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arrow13NIGHTSEA® Fluorescence Viewing Systems

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NIGHTSEA Stereo Microscope Fluorescence Adapterarrow12What is this?

The NIGHTSEA Stereo Microscope Fluorescence Adapter system (SFA) is a complete solution for adapting existing stereo microscopes to visualize fluorescence. It includes everything you need for adapting (not converting) just about any stereo microscope, including light sources and matching barrier filters. It is a modular system, so you can purchase the wavelength combinations that you need now and add more at any time. We now offer 6 excitation/emission combinations and add more as we can.

arrow12What is the benefit?

You can utilize existing stereo microscopes for fluorescence at a very reasonable cost. This opens up a range of possibilities

  • Take the pressure off existing high-end fluorescence microscopes for basic sorting/screening tasks
  • Acquire multiple units for use in undergraduate teaching laboratories
  • Start working with fluorescence even with a limited new-faculty budget

arrow12What are some high points?

  • Requires NO disassembly or modification to your microscope
  • Installs in under a minute
  • Does not interfere with ordinary use – the barrier filters attach magnetically so they can be easily removed at any time
  • No warm-up or cool-down required – true instant on/off
  • Rugged – stands up to student handling
  • Modular excitation/emission – purchase what you need, expand at any time
  • Works with virtually every existing stereo microscope, regardless of age
  • Components are color coded to avoid confusion
  • Easily moved between microscopes
  • Compact and portable to take fluorescence on the road for outreach
  • Accessories to increase versatility
    • Eclipse MicroTent™ enables you to work in lighted areas
    • SFA Battery Pack frees you from wall power

arrow12Can you show me how it works?

This video is a quick (2:39 min) introduction to the system, showing you the components and how quick and easy it is to add them to a microscope.

arrow12What wavelength sets do you offer?

  • Ultraviolet
    • Excitation – 360-380nm
    • Emission – 415nm longpass filter
    • Works with DAPI, Hoechst, ...
  • Violet
    • Excitation – 400-415nm
    • Emission – 450nm longpass filter
    • Works with CFP, ...
  • Royal Blue
    • Excitation – 440-460nm
    • Emission – two options
      • 500nm longpass filter
      • 500-560nm bandpass filter
    • Works with GFP, eGFP, FITC, calcein, lucifer yellow, others
    • great for many natural subjects such as chlorophyll and more
    • good for circuit board inspection and repair
  • Cyan
    • Excitation – 490-515nm
    • Emission – 550nm longpass filter
    • Works with YFP, Venus, others
  • Green
    • Excitation – 510-540nm
    • Emission – 600nm longpass filter
    • Works with DsRed, TdTomato, RFP, others
  • White light head
    • Modular white light head
    • Use for general white light illumination and as a focusing aid for fluorescence imaging

arrow12Can I really see anything at that price?

The proof is in the image. The images here and in the galleries linked below were all made using the system in conjunction with a conventional stereo microscope.

arrow12Who is purchasing these systems?

  • Researchers
  • Undergraduate biology teaching laboratories
  • New faculty with limited startup funds
  • Life science companies working with transgenic model organisms
  • Educators doing outreach
  • Industry for quality control

arrow12What do users say about the system?

Read some testimonials and the reviews at SelectScience.

arrow12What are some applications that people are using this for?


Check out some videos demonstrating the system and some applications

  • NIGHTSEA Fluorescence Adapter
  • Fluorescence Anywhere
  • Zero to Fluorescence

arrow12Do you offer any accessories to make this even more versatile?

We sure do

  • White light head
  • Eclipse MicroTent™ – world’s first patent pending ‘tent of darkness’ so that you don’t need to be tied to a dark room
  • SFA Battery Pack – a compact DC battery that will run the system for > 8 hours continuous
  • Tru-Block Eye Shields – prevent interfering ambient light from reaching your peripheral vision

With the combination of the SFA, your stereo microscope, and these accessories you can truly do Fluorescence Everywhere™. You are no longer tied to the laboratory bench.

arrow12Part numbers

  • Full NIGHTSEA system with one illumination color consists of:
    • Lamp Base with Power Supply
    • Light Head-Royal Blue, Cyan, Green, or Violet
    • Microscopy Mounting adapter
    • Barrier Filter
    • Viewing Shield
  • One-color complete setup
    • SFA-RB – Royal Blue (440-460nm) excitation with longpass filter
    • SFA-RB-GO – Royal Blue with green-only bandpass filter
    • SFA-CY – Cyan (490-415nm) excitation
    • SFA-GR – Green (510-540nm) excitation
    • SFA-VI – Violet (400-415nm) excitation
    • SFA-UV – Ultraviolet (360-380nm) excitation
  • Modular excitation/emission sets
    • SFA-LFS-RB – Royal Blue excitation
    • SFA-LFS-CY – Cyan excitation
    • SFA-LFS-GR – Green excitation
    • SFA-LFS-GO – Royal Blue excitation with green-only bandpass filter
    • SFA-LFS-VI – Violet excitation
    • SFA-LFS-UV – Ultraviolet excitation
  • Modular white light head
    • SFA-LH-WH

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