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miniLIGHT arrow12miniLight

Constructed from the highest quality material and small as its name, this miniLight offers the most universal light source, handling many tasks that require a bright light but with a small foot print that fits into most locations.

miniLight components:

miniLIGHT components:Lamp – Available with 1 or 2 W power LED in 3 models each producing 15°, 28°, and 42° light cones.

The miniLight's main component is the miniLamp. This is a small but powerful light source. It is able to brightly illuminate small areas with the following properties:

  • Shines very bright on a small area
  • Low dissipation loss – no hot parts
  • Long life – lifetime of a LED is 50,000 hours
  • Little power needed (1 watt)
  • Adjustable intensity
  • CE compatible

Gooseneck – For the mounting of the miniLIGHTGooseneck – For the mounting of the miniLight

  • Flexible – easy to adjust
  • Both ends come with different threads: one for the minilamp and one which connects to the base
  • Made from brassand is anodized black
  • End-to-end measures 184mm (172mm actual length)

Mounting Rods – For mounting the miniLIGHTMagnetic Base – For mounting the miniLight

  • Made from stainless steel with the magnet encased
  • Threaded center for mounting the gooseneck or mounting bar
  • Easily affixes to any magnetized surface
  • Affix force is 64N

Steel Base – For mounting the MiniLight with a heavy base

  • Stainless steel
  • Threaded center for gooseneck or mounting rod
  • Weight 450 g (1 lb)
  • Measures: 65mm diameter x 18mm height

Mounting Rods – For mounting the miniLIGHTMounting Rods – For mounting the miniLight in a stable position

  • Made from stainless steel
  • Easy to mount and adjust the lamp with adjustable joint
  • Short rod to mount Lamp – Long Rod to mount to the Steel Base

Joint – Connect the Mounting RodsJoint – Connect the Mounting Rods

This joint is used to connect the mounting rod together in any angle, any position so the Lamp shines the way you want

  • Very precisely made
  • Anodized aluminum
  • Knurled tighten screw

Power Supply 12V – to power the miniLight

Power Supply 12V – to power the miniLIGHT

Supply with international AC-plug for feeding miniLight lamp with a constant tension of 12Volts. It is characterized by the following properties:

  • Input voltage 90-264VAC
  • Input frequency 47-63Hz
  • Output Voltage 12V
  • Power 8W
  • AC-Connector for EU, GB, US, AUS
  • Operating temperature 0-40°
  • Weight 135gr. (without AC-plug)
  • Dimensions 69.2x43.3x29.8mm without AC plug
  • International approval UL60950, EN60950, SAA, PSE, CE, FCC Part 15 Class B


Some applications that the miniLight is ideal for:

  • Micro-technical working places, mounting, inspection
  • Micro-electrical assembly
  • Microscope, microbiology, cell counting
  • Block trimming, etc.

Technical Data:

  ML-10 Series ML-20 Series
Supply: 110-230 VAC (12V (±30%) 110-230 VAC (12V (±30%)
Currant cons.: 150 [email protected], [email protected]
Power LED: 1 Watt 2 Watt
Flux lumen min.: 91 lumens 160 lumens
Flux lumen typical: 100 lumens 180 lumens
Temp. case: <50°C @tamb=25°C 65°C @tamb=25°C
Light cone:* 15° / 28° / 42° 15° / 28° / 42°
Fixation: M6 ou D28 M6 ou D28
Dimensions: 28mm Dia x 34mm L 28mm Dia x 34mm L
Weight: 40g 40g
Accessory power supply, steel base, magnetic base, gooseneck, fixation bare, joint power supply, steel base, magnetic base, gooseneck, fixation bare, joint

*Definition of light cone: Angle in which the intensity is on the border of the cone half than in the middle of the cone.


Never look direct in the light of the lamp, otherwise you risk to injure your eyes

Cat. # Description Power Price
71665-01 Set 1. Includes: Light source 15°, Goosebeck, Power Supply, and Magnet Base 1W 450.00 Add to Cart
71666-01 2W 425.00 Add to Cart
71665-02 Set 2. Includes: Light source 28°, Gooseneck, Power Supply, and Steel Base 1W 456.00 Add to Cart
71666-02 2W 431.00 Add to Cart
71665-03 Set 3. Includes: Light source 42°, Mounting Rods, Joint, Power Supply, and Magnet Base 1W 440.00 Add to Cart
71666-03 2W 415.00 Add to Cart
71665-04 Set 4. Includes: Light source 28°, Mounting Rods, Joint, Power Supply, and Steel Base 1W 452.00 Add to Cart
71666-04 2W 427.00 Add to Cart
71665-05 Complete Set. Includes: all three Light Sources 15, 28 & 42°, Gooseneck, Mounting Rods, Joint, Power Supply, Magnet Base, and Steel Base. 1W 1,100.00 Add to Cart
71666-05 2W 1,025.00 Add to Cart


71665-15 miniLight Light Source, 15° Light Cone 1W 395.00 Add to Cart
71665-28 miniLight Light Source, 28° Light Cone 1W 395.00 Add to Cart
71665-42 miniLight Light Source, 42° Light Cone 1W 395.00 Add to Cart
71666-15 miniLight Light Source, 15° Light Cone 2W 370.00 Add to Cart
71666-28 miniLight Light Source, 28° Light Cone 2W 370.00 Add to Cart
71666-42 miniLight Light Source, 42° Light Cone 2W 370.00 Add to Cart
71665-50 Gooseneck for Mounting miniLight   46.00 Add to Cart
71665-51 Stainless Steel Mounting Rod for Mounting miniLight   44.00 Add to Cart
71665-52 Joint – to joint the mounting rods   50.00 Add to Cart
71665-55 Magnetic Base   28.00 Add to Cart
71665-56 Steel Base   44.00 Add to Cart
71665-60 Power Supply   28.00 Add to Cart
High Intensity Illuminator arrow12High Intensity Illuminator

This lighting device provides brightness around the base of the Macroscope-25. It can be moved vertically and positioned angularly to best highlight a specimen. It comes with batteries but it can also be operated with an optional AC adapter.

67974 Illuminator each 53.00 Add to Cart

Measuring Reticle Measuring Reticle arrow10Reticles * Measuring Reticle

Reticle A is designed for general laboratory use (5 mm long, with 0.1mm divisions) and reticle B (4/16" long, 1/64" divisions) is most frequently used in textiles or electronics, and where measurement in mils is required. Reticle C (5000 µm long, with 50 µm divisions) is calibrated in microns and helpful for pesticide droplet size measurements or anywhere measurements in microns are required.

67960 Reticle A w/frame each 50.00 Add to Cart
67961 Reticle B w/frame each 50.00 Add to Cart

Fiber Optic Precision Light Guidesarrow12Precision Light Guides

Designed for use with microscopes, boroscopes, and endoscopes. Chiu light guides are available in a choice of flexi-metal, silicone sheathing or sta-put gooseneck. Flexible and versatile, the light guides are ideal for a host of scientific, quality control and electronic applications. All of our light guides are backed by a full one-year warranty.


  • Stereomicroscopy
  • High/Low Contrast
  • Optical Comparators
  • IC/Semiconductor Etching & Printing
  • Automatic Test Equipment
  • Profile Projectors
  • Quality Control

Available Sheathing Types:

  • 1/ Gray Silicone
  • 2/ Interlocking stainless steel stay put: Self-supporting for ultimate fiber protection
  • 3/ Interlocking stainless steel flexible: Non-position retaining


  • Fiber bundles have been designed to provide brilliant specimen cross lighting from above and below
  • Only the very finest quality optical glass used
  • End fitting are polished stainless steel


Fiber diameter 0.002" Nominal
Active Fiber Diameter 6 & 8mm Nominal
Minimum Bend Radius: Stainless steel: 3"
Silicone: 1" (Nominal)
Numerical Aperture (NA) 0.55
Temperature range -40°F to +600°F


Adjustable lens attachment for concentrated or soft spread lighting

Fiber Optic Light Guides Ordering:

Fiber Optic Precision Light Guides

67951-01 SV-30-8: Silicone sheathed bifurcated fiber. 30" long. 8mm diameter glass. each 240.00 Add to Cart
67951-02 GI-20-6: Sta-Put Gooseneck. 20" long. 6mm diameter glass each 159.00 Add to Cart
67953-01 Focusing Lens each 50.00 Add to Cart

Head Band Magnifiers, Loupes, Pocket Microscope, and Stereo Viewers arrow13arrow13