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The NIGHTSEA Model SFA Fluorescence Adapter system can add a versatile fluorescence imaging capability to the Hirox digital microscope. Visit our gallery of images made with the NIGHTSEA system and the Hirox microscope.

Fluorescence solutions

The key elements of any fluorescence system are

  • a light source that produces sufficient energy in the appropriate wavelength range to excite fluorescence in the sample of interest
  • a barrier filter in the viewing path that blocks reflected excitation light while transmitting the fluorescence emitted by the sample

NIGHTSEA offers high intensity LED light sources available in five excitation wavelength ranges (see list further down page).

  • Detail of NIGHTSEA light head and barrier filter with Hirox microscope

Here are samples of what you can see.

  • Epoxy on motor shaft, 20x, UV excitation
  • Concrete thin section, 20x, white light and fluorescence under Royal Blue excitation
  • Conformal coating on circuit board, 20x, fluorescence under UV excitation and white light light
  • Bone in sand, 20x, fluorescence under UV excitation and white light (top), and white light alone (bottom).
  • Fluorescent mineral, 20x, white light and fluorescence under Royal Blue excitation

The NIGHTSEA UV system can be used with the HR-1020E and HR-2016E lenses without a barrier filter. We are currently working on adapters for the full range of Hirox lenses, for use with all of our wavelength options. Please contact [email protected] to discuss your application and compatible solutions.

*Wavelength sets

There are five excitation/emission wavelength combinations available for the system.

Color Designation Excitation Emission
Ultraviolet UV 360 - 380nm 415nm longpass
Violet VI 400 - 415nm 450nm longpass
Royal Blue RB 440 - 460nm 500nm longpass
Cyan CY 490 - 515nm 550nm longpass
Green GR 510 - 540nm 600nm longpass

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