLOW ceramic core wound. Used in the CryoJane™ ECU.
62800-X Adhesive Slides Glass slide with adhesive coating, when polymerized, bonds the still-frozen section from the tape to the slide. Avoid thawing the section. ½ x coating slides for mild to normal tissues.
62800-1X Adhesive Slides Glass slide with adhesive coating, when polymerized, bonds the still-frozen section from the tape to the slide. Avoid thawing the section. 1x coating slides for mild to normal tissues.
62800-4X Adhesive Slides Glass slide with adhesive coating, when polymerized, bonds the still-frozen section from the tape to the slide. Avoid thawing the section. 4x coating slides for use with hard un-calcified bone) or fatty tissues.
62800-72 Tape Windows CryoJane tapeApplied to the block-face with the Hand Roller to capture the frozen section as it is being cut. Eliminate the need for a brush or anti-roll device.
62800-74 Protective Oil Used for coating frozen section blocks to prevent dehydration during long-term storage.
62800-76 Aqueous Buffer Salt Mix Used in the preparation of the aqueous fixative, which preserves morphological detail in frozen sections. 2 vials per package, (each vial makes 180 ml of buffer).
62800-78 Knife Facet Wipers Effectively cleans both facets of knife-edge without dulling the blade. 10 wipers/pack
CryoJane™ System Ordering
Cat. # Description Pack Price  
62800-10 CryoJane® Tape-Transfer System, 110Volt each 12,700.00 Add to Cart
62800-20 CryoJane® Tape-Transfer System, 220Volt each 12,700.00 Add to Cart
62803-30 *Protective Oil Accessories Kit each 425.00 Add to Cart

*Installation of the Protective Oil Bath Accessory requires that the CryoJane® system be returned to Electron Microscopy Sciences.

CryoJane® Accessories and Supplies Ordering

62800-40 Block-Holder 5/pk 280.00 Add to Cart
62800-44 Microtome Chuck Adapter (Please specify cryostat model when ordering.) each 225.00 Add to Cart
62800-46 Hand Roller each 113.00 Add to Cart
62800-53 Fuses - 1-Amp 5/pk 29.00 Add to Cart
62800-X Adhesive Slides - ½ x Coating 125/pk 286.00 Add to Cart
62800-1X Adhesive Slides - 1x Coating 125/pk 285.00 Add to Cart
62800-4X Adhesive Slides - 4x Coating 100/pk 299.00 Add to Cart
62800-72 Tape Windows 200/pk 98.00 Add to Cart
62800-74 Protective Oil 4oz 60.00 Add to Cart
62800-76 Aqueous Buffer Salt Mix 2/pk 54.00 Add to Cart
62800-78 Knife Facet Wipers 10/pk 20.00 Add to Cart

cryogenic gelmsdsCryo-Gel Water-Soluble Embedding Medium arrow12Cryo-Gel

  • Replaces the messy "runny" embedding media.
  • Easy to use.
  • Stick to where you want it.
  • Will not run – No waste

It is a highly viscous, water-soluble embedding medium for frozen sections that "stays put". The gel is packaged in a pump-dispenser bottle that can instantly dispense the gel in any position. The dispenser has a built-in"guillotine" that cleanly severs the gel from the pump spouts and prevents any "stringy" medium from pulling away when the bottle is removed. Simply dispense gel on room temperature blockholder. Use cold heat extractor to form a base layer. Dispense additional gel. Place the tissue on top of gel. Use cold heat extractor to freeze tissue and form block. Each bottle contains 4.3oz (159ml), 12/case.

62806-01 Cryo-Gel™, 4.3oz (128ml) per Dispenser each 20.00 Add to Cart
62806-06 Cryo-Gel™, 4.3oz (128ml) per Dispenser 12/cs 197.00 Add to Cart

msdsCureMount™ - Mounting MediumCureMount™ - Mounting Mediumarrow12CureMount™ – Mounting Medium

CureMount™ is a UV curable mounting medium of low viscosity for use with all dehydrated sections. CureMount™ is a polymer that cures to a refractive index of 1.55. It closely matches the refractive index of dehydrated tissue. The coverslip can be optimally positioned and cured under UV fluorescent illumination. The coversliped slide is "dry" in less than 30 seconds. The coverslip can easily be removed by heating the slide briefly, soon after curing or after a longer time by immersing in xylene. All unstained tissue elements and the cured polymer will be invisible, making the stained elements stand out in exquisite detail. Comes in brown glass dropping bottle, 60 ml.

62804-01 CureMount™ I, Mounting Medium for Frozen Section 60 ml 150.00 Add to Cart

arrow12Paraffin Tape-Transfer System – Paraffin Sectioning Aid (PSA)

The Paraffin Tape-Transfer System is not available. Kit components are available for purchase.

Catalog # Description   Pack Price  
62820-1X Regular Adhesive Slide, 1x   100/pk 288.00 Add to Cart
62820-4X Adhesive Slide for Bone and Fatty Tissue, 4x   100/pk 270.00 Add to Cart
62820-35 TPC Solvent, 1 pt (473 ml) msds
each 45.00 Add to Cart
62800-72 Tissue Tape Window, 200/Roll   each 98.00 Add to Cart
62800-46 Hand Roller   each 113.00 Add to Cart

Paraffin Embedding and Section Mounting arrow13arrow13